Halle Berry Takes Gabriel Aubry To Court Because He Won’t Stop Straightening Their Daughter’s Natural Hair


Halle Berry has been in a constant battle with her ex Gabriel Aubry when it comes to raising their 6 year old daughter Nahla. Nahla is half black so she has curly hair, as most of us do, but Gabriel seems the think that consistently straightening it will erase that part of her.

A court ruled this morning that neither Gabriel or Halle can change Nahla’s look from its natural state after Halle found herself arguing with Gabriel about straightening their daughter hair, so that she doesn’t look African American.

The judge has ordered that the child’s hair should grow back in its natural state. The first thing I thought when I saw this story was “aint that some hot mess”. So it is OK to sleep with an ‘exotic’ African American woman, but you don’t want to be reminded about it when you have a child. News flash honey, you are gonna have to do way more than straighten her hair to get rid of her “African American-ess”.

This is how young children grow up with identity problems and it is much worse when it is your parent who cannot appreciate who you are as their child. We hope Nahla has more sense than her dad, because she will need it in spite of his shallowness.

Gabriel will have to face the fact that his daughter is half black and at some point she will be faced with it as well. We are giving Halle imaginary high fives for winning this court case, now all she has to do is make sure that Nahla’s knows that she is half black and half white and what that means in the world she is about to face.

In a perfect world how her hair grows out of her head should not matter, but we all know that is not the case, not yet and not now. Good job Halle!

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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    1. Jennifer Hinton
      Jennifer Hinton

      Racist enough to have a baby with a black women. She needs to check herself, she planned for this right?

    2. Steph

      This whole story is absurd and probably not true because firstly Nahla is NOT half Black, her mother is half Black so Nahla is 1/4 Black. Secondly I doubt ANY judge would waste time and money on a dispute about hair. Guys! These blogs/articles are designed to push our buttons. They are not real!

      1. chino rivera on facebook

        Beautiful Halle, IMO, is a great mom,and i am glad the judge made the right call,in the”BEST”interest of the child.
        I think Aubry,still want/love halle berry,and i m thinkin’he is angry at her still IMO this is a “tactic” and i am glad the judge
        seen through it.
        Aubry is a former “model” and now living off rich sistah halle berry,he is a freeloader,and need a job,
        he need to be a REAL MAN and preclude from messing with his child hair,already got blondish in it,naturally.
        He need to worry more on finding a darn job,freeloading self.Glad halle dump him,not the other way around.
        Heck, He should be feeling extra-bless in life to have such a beautiful child,when most do not have any children who adore love them..Judge made the RIGHT call in this matter right here.AUBRY is a nut.Even with straight blond hair etc.
        she still look as my niece,a beautiful mixed,blk girl,and i m on team halle side on this one.adios 1
        facebook . com ChinoPapiReyAmor

    3. sonia

      I agree but I personally many black women who have straightened their daughter’s hair at that age and younger. Some have even used chemical relaxers. I remember being in Germany during 70’s. A lot of the German women with children from Black GI’s had no clue on how to do their hair if it wasn’t pretty straight. They were doing it from their point of view and it didn’t always work too well. The Black women tended to be very smug and wouldn’t help them.

    1. Kimberly Wade
      Kimberly Wade

      They have joint custody she provides him with support to keep the baby in the lifestyle she has when she is with her mother..While he sits on his ass doing dumb stuff lol…He needs to leave that baby hair alone what does he know about black..Halle tired of his azz lmao.

    2. Mimi Brooks
      Mimi Brooks

      She should have moved to NYC like Katy Holmes did to get away form crazy ass tom cruise. Cali laws give joint custody, never to just one parent depending on the circumstances. She even tried to move to france, that didnt work. smh Her baby daddy is a racist psycho with a slaver mentality. Have sex with a black woman, call her names and try to snatch her fair skinned child and make her white. SMH

      1. P.Blkbeautie

        She chosen that Baby Daddy! She should know her Worth! I feel sorry for Nahla or any Biracial children cause they will have to deal with Bigotry all their lives. ijs Peace,Love and Happiness!

        1. chino rivera on facebook

          my niece don’t.
          she hispanic mi familia y
          her mom is blk,so it es todo bien mami.
          its all good,NO bi-racial hispanic/blk issue in our multi-colorful close knit-fam
          all depending on how she is being “Raised.”

