Diva By Cindy Giveaway – 4 Winners Of The Diva Super Gro Hairdress (CLOSED)

Diva by Cindy giveaway

Its giveaway time again guys, and this one is pretty special. Cindy Tawiah is a lady originally from Ghana, West Africa who created a company called Diva By Cindy, and her story is fascinating. Before we talk about the products and what you can win, let us talk a little bit about her mission.

When Cindy emailed us she told us her story which started in Ghana where she was introduced to the wonderful world of cosmetic chemistry. Unfortunately she did not pursue the career she loved, instead she went with what her parents wanted which was a career in the medical field.

While there is nothing wrong with medicine, sometimes you just have to do what your heart tells you to do and after 13 years of working hard without real fulfilment Cindy left the health field at the tender age of 35 and spent five years gaining experience in the hair industry.

She took on the salon business and creating products head on but she added a little philanthropic flare to it. She also stared her mission of turning women who have suffered domestic abuse and other challenges in there lives literally into Divas.

In her email Cindy said:

I have a deep understanding of the following: “Your gifts are not about you, Leadership is not about you, Your purpose is not about you. A life of significance is about serving those who need your gifts, your leadership, your purpose .”

Diva by Cindy was born in 2007  and it is a natural alcohol free hair care product line that addresses some of the main hair issues women have, shedding and hair loss, breakage and damage. Its hard to mention the products without mentioning the project as well because she uses her sales to fuel her labor of love.

Cindy was a former victim of domestic violence and for the past five years she has been transporting women from transitional homes and shelters for a day of healing and beauty. So you see it is hard to just mention just the products, but this wouldn’t be a giveaway if we didn’t say a little something about them right?

Her products are designed to promote the growth of longer healthier hair with products that penetrate the hair shaft delivering the moisture and nutrients it needs. One of the things that her website mentions a lot is the super detangling ability of the Diva By Cindy products because the goal is to keep your hair on your head and not down the drain.

We also loved that along with natural ladies there are products geared towards women who want to still relax their hair and keep it super healthy. There is something for any woman so take some time to check out her site as it is impossible to share all the goodies with you all here.

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About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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    1. Robin Engram

      I have thinning edges from wearing glue from weaves and long term wig wearing. Thin edges are also inherited. I have tried many thing without success. I’d like to try this product.

  1. Tynika Nelson

    Lil bit, but i think we may b able to see her scalp thru the thinning hair on the sides. My hair was like this & u could definitely see my scalp no matter how my hair was combed.

  2. loreal

    I suffered hair loss with my edges due to micro braids and it took yes to grow back. Now, unfortunately, I’ve suffered hair loss in the middle from a circle braided sew in. Help plz!

  3. Maria L

    I have suffered hair loss quite recently actually. I just took out my braids a few days ago after having them for about a month. I didn’t realized the stylist had basically placed microbraids within the bigger braids! I just couldn’t grasp why she would do that if I had already mentioned that my edges were already thin and fragile. Anyways, when I started taking the first microbraid down, my hair completely came out and left a bald spot in the very front of my head! All the hair that grew was completely gone. I had to use tweezers to get the rest of the microbraids that were put under the regular size braids out. I have a couple of bald spots in various places in my hair now 🙁 I have to basically start from scratch, not to mention try to manage transitioning textures!

  4. Natalie

    My edges have recently started breaking off from braids I’ve had in almost a month. The only other time I’ve had damage was when I bleached my hair years ago when I had perms. This is visible in the front of my hair…I need help!!

  5. Karla walker

    Hello..i have genetically thin curly hair…i never had anyone to teach about taking care of my hair…even as a child I rocked slick backs and ponytails…until the day I was introduced to good old hair glue…for years I glued and glued and pulled and ripped my hair out along the sides and back of my hair.. that was over 10 years ago. And I still suffer trying to revive my follicles..The hair is so sensitive there anything I do..pulls it right out..my individual strands of hair are damn near invisible compared to others.. i have tried a lot of different things but nothings has had a long lasting effect..little growth starts then it’s stops…i love weaves and protective styles but I’m limited due to lack of hair.please help

  6. Pauline Grant

    it is misleading Monique because there isnt any evidence to back up this claim, plus the only way to treat hair loss of this type is to be prescribed medication ( tablet form or liquid) that has to be physically ingested… Its has been proved scientifically that this method works effectively not these so called miracle creams that are massaged into the scalp…. the problem needs to be treated internally not topically ( for instance using treatments that are applied on the outside of the body such as creams ect.)

