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  1. Diane C. Dejean

    Cute, but the front looks like it will eventually be annoying to constantly move from eyes. I hope the stylist razored the front.

  2. Nell Stewart

    I’m just not understanding.. looks like she had enough hair of her own why get a sew in?!..

    1. Angel Park

      Combing the hair each day causes stress on the hair. My hair is long too. But flat ironing and combing breaks it off. If i want a straight look i just weave it. That way i can curl,cut, and comb as much as i like with no damage to my locks 🙂

    2. Jennifer Price

      That’s probably why she has a lot of hair – protective styling. People ask me that all the time. “Girl you got all that hair – why you wearing a wig?” My response is simple “keeping it protected and covered is WHY I have it!” I’d recommend it to anybody

    3. Jamila Kelly

      That’s a streeeeetch. Paying a lot of money to get what you already have so you don’t have to comb or brush or flat iron out once awhile?? Isn’t that what wrapping hair up at night is for? More power to you though if you’d rather spend a good $200+ on a cut you could have had and taken care of ^^;;

    4. Lauren Kelsey

      You can obviously see that the sew in is cut to a bob. Her hair is definitely too long for a bob. I dont understand why black women are so easy to talk about someone that wears a weave. If you choose not to wear a weave for your cultural beliefs, do that. Keep your comments to yourself and dont try to blast someone for what they choose to do with their hair and MONEY. Have a blessed one <3

    5. Pamela Smith

      Nell, besides wearing a weave, she is also protective styling. It’s a great way to give your hair a rest and it will grow too. We are getting toward that time of the year when we need to start protecting our hair from the elements.

  3. Kisha Warren

    This is cute…but the front should’ve been eyebrow length….hair hanging in your face….especially when its not yours…will def be annoying….

  4. Jack's Daughter

    Weave protects the natural hair and keeps it healthy while allowing the client to try versatile styles that would require a cut.

  5. Le Petite McCullough

    Maybe she doesn’t want to bother her real hair or cut it… weave gives you the option of other styles without having to do anything dramatic to your own.

    1. Tameki L Pope

      My hair is down my back but I wear weaves to protect my hair and so I can do crazy things to it without damaging my own hair

  6. Kathy Lopez

    I use to have this done on my granddaughters so her real hair would grow and be healthy now she gets the silkwrap it’s awesome and healthy for her hair

  7. Ayiti Leeleen Cherie

    Beautiful hairstyle, but the weave is not needed… You have a head full of beautiful hair. do not put a weave to make that head of yours b/very it will get hot… I’ve had weave before with a lot of hair and I was hot every damn day wanted to snatch the damn thing off my head

  8. Patsy Phillip

    But if you already got so much hair why the hell do you need extention. I don’t understand this!

  9. Maya Woodall

    Am I the only one who prefers to walk around with JUST that spiral braid??!! I never did of course but I would so wear that braided thing for 4 weeks shidddd

  10. SieSie Nicole

    Its call a protective hairstyle! Sheesh free from heat and chemicals. Weave you can do whatever whenever!!!!

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