          Freeloadin’aubry imo still IN love with beautiful sistah halle,and want her back,and angry imo so he tryin to get back at her.
          A REAL MAN/REAL FATHER WILL”be searching for career a damn job,not bothering custody judge about this

          #teamhalle on this one here.

    3. Susan Kamppi
      Susan Kamppi

      wow Mimi..drinking Hallie’s koolaid much? The ONLY side ever presented has been hers because she is always running to court because she doesn’t want to share the baby. THEY made a child TOGETHER, and I believe she purposely picked him to be a donor and surprise, he wants to be involved.

  1. Johnna Williams Nash
    Johnna Williams Nash

    He needs to get over it…what he think H.B hair looks like naturally… U cant just erase her genes.. Let her embrace her beauty naturally and do as she wishes when she’s older

      1. sonia stewart

        I honestly don’t know if her hair is naturally straight or not, but she is an adult and may not choose for her daughter’s hair to be short and straight at this age.

    1. Nerak Ami
      Nerak Ami

      its news because this is exactly how little black girls get f****d up feelings about their own hair!

    2. Nerak Ami
      Nerak Ami

      its news because this is exactly how little black girls get fucked up feelings about their own hair!

    3. Angel MC D
      Angel MC D

      All I have to say is that the child is Biracial. If you get technical or biological she’s White because the bloodline is through the father not Halle, who is also biracial, but black because of her dad. So it’s ridiculous that this is even in the courts…it’s petty to go to court to stop a father for doing his child’s hair…she is just as much as his as she is hers.

  2. Carrington Renee
    Carrington Renee

    Am I the only one who laughed at this when I read it Lmao! He’s clearly tryna piss her off… What does she think the judge is gnna do about this????

    1. Simone Sang
      Simone Sang

      The article said the judge ruled that neither parent can do anything to change her natural look.

    2. Blaze Nelle
      Blaze Nelle

      Yes if u read the article u wouldn’t have wrote this comment

      First of it ain’t good for the kids hair

    3. Carrington Renee
      Carrington Renee

      Lol y’all crazy as hell… Whether I read the article or not doesn’t change the fact that I thought THE HEADLINE was funny (#StillDo) and feel he’s tryna get under her skin…

      Oh and Blaze Nelle… I gave you a “Like” for ur Comment… Love u2 Boo

    4. Erica Kelly
      Erica Kelly

      Petty and a waste of court time. Black mother’s straighten their kids hair all the dang time. I don’t hear any uproars. Plus it doesn’t take chemicals to straighten hair. A flat iron will do just fine. Nope I didn’t read the article. Yes this is still petty.

    5. Carrington Renee
      Carrington Renee

      ^^^^LMAO! No…. Why? Because my opinion will still be the same! Haley”Ignorant”Lawrence lol As Far as I know I’m Pissing you off I’m Good.

      #UMadOrNah??? Hahahaha! Smh.. Y’all Crazy! Lol

    6. Sibu Mntambo Matsha
      Sibu Mntambo Matsha

      I canned myself too @Carrington!so so silly.i do get the underlying message,my dad was rather strict and the lengths he went to keep his vision if how we would/should turn out.

      My laughter though is based on this poor defiant man who keeps working on the hair!!why???why mess with a little gal’s version of what hair is? Let it go daddy.let her love her natural hair, straightening will come!

    7. chino rivera on facebook

      CARRINGTON yep. icam

      i said same read above.
      Take it from a mature man born in 80s lol
      1.)swoll premise on HALLE fly sistah she is$ DUMP HIM.
      2)swoll,premise on she is never most likely taking his freeloadin self un-employed self back

      so it is clear he is tryin to p–s her off,glad halle fought back and judge on this relevant issue said NO,
      leave her pretty hair alone.this lil black mix girl as my niece is blk and hispanic,and still is BLACK
      and if AUBRY”Suddenly don’t like it,then so be it.”He sure wasn’t minding when he was laying down with halle.

      he just trying to p—s her off i agree

  3. Debbie
    Debbie's Angel

    His ignorance is a shame. The child is only 1/4 Black and he has a prob with it. Halle is 1/2 black and he procreated with her. Now he has a child that’s 1/4 Black and he’s so uncomfortable. Give me a break••!!!!