    1. LaShandra

      I wiuld like to know the ingredients used to make this miracle cream. I’d probably try it, I’ve tried other products before I knew understood what the benefits were with great results. It’s like word of mouth can work to your advantage I’d you allow it too. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

  7. Dana J Williams

    My hair line was almost gone. Am using none processed coconut oil with a brush on it every when I feel too. Its working well. D advantage of living where U can grow ur own. Don’t believe all wat products have printed on them

    1. HisDestiny Forevvr

      U should try blackseed oil..supplement grade..it works wonders..I have used it to thicken my hairline only a lil cuz it makes my baby hairs grow so long..n my lash tips only..n they look excellent…it has many other health benefits

  8. Dee dee

    My edges broke off from wearing lace front was and the comb attachment that is common in many wigs.

  9. Me

    I suffered hair loss through a wing worm. It still hasn’t grown back after +15years

  10. Danetria Davis

    They comb the hair towards the front to show the bald patch but comb it over. It’s just a comb over. I’m sure over time something grew but not like its a miracle product no I’m not buying it.

  11. Rorie

    I’m currently suffering from hair loss, my edges have been thinned for the past 4 years. It’s so difficult to deal with. I can’t do any hairstyles because I’m worried about my edges. If I wear my hair up I have to use a headband to cover my edges. When my hair is down I’m always worried the wind will blow my hair to reveal my edges. I’m 100% natural and my hair is pretty long, if only I had edges I would have so many options for hairstyles and my self esteem would be so much better

  12. Kandi

    I have suffered thinning edges on my right front hairline… and it was caused from always doing extremely sleek buns

  13. denise

    I think my thinning edges gave from weave and braids

  14. samara

    What caused my edges to thin out is consistly putting multiple products in my hair all at once. Such as gels, shea butters, anything…NEVER MIX HARSH PRODUCTS THREE OR MORE!!!

  15. Destiney Richard

    I have suffered from thinning edges but it’s in the back of head on the left side. It was caused by pulling my hair too tight when doing low ponytails or buns.

  16. stacy

    I experienced thinning. I was using hair glue improperly, and removing it wrong as well. I was wearing weaves back to back without giving my hair time to rest. Since starting my hair journey I am learning and trying to get back healthy, beautiful hair I can take pride in.

  17. Shawna

    I noticed a big difference in thinning around my edges and nape of the neck when I stopped relaxing. Now I’m almost 5 months post relaxer and the hair around my edges has sprouted up and has been so incredibly thick and perky!

  18. Adella Gonzalez

    My edges have gotten thin because of putting my hair up in a tight ponytail. I’ve since stopped that and now I only wear low very loose buns or a single braid.
    Thank you for the chance to win this product.

  19. Kia Ross

    I have suffered from thinning edges after the age of 12. Throughout my childhood years, as far as I could remember, I never had a problem until I got my first perm and from that point forward, I have suffered from thinning edges not only along my temples but also the nape of my hairline and I can’t seem to get it to grow back. I have been natural for 7 years and it is odd that my hair is nice and healthy but my edges and nape will not grow. So buns or ponytails or just wearing my hair up is not for me. My hair styles are very limited. Please Help!

  20. Lisa Scott-Reimer

    My edges/temples started to break after I started wearing braids. It’s been about 7 months since I removed the braids and I had my hair cut, my edges are slowly coming back. I still relax my hair and I am hoping for some growth.

  21. Alexis

    My edges are receding but I have no idea why…would like to try this and if it works I will be a lifetime customer for sure.

  22. Van

    I experienced thinning edges and overall loss of the edges due to braids. I didn’t realize until it was too late the damage that was being done. Nothing I have tried over the years has been able to restore my edges. I am forced to wear protective styles (wigs) because I can’t wear my natural hair. If I only knew then what I know now!

