Stunning Bantu Knot Out



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RayShawndre Washington

Natalie Washington look

Terri Moore

Just combed mine out.. I didnt like it πŸ™ total fail

Terri Moore

I pulled them apart first… combed it out because I didnt like it

Amanda Coffee

Yup, mine never turn out like this

Arianna T Jointer

I don’t think you supposed to comb them out…just pull em apart…

Catina Michele Barnes

Love it.

Kelsey Aah Rider Jackson

Kandi Belond Penn-Wicker I wanna do this.

Jamillah Birleast

Bantu knots are the best!!

Tshegofatso Mononyane


LaCondra Antoine

Loyalty…..U got me or nah?

Twilisha Lynn McClelland

Bantu knot outs are the biggest lie ever told -__-

Always do them on stretched dry hair. Hth

Asanda-Asakhe Gosa Brown

I’m gna try them like that next time coz mine r never like this

Katona Rene Sutton

I’ve never dried my hair and they work for me. You have to find the right products for your hair; everything is not for everybody.

Pamela Ravenel

The smaller size works then after a few hours it turns into a very curly fro. :(#floridaheat#

Kinda Hunter

Sonia L. H. Peterson this is what I meant by the twist out knots

Reallyloves Polishedtoes


Haley Lynn

TiJuana Lyric Swiney you’d rock this πŸ˜‰

Lela Stowers

Tevin Hairweavekiller Young how can I do this

Tyshandra M Brown

Shala Gause you should try dis I think it’d be really cute on you


What hair product is use for this hair style.

Jameria Randolph

i need to try

JaNein Rhodes

@ Brenda Walls can you do my hair like this?

BusyBrooklyn Carter

It depends on the texture of your hair how they come out. Also the products being used. If you have course hair it helps to use wrap lotion and some type of gel to hold the curls and lessen the frizz..

TiJuana Lyric Swiney

Haley Lynn I’m going to try this

Haley Lynn


Tammie Faulkner Taylor

Beautiful. And I LOVE colors found on humans and not clowns or cartoon characters. Good job!

Shannon Bowen Clarke

Mine never come out right #hoax lol

Laura Miller-Moore

Mariah Miller We must try!!!

Mariah Miller

I did by myself and failed miserably lol Laura Miller-Moore

Kia Wright
Yolanda Malloy

Kim Antonette this would be nice on your hair.

Kim Antonette

Let’s do it!

La Toya Rivers

Love it omg what products and is it on blow out hair hw did u gt it soooo smooth

DayDay Mckee

Mines always fail!!!! How can I get mines to cumin out wright!?!???!??

Mis B Haven

Lovely…cant wait til my hair gets that long

Total Wellness: Mind & Body - Ebony Wraps

My hair just won’t act right for this style. But it’s so cute πŸ™‚

Mybabies Meanthe Worldtome

Would love to do this on my daughter’s hair but what products are you supposed to use to make it actually look soft and shiny

La Toya Fix

Briana Thompson u will look nice with this

Tyesha Linnear

Do this LaDonna Linnear

Tawanna Reyes

Yep I tried twice and mine never came out like that.

Terreka Chandler

I wish mine looked like that

Princess Johnson

Love this! LeiShau McAllister

Princess Johnson

The key is to do it on stretched hair and use a good smoothing serum to avoid frizz as well as a little water for curl definition! This is a beautiful job!

Novelette Phillips


Dee Delk Reese

Man I wish I could get my hair to do that!

TiffyTiff Marie Smith

super cute

Lisa Fuselier Gibson

This looks easy

Bridget Jones

Alicia Taylor mine did not turn out like this. Lol

Alicia Taylor

Oh I saw this earlier. I think I am going to crochet in sime marley hair and try this. Bet mine won’t turn out like this either lol

Lytisha Shawnte

That looks really cute I could never get my Bantu knots to look like that after I unravel them

Tory Sheppard

Love bantu knots

Cammie ChocolateLilli Dukes

Dominique Smith remember when we tried this? Lol

Carmen D. Works


LeiShau McAllister


Heather Marie

Tiff Gray

Mzhollywood Wallace


Marilyn Betterton

Nice. Job