    1. Hannah Okorafor
      Hannah Okorafor

      No she will not! You clearly haven’t meant a lot of 1/4 black people?!
      She’s mixed race (African and European) and the girl looks it!
      She’s a cutie too 😉

    2. Anna Perry
      Anna Perry

      When did he say he has a problem with her being part black? This is so much he said she said. He clearly loves his daughter. He probably doesn’t know how to manage her hair so he straightened it which is the same thing black mothers have done for years

    3. Kourtney Boston
      Kourtney Boston

      Anna so then why lighten it and put blonde highlights in it. Your argument is silly and naive. His ass is getting $16k a month. You mean to tell me he cannot afford to find anyone that knows how to deal with black (mixed) hair? Bs. And if you don’t know how to manage a black child’s hair or don’t want to learn then don’t have a black child! Easy!

  4. Kimberly Wade
    Kimberly Wade

    I hope he knows he had a baby by a half black women with that said he needs to leave that childs hair alone what does he know about black hair not that he cant learn..I really think he does stuff just to piss her off and to make her seem crazy.

    1. Kimberly Wade
      Kimberly Wade

      Girl u know it .. Her husband went off n beat the brakes off his azz and he still being a issue..Good genes cost i guess cause she pick the wrong sperm lol..He may care for the daughter but Halle is just a check for his lame butt .He doesnt even try to work n he can get work off her name alone.

    2. Susan Kamppi
      Susan Kamppi

      She is a nasty piece of work and no matter what he does she is in court, she set her latest man (poor guy) on him and he should have gone to jail for that, she has tried to take the baby to live in France, deny him any and every chance to be the girls dad. This is so not about her hair, it is just another power struggle for her to gain all control. Crazy bitch should have just gone to a sperm bank instead of picking a man who actually does want to be a father

    3. Kimberly Wade
      Kimberly Wade

      Susan what exactly qualifies her as crazy and him the sane one…Sometimes people have to.much baggage between parents that u have to deal with things in court.. He is probably damaging her hair by constantly straighting it maybe she asked him to stop but he kept on…You’re right she shoould have went to a sperm bank but she didnt.. He is not owed anything all he needs to do is be a father and support his child but he cant even do that..Whatever the issue they need to work it out.

    4. Susan Kamppi
      Susan Kamppi

      what about all the women who don’t work and want the man to support them and the kids? It is no different..she makes more, she always did. She wanted him for his good looks to make a good looking baby. He wants to be a dad and honestly, I know plenty of parents who straighten their kids hair but I guess because he is a white man it is wrong and if they are a black woman it is right? No, he is a parent who no matter what he does she is screaming from the top of the mountains. they both need parenting classes/couseling before this poor child is damaged. She is going to end up hating them because of being stuck in the middle of the bull

    5. Betty Brookins
      Betty Brookins

      Just because you know plenty of parents who straighten their kids hair does not make it right. She is too young to get her hair straightened it damages it!! If he doesn’t know he should ask a professional. There is notthing rong with her beautiful curly hair!!!!!w

    6. Jaye Johnna Jameson
      Jaye Johnna Jameson

      Gabriel has enough money to take his child to a place and get a proper flat iron! His child is of mixed race.. And most kids and most black woman have straitened there hair at some point… Halle Barry has straight hair… Stop calling the kettle black! It’s probably just a fun thing they did together that got blown out of proportion..

  5. Sonya Rice
    Sonya Rice

    Ummm call me crazy but Nala is NOT half blk she’s only a quarter blk but i get your point lol

    1. Dawn Jacobs
      Dawn Jacobs

      No more like 1/3rd, but one drop rule still applies in America although I admit that it’s antiquated.

    2. chino rivera on facebook

      Dawn,your right,funny how Sonya and”a few” on net. are blinded with the um “a quarter of blk”lmfao
      the lil girl is a blk lil girl,with a white father,and 1/2 white mom.she still is blk.

      i believe he still want her,that is why he acting this way.
      Men usually do.
      please advise,iight adio 1

  6. Ellisa Davis
    Ellisa Davis

    Rich ppl can be so dramatic like really yall going to court behind yall child’s hair like yall ain’t got nothing else better to do with yall time

    1. Dawn Jacobs
      Dawn Jacobs

      Robin Thick and Paul have been together since high school. But Halle Berry’s ex is clearly a gold digger. Of he didn’t like black women, he should not have had a baby by one.