  23. Tranay Nani Gourdine

    I remember back in 2007 when my mom was renting a house from Mrs. Cindy’s husband and she gave me some samples to test her line and I fell in. The stimulating shampoo and conditioner are staples in my wash day regiment once a month. I am so proud of how far she has come.

  24. sasha

    Yes I suffered thinning edges due to braids and stress. Its slowly growing back in and I am thankful for that

  25. Loreal B

    I suffered from hair lost during my pregnancy. Most normally grow hair but i lost a lot of hair due to me either perking it or coloring it. I also lost a great amount of my edges when i had my hair braided too tight. Needless to say now i have cute off all my hair and started growing it back natural. So far so good

  26. Shirley

    Yes. I have suffered from thinning edges. It came from pulling my hair back in ponytails. Also, from allowing nprofessional people braid my hair. It was terrible.

  27. God's angel

    I have always had great edges until I started doing my own hair and they started getting thinner and thinner. I have tried everything but nothing works. I’m natural and have been for three years and still trying to grow my edges back

  28. Sherry Miles

    I suffered with thinning edges when I was relaxed, but nowhere close to the person in the article.

  29. Ursula Evans

    I have suffered from thin edges my entire life. It actually runs in the family. Since I have been getting quickweaves I have lost all my edges. The glue from the weaves have pulled my edges out totally.

  30. Jori Johnson

    I started losing my edges when I relaxed and from wearing too-tight braids. I stopped relaxing 8 years ago, and due to menopause, I’ve had some continued thinning. I’d like to get my hairline back, and if this product can do it; I’ll sing it from the rooftops!

  31. nichole

    I haven’t had edges or hair in the back(neck line) since the 1996..my hair is already thin and curly..I have worn my hair in a slick ponytail since I could remember. I’m sure that the ponytail is the best thing. I have tried so many products that says for thinning edges and nothing is working. So what will it hurt to try one more.

  32. Tomika Jackson

    So the best thing to get for your edges is what? I am looking for something that is not too pricey.

  33. kkendrick

    My edges started to show signs of breakage as a teenager when I would tightly pull my hair back to create styles along with chemical relaxers. I was unaware as a young girl the permanent damage this would eventually cause to my hair. I have not found anything that undo this mistake although I have long since converted back to my natural hair I have just learned to camouflage it well.

  34. Nadege

    I’m currently suffering from a slight thinning spot in my right edges. It’s been there for a while (although it is slowly coming back), but I think the cause was definitely the traction and pulling of my hair when putting it into hairstyles such as ponytails. When I first noticed it two years ago, I didn’t think anything of it. I also hadn’t embarked on my natural hair journey (natural all my life) so I didn’t know what to do.

  35. Stacy

    My edges are thinning from tight braids under my weaves. I love middle and side part weaves which require my edges to be braided.

  36. Quana

    I’m not sure what caused me to lose my edges it could have been the hairstyles I would get my hair box braided and in twist and when noticed my edges were gone. It could be bc I never liked to wrap my head up at night with a scarf and I was rubbing my edges out on the pillow case. But besides losing my edges the middle of my head is thinking too. I’m only 25 I’ve been natural about 3 years and when my hair dries you could see the flat area on the top of my head where I’m thinning you could feel the difference as well. I know I used to due my hair a lot but I tried to condition it and keep it moisturized as well. And I used to relax my hair a lot but it would burn and then leave me with scabs and after the last time my head was full of scabs I chose the natural route. I’m looking for anything to help with edges and hair thinning

  37. Keisha

    I first suffered with hair loss due to frequent small braiding styles. It was compromised by postpartum hair loss and having babies within 2 years of each other.

  38. Zanita Williams

    Yes I have suffered from thinning edges. It was back when i had just begun transitioning from perm to natural. The perms were killing me, and it is actually one of the many reasons that made me go natural 🙂

  39. Courtney Brown

    Y cover it on the after. Ofcoarse it looks more grown in. Everyone knows the before and after should be in the same position otherwise there is no point.

  40. patricia

    Yes from wearing braids/wigs i try everything it grows a lil but not much in the middle as well

  41. Micah

    I had thining edges due to non silk hair wraps. Im using more wraps with silk or a soft cotton now and they are doing a little better.

  42. Nesha Bell

    I suffered from thinning edges alot especially when I was getting perms. It usually stemmed from some of the styles I got. Like micro braids or cornrows that were too tight. My family made me constantlybget styles likebtjstvwhen I was younger but now mybedgesbare growing back thick and naturally.

  43. Msrozz

    Yes, I suffered from this years ago from wearing too many ponytails and pulling my hair back too tight and too often! Bumps formed in the back and sides, had to use neosporine with pain relief! Plus, I didn’t moisturize like I should have around my edges. I promised myself never again!

  44. Kix

    Having my hair braided too tight for years and wearing hair out that needed to be flat ironed with see ins has caused my edges to thin.

  45. Matasha Davis

    I lost one side of my edges in high school from braids and wearing cotton bandanas a lot. I started loosing my edges on the other side of my hair from braids. I’m trying to regrow them back. I’m now 27 years old.

  46. Brittany

    I’ve had thinning edges but only in the back. My hair is thinner and breaks off easily around the nape so I have to be careful how much I manipulate my hair.

  47. Tamisha Quow

    The person hair and forehead is the same, look at the pic good before commenting and no need to pull down the product like that is someone trying to make a living and maybe it does work in some way, in order to be sure do your researches

  48. Ryan Deanna

    Yes, I am CURRENTLY suffering from thinning edges and I just don’t know how to handle it! I think this happened because of a sew-in that I got back in December that was waaaayyy too tight, instead of taking it down I kept it up thinking it would loosen up, which happened like a month later. But when I took it out, my edges and nape was basically gone. I am trying to grow it back but nothing yet, and honestly, I’m getting frustrated and discouraged. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  49. Shekera

    I use to have thin edges due to overuse of weave glue and tight braids. My hair is gradually growing back by taking these out of my hair practices. I’d love to try this product.

  50. Dianna

    What caused my edges to thin was letting others install Microbraids in my hair. My edges has not grown in over 9 years. Or shall I say, it comes in as a little fuzz but falls right back out, like bald. It’s embarrassing.

  51. Kishawna Jackson

    I suffer now from growth retention due to lack of vitimins and lack of water I believed the big chop last year helped me to appreciate longer hair I was relaxing flat ironing washing my hair until it had no life and broke off my hair was covered up with wigs hats and quick weaves while not mostrizing me own hair and no

  52. Monique

    First and formost I would like to thank you for all that u do help domestic violence victims. God has blessed u to use ur experience and has given u the determination to follow ur dream to help others. I have and I am still suffering ing from thinning edges and I believe what caused/causing it is the fact that I have thyroid problems (they were removed in 2005) and I use to get microbraids. The dry and brittleness of my hair just broke off from the tiny braids. Im still trying to grow them back. Thanks again for your great work and giving us this opportunity to win one of your hair products.

  53. Jaleeza

    Sounds like a great product and a great cause!

  54. Kishawna Jackson

    I and now natural my first comment got cut off lol but my opinion is this you live and you learn break and grow

  55. Jas

    I have thin edges due to a couple of poorly applied relaxers a few years back, when it happened my sides were almost completely bald. My edges are thin on the left and right sides of my head. I immediately stopped getting relaxers and started to baby, moisturize, oil, and pay extra-special attention to those areas.

  56. Diamond

    Hi. I do not suffer from thinning edges but I do suffer from breakage at my edges pretty badly. It takes a long time for it to grow but keeps breaking.

  57. Kayla Rodriguez

    I suffered really bad thinning edges after I had both of my children and have found it really hard to get my edges to grow back. Seems like nothing really works for me.