  7. Bonita Thompson
    Bonita Thompson

    In America there is no such thing is half anything and black. One drop rule makes u black no matter what u look like or what grows out ur scalp

    1. Bonita Thompson
      Bonita Thompson

      It’s just my opinion. But when nahla pushes out a dark skinned baby one day lets see ur reaction then. Her own father knows shes black and every white person that looks at her and saids ” what a cute lil black girl”

    2. Sarette K.
      Sarette K.

      It’s an opinion (albiet popular), but not a fact. Everyone knows you get 50% of your genes from your mother and 50% from your father.

    3. Sarette K.
      Sarette K.

      When you mix black and white, you get gray! Not all the way white and not all the way black, something in the middle, a blend…

    4. Sarette K.
      Sarette K.

      Why is it that we have such a broad range of what we accept and consider ‘black’, but such a narrow range of what we consider ‘white’? Is it that we are accepting our oppressors’ rules of exclusivity? Are we going to hold color cards up to people’s faces to see if they qualify as white? If you’re past a certain shade, you can’t claim your white ancestry…

    5. Sarette K.
      Sarette K.

      I lived in Spain for a while. Whenever anyone asked me what I was, I’d say I was black. (My mother is black. My father is white. My mothet raised me on the one drop rule). Any time I told these Europeans I was black and explained the American one drop rule, they were confused. Theie idea of black was an African. They thought the one drop rule was silly.

    6. Dawn Jacobs
      Dawn Jacobs

      The one drop rule is actually still a law in most states across the US as silly as that is. Based on the law, Halle Berry and her child are legally black.

    7. Dawn Jacobs
      Dawn Jacobs

      White is a wide rage as well… Australian, Italian, Jewish, Spanish (from Spain), European, Greek, etc. Polish, Russian, German, Danish, swedes, etc. These are all nationalities that are technically considered white. Although, the language, cultural expressions, and geographic regions vary widely.

      This is why race is such a cultural and social construct. It is hard to explain, differs widely depending on the culture you were raised, and not finite.

    8. Sarette K.
      Sarette K.

      3%? When was this? This century? That just goes to show how far some are willing to go to deny you rights. 3 is such an odd number! Not 50%, not 25%, not 12.5%.

    9. Sarette K.
      Sarette K.

      Yes, racial identification and classification are complex, especially when mixing is involved. It race a skin color, a state of mind, a cultural upbringing, hair texture?

    10. Rebecca Jackson
      Rebecca Jackson

      Let’s just say this to keep it simple, if you rob a store and the police ask for a description, no one is going to say a biracial boy/girl, they are going describe you as black. Lol

    11. Rebecca Jackson
      Rebecca Jackson

      Not saying you as a person shouldn’t embrace both or multiple sides, but realize what you look like more than the other ethnicities that run through your blood.

    12. Sarette K.
      Sarette K.

      Yeah. I understand that’s how many people think. I understand that not everyone will accept or respect a person’s mixed heritage. Halle was raised exclusively by her white mother since age 4. What you feel close to in your heart has no bearing on how OTHERS will classify you.

    13. Jackie Minor
      Jackie Minor

      Well if thats the case everyone walking around on this planet is black. Because we we’re the first people on this planet do a dna test on any European german etc etc and they will have at least a very small percentage of black in them

    14. Sarette K.
      Sarette K.

      Exactly! Why bother dividing people into different races if we all originated in Africa, and everyone has at least a small percentage of ‘black’ blood? We’re ALL black then!

  8. Shimon McLean
    Shimon McLean

    LOL! These two need to stop! This fool is going to ruin her life! Who goes to court over hair? And yes Gabriel your daughter is half black no matter how many flatirons/chemicals you try to use!

  9. Elizabeth Anne Maxwell
    Elizabeth Anne Maxwell

    wait I am half black and white…my daughter is mixed with the same hair as Halles baby. I also have curly hair which was straightened as a child, i straighten my daughters hair at times. We love our natural hair too!! What’s wrong with her hair being straight??

    1. Connie Spencer
      Connie Spencer

      I’m wondering if it’s an issue of the use of heat or chemicals. I do not feel it’s an issue if her hair is being straightened with the use of heat…occasionally. However, because of her age she shouldn’t have chemicals applied. Although I myself am not mixed, nor are my children, my daughter’s hair texture is that of a mixed child…curly. A simple blowout suffices for the straight look.