  58. Monique

    Thank you for doing what your doing
    Helping others that are where u use to be is awesome. Being there for them during their transition is truly a blessing. God bless u.
    Yes. I am suffering from thinning. I believe its because I had my thyroids removed (in 2005) and I use to get microbraids. The dry and brittleness from the hypothyroidism and the tiny braids just didnt work well together. Im still working on getting my edges to grow back.
    Thank you again for all that your doing and for giving us this opportunity to win one of your products.

  59. Veronica C

    I’ve suffered from thinning edges due to twits and sew-ins

  60. Wyonna

    I have suffered from thinning hair because of the medication I take but, I have always had thin edges. I never wear braids or pull my hair back because it makes my head hurt, so I can’t understand why my edges are barely there.

  61. Danielle Ruffin

    My hair started thinning when my mother turned me loose to care for my own hair at 15. She had never taught me how to actually care for or style my hair. At this point she would relax my hair every 3 months and I would be putting on a ponytail every day. Well I had a really bad relaxer for my 11th grade homecoming and everything just started falling out in clumps in the back. I cut it into a triangular shape, then the front started falling out as well. I had to shave my entire head because it was so spotty with breakage. Since then Ive been natural and am in school to become a hairdresser. I am now gaining the education I never received as a child and making it my goal to educate and help my clients grow their hair strong and long. And as a mother of a 15 month old girl with my exact 4C texture hair, I am obsessed with staying stylish but true to ourselves and our needs :] – See more at: https://blackhairinformation.com/hair-care-2/extras/giveaways/diva-cindy-giveaway-4-winners-diva-super-gro-hairdress/comment-page-5/#comment-52730

  62. Jesusloves

    I suffered from thin edges when I had a relaxer!

  63. Pamela Stephens

    I have and still have thinning edges caused from prescribed medicine that caused a serious allergic reaction from taking the medicine. I still have thinning of the edges and am using the Jamaican black castor oil. Some signs of hair returning but not much, Have been using the castor oil for about three months now.

  64. Latoya Strain

    I could really use this I am growing my hair naturally and it’s growing but I don’t have edges it makes me feel bad to always try to hide them…in need of help

  65. Shanice

    I had thinning edges my first year of college. I met a guy and we started dating and he slept over a lot because I didn’t have a roommate. I found myself falling asleep countless nights without a satin scarf or bonnet and I definitely paid for that. My edges began to thin and break off like it was nobody’s business.

  66. Alma S

    “Have you ever suffered from thinning edges and what caused it?”

    Not quite thinning edges. I have developed a widows peak because the hair at my temples is really thin due to reduced hormones (hysterectomy) and working in a building full of asbestos and mold.

  67. Shontivia M

    My 7 year old daughter and I both suffer from thinning edges. Braids and ponytails seem to cause this issue with us. Not matter what I’ve been trying our edges still thin.

  68. Chichi

    I suffered from thinning edges from stress from my braids.

  69. autumne

    I’ve never lost my egdes. my hair is fine so I’ve always been afraid to try braids and styles that break hair easily.

  70. Cherry

    I believe my lack of edges are hereditary.

  71. Romy

    I suffered from thin edges because of wearing my braids in for too long and sleeping on the wrong material, only part of my hair I was loosing was my edges because I sleep on my side.

  72. Mesha

    I have, when I use to get full head sew in, the beautician would braid my hair extremely tight. Once I took them out I wouldn’t notice until I washed my hair. I hated it, it looked like I had a receiving hairline.

  73. Deslann

    I have suffered from thin edges my entire life. It came from pulling my hair back in ponytails. I would like to try this product.

  74. Paulette

    I’m currently suffering from thinned out edges (at front temple areas on both sides) because I used the jazzy clear rinse on my hair to add body and maintain my colour for longer. Unfortunately it burnt my scalp in those sensitive temple edge areas and my hair fell out. I am currently fighting to get my hair back. I would definitely be interested in trying out the Diva by Cindy Super Gro Hair Dress.

  75. Rebecca Land

    My thinning edges are hereditary. It would be nice to try a product that actually works.

  76. Jennifer

    No, I’ve never had thin edges, but I would def love to use this produtct!

  77. monika cross

    for the first time in my life I’ve got thinning edges and i got them after the birth if my 5th child. They are growing back and have filled in but still not back at full length

  78. Natina

    Hello, yes I am experiencing thinning edges on one side due to I believe wearing weaves. I am now trying to use black castor oil but not seeing results like I want.

  79. Patrice

    I believe my thinning edges at my temples are hereditary. They started showing in my late twenties.

  80. Karen

    My thinning edges are a result of many factors that put stress on my hair such as relaxers, braids, and medical issues. I have tried various products with some results. I had the best results with castor oil, but not as much growth as I would liked to see. I’m eager to try the product and see the results.

  81. Salimah

    When I put that relaxer in my hair, I had to make sure my edges and my kitchen was straight. I over processed my edges and nape and I am suffering from slow growth and thinning edges. My nape is doing so much better but I still have to massage my edges with castor oil. It has only been a year so I am being patient.

  82. Beth

    My edges thinned because they get dry. I think that when i tie my hair with a scarf then it slides back pulling my edges and causing them to break. And i think the scarf also soaks up moisture around my edges making them dry and breaking.

  83. Sonia Jean-Marie

    I suffer from thinning hair as well. The source? I’m not sure how it happened, but it started seven years ago and nothing I’ve tried works. I’m starting to believe that this is it for me. I’m doomed to a life of wearing weave because my own hair is balding and thinning.

  84. taresa

    My hair loss was not around the edges, but the back. My hair has always shed but for the past year+ it started falling out. Most probably due to stress or part may dryness.

  85. Cindy Tawiah

    The Diva products contain peppermint, menthol and camphor , horsetail and nettles. It stimulates circulation and promotes healthier hair growth. It is a cream and is light weight it should be applied to the scalp to stimulate healthy hair growth . Website is :www.divabycindy.com.

    Love and Light,

  86. Stacey Simmons

    Yes I suffer with thin sides now I don’t know if it’s from stress or the medicine I take but it truly bothers me because I can’t get them to grow back


    I’m currently working on regrowing my edges.

  88. Tracie Loveless Hill

    I have been suffering from alopecia for over 40 years/ All I want is to be able to wear a ponytail before I die

  89. S.W.

    I began to suffer from thinning edges after I started relaxing my hair. And, then to top that off, I would regularly west my hair in these very tight slicked buns, using gel that would make my hair as hard as a rock. When, I would relax my hair, I always bought the Super strength. I would leave it on anywhere for 30 minutes or more, because I desired that bone straight look. Plus, I would also go back and forward between using lye relaxers and no-lye. The lye relaxers would get and keep my hair straightest the longest. But, I would have tons of chemical burns as a result. While, the no lye relaxer was less harsh on my scalp, it was more drying and harsh on my hair. I didn’t care. I wanted for my hair to stay sleek and straight and would relax my hair sometimes every 4 weeks or sometimes sooner. I now realize, that’s one of the worst things you can do to your hair.

    I would go the salon sometimes, but I never knew how to keep up the styles. As, I didn’t know anything about covering my head at night with a satin bonnet on or even sleeping on a satin pillowcase to preserve my hair styles. My hairstylist never spoke to me about proper haircare. She only cared about doing my hair and getting paid. Therefore, I was left clueless. I didn’t know much about what products to use in my hair in-between going to the salon. The stylist, I was going to eventually moved her salon to another location, far away from where I lived at. I tried to recreate some of the styles that she had done on my hair, but that was an utter fail. I had this real cheap Conair flat iron, that didn’t do a thing. I didn’t own rollers, or even my own hair dryer. So, I basically gave up and went back to doing my hair again, constantly relaxing it with Super strength relaxers and then gelling it back into a sleek bun. This had become my signature style. But, I paid the price for it. My hair started to get thin around the from perimeter of my face, especially my sides. My hair was getting longer, but my ends were scraggly and in need of a trim, which I put off for quite a long time. I would try to remedy this, by cutting off several inches of my hair, so that I could start all over again with my hair.