    2. Niesha-Nike Edwards
      Niesha-Nike Edwards

      I think its more of him embracing the natural texture of her hair. European American (Anglo-Saxans) prefer straight hair in this society, so the constant straightening of her naturally curly hair provides the assumption that he prefers her hair straight vs the curls she was born with. There’s nothing wrong with straightening it every now and then but she is too young to have chemically processed hair, in time too much heat can damage the cuticle and make it hard for the hair to return to its naturally curly state

    3. Dawn Jacobs
      Dawn Jacobs

      At her age she should have all that heat applied either. Maybe once in a while for special occasions, but she is 6. Let that child be a child.

      If the judge is ordering that her hair grows out naturally that means it’s chemical straighteners or a perm. There is nothing wrong with black hair.

  10. Althea Patterson
    Althea Patterson

    I think this is not a drop of our business. Halle has done some horrible things to that man, he’s well rid.

  11. Yvette Jones
    Yvette Jones

    Ladies watch who you chose to be your babies daddy i dont care what he looks like….thats why u dont have a baby by a fling

    1. Wendy Siewert
      Wendy Siewert

      In Halle’s defense, it was not a fling with Gabriel. They were together for quite some time and tried to get pregnant. She DOES seem to pick the wrong men though. I imagine her current marriage has a good chance of ending too.

    2. Liya Nouvelle
      Liya Nouvelle

      Very true Yvette. She should have done her homework with this guy before she decided to have a child with him.Take note women.

  12. Kashmere Noel
    Kashmere Noel

    Regardless of why he’s straightening her hair, he shouldn’t be doing it. I don’t believe severe heat or chemicals should be used to alter children’s hair. It’s damaging to their hair and identity and should be their own choice when they reach a reasonable age

    1. Victoria

      Yes, she is only 25% black! And I didn’t read anywhere that the dad said anything about trying to “erase that part of her”. What did he do, put a relaxer in her hair? He probably didn’t know the first thing about how to groom the girl’s hair. One of my coworker’s white ex cut off their daughter’s hair, because he didn’t know how to groom it. Of course, my coworker was furious. But for goodness sakes, Aubry publicly dated a biracial woman, it doesn’t make sense that he’d be ashamed of his daughter’s tiny bit of African heritage. As a mother, I would be furious too, but I think it’s reaching to say he hates his daughter’s blackness. The two just absolutely hate each other. I hope they work it out for Nahla’s sake.

      1. Waulonda Williams

        You explain it just right.

  13. Angel Burnett
    Angel Burnett

    She acting just like these baby daddies we complain about. She don’t wanna pay child support so she’s finding every reason to get her daughter

    1. Kourtney Boston
      Kourtney Boston

      This is the dumbest s**t I’ve seen today. How is not wanting to have chemicals in your kids hair acting like a deadbeat baby daddy? Please

    2. Kourtney Boston
      Kourtney Boston

      This is the dumbest shit I’ve seen today. How is not wanting to have chemicals in your kids hair acting like a deadbeat baby daddy? Please

  14. Nefeteria Moore
    Nefeteria Moore

    This is stupid. Everybody knows when you take the kid to rge salon that’s the first thing they want done. He’s tryna do the dad thing with princess days n all that. When she gets her hair washed at home he’s not pressing the life out of it like most of us used to get done. She’s just tryna keep something going. Smh she need to have a seat

  15. Erica Boyd
    Erica Boyd

    If he wanted a white kid, he should have gotten a white woman. Can’t be ashamed of what you helped produce.

    1. Vivian N. Larsen
      Vivian N. Larsen

      If SHE CHOOSE TO get pregnant and keep it, then it wasn’t HIS CHOICE;) and also the daughter is not JUST black or white is MIXED!!!..and so is Halle Berry!

  16. Claude Mk
    Claude Mk

    That’s ridiculous–‘ you married a black woman but still can’t accept your daughter origins. She’s not white! She’s white & black.

    1. chino rivera on facebook

      lol @ Claude M K

      yep. the daughter as i said before is blk and white,even with more white facial features,i see a mix child,
      blk, and white,bi-racial,same as my niece is blk and hispanic(puerto rican)

      i believe he still want her,that is why he acting this way.
      Men usually do.
      please advise,iight adio 1

  17. Felicia Powell
    Felicia Powell

    It sounds crazy, but its real…she’s part black. Maintenence is different. Im sorry but.most white dudes are not going to understand that.

    1. Kourtney Boston
      Kourtney Boston

      With 16k a month in child support I’m sure he can hire someone to keep her hair up. Not someone who is going to dye it, bleach it