    I eventually decided to stop relaxing my hair, and then transition for a year, slowly cutting off my relaxed ends during the way. After cutting off my last piece of relaxed hair, I had finally reached my goal. But, I went through times where I was using different products all the time, kept trying to develop a set regimen, but it took me much trial and error. As, I currently use both Shea Moisture and Mixed Chicks products. However, my hair is still thin in spots, especially around the front of my head, and especially my edges.

    I definitely would appreciate your help, Cindy. As, the products in the stores designed to help treat hair thinning, especially around your edges have been a huge waste of my money. Plus, I am not interested in going the Hairfinity route. Those pills are huge, and it would be a struggle just to even swallow them. Plus, they are very expensive. And, one bottle only lasts you for one month. Shuck’s I don’t have Oprah’s money, to keep being able to buy that stuff every month. I want to use a product that I feel is safe and free of any chemicals that may not agree with my body.

  90. Debbyem

    Loss edges a long time ago do to braids…the grow a little but never completely..mostly temple area..tried many things but nothing working..

  91. Teresita

    My thinning edges started immediately i gave birth to my first born. i did every to grow them back to no veil. It even got worse after giving birth to my second born. To date my hair does not grow the edges are even more pathetic. If i dare plait my its a disaster.

  92. Angela Bordley

    Yes I have suffered not only edge hair loss but i lost just about all my hair in the front of my head. I was a doobie wrap kind of girl since I was about16 up until about the 3rd year of my marriage when I wanted to do something different. Well the hair style included for me to have three long tracks glued on the front of my head to make deep big waves and a bun in the back. Well not even an hour after getting my hair done it started burning and itching I didn’t pay attention to it I just sprayed it with oil sheen when I got home. Long story short within 2weeks I had a golfball sized dent in my head that had pus and green stuff ozzing out andit smelled when I took the tracks out and washed my hair where the waves were to the middle of my head all my hair was gone and my scalp was red and swollen. So I had to get my scalp treated medically turns out i was allergic to weave glue. I ended up cutting my hair and going natural.

  93. LaToya

    My edges are thin from years of wearing braids and weaves. I’m not wearing them anymore and I keep my edges moisturized in order to prevent breakage. That being said, I don’t believe in these so called miracle potions and remedies. A braider told me long ago that there is nothing that you can put on your hair to make it grow. That’s an internal process.

  94. Francis Grimes

    I have suffered from thinning edges before to the point where it got so severe where they were actually bald. I’m not exactly sure what caused it as I have never had any weaves, braids, etc. I’m thinking it was probably due to all the heat I used to put on my hair or the cotton wrap I was using to wrap my hair at night (it would dry my hair out).

  95. Rose Simeus

    Have you ever suffered from thinning edges and what caused it?

    I am suffering from thinning edges because of the tighht weaves, braids, and sewins that I get. No matter how much I tell the stylist to loosen up the tension in the front, they seem to not listen to me. I tried to Doo Gro Growth Stimulating Oil and barely see any results. Someone reccomended Castor oil and I purchased it but haven’t tried it yet.

  96. dee

    it would have been nice to see the ingredient list. im hoping its all natural

  97. ww3777

    I have had this problem that is very hard to deal with. I lost my hair on the side after my divorce. Due to a lot of stress, fighting, it was long and difficult. I have to use toppix cover-up so no one can see it. I have been to doctors without any help. I have used what the doctor prescribed with no help. So, I have prayed and waited for a miracle. I hope this is the ONE!

  98. Shani

    I’m currently struggling with thin edges. I had surgery in October which definitely contributed to my edges thinning.

  99. Leslie

    I have suffered from thinning edges since middle school (I’m now 38). I believe from alopecia, it runs in my family. I have tried different things and no results. Now I’ve gone natural hoping that will help my hair return.

  100. Marsha

    I have had thinning edges for as long as I can remember. It seems to run in the family. With all the information about natural hair, I am hoping I will one day have full edges.

  101. Michelle

    I’ve always had thinning edges, because my hair is really really thin. And it seems like every protective style I put in my hair only makes it worse. Right now I have the yarn wraps, and it stretched my hair so bad that it pulled my hair directly from the scalp. Anyway, I’m even contemplating on whether I should do the big chop to see if I can start all over again, and take care of my hair the way I should. I honestly have just been struggling with my edges for such a long time that I don’t know what to do anymore.

  102. ShantellM

    Yes I have thinning edges from having braids that pulled on the hair leaving little left. I have been trying pine tar and coconut oil

  103. Vanessa

    Have you ever suffered from thinning edges and what caused it?

    I am suffering now from thinning edges and breaking hair. Mine came from wearing microbraids for over a year without taking care of my natural hair beyond just washing with shampoo between braiding. By my 5th time to remove and rebraid, my hair came out in handfulls. I’m left with bald spots, fragile hair, and the need for a specialized regimen to regain my hair.

  104. Belynda

    Yes, from always wearing ponytails

  105. Monica

    I don’t suffer from thinning edges but my mother is right now. The cause was mistreatment of weaves and gluing, so

  106. Marline

    i suffered from hair loss in the center and the edges of my hair the center is growing again theedges are still the same

  107. Monica Davis

    I suffer from thinning edges because the medication I take causes my hair to become dry and brittle. And I also tried twists and it pulled out my edges.

  108. Elisha Mclemore

    “Have you ever suffered from thinning edges and what caused it?”
    Yes. Braids: Too tight braids, too heavy braids and too small braids.
    Had my temples and neckline looking like Telly Savalas.
    Luckily its growing back but for awhile there, “UGH!”

  109. Naa Ayeley Sena Mills-Tettey

    I suffer thin edges when ever i do braids.i keep losing my edges even when i wait several months before my next braids.now mostly i do not allow the hairdressers to braid that portion of my hair.i want my full hairline back so i wait months,3 or more before i braid when i feel like it.mostly i do my buns-been natural for a little over ayear ;and also twists.i would love to try this.

  110. Naa Ayeley Sena Mills-Tettey

    Its both sides…here’s another pix

  111. Naa Ayeley Sena Mills-Tettey

    Sorry missed out the first time

  112. Brittiney McGhee

    I have had problems with my edges when getting braids, no matter how tight or loose the braids were done my edges always seemed thinner after taking them out

  113. Mandy

    Yes I’ve suffered from thinning edges; I’m still currently trying to grow them back. They were caused by very tight ponytails when I was a child. Hope I could win this product and that it would help to grow them back for me!

  114. Nishie

    I have thinning edges from constantly pulling my hair back into a ponytail everyday for years – since I was in high school. I’m now in my mid-thirties and my edges need some serious help!

  115. Theresa

    My edges started running when i had twists I’m my hair. They were so small and tight they kept falling out

  116. melanie washington

    I have thinned edges form pulling ponytails way to tight but have tried over the tears to make a point of avoiding that.

  117. Lauren Latimer

    I have suffered hair thinning around my edges from the elastic of my bonnet I use at night.

  118. camisha williams

    I have had thinning hair since having a gastric bypass surgery I 2002. At the time I was only 20 years old.i began to wear weaves more often witch didnt help the situation. A few years ago I realized that I have been allergic to bonding hlue since contains LATEX. Duh? Made complete since I recently went through a divorce and once agon my hair had disappeared. I am a licensed cosmetologists and have learned a lot more about healty hair care. Being a single mom I forget to take care of myself sometimes and let stress get the best of me. I make wigs tl keep the tension off my own hair and I also makewigs for other ppl. I would love to be able to have the option to wear my very own hair again. One last thing. I find it very hurtful when I see in social media ppl criticizing women “with no edge!” The knowledge that we have now about our hair care has increased tremendously. My daughter will know better. But whats really sad is that a lot of those guys that post those negative comments about traction alopecia, stressed induced hair loss and vitamin deficiency dont realize that we sought out to loseour hair I the process A lot of these same guys need to start protecting their hair line that seems to be receding a little more each day. And those tight dorags do not help. I had to vent. Good luck on your journey for the hair that you’ve always wanted.

  119. Tyla Renfro

    hi, I get bald edges and not sure why but I have to help them grow back by using oils and butters. I love to try this product to see if it will keep my hair balding in spots.

  120. Ikah

    I have very thin edges and I need help to get it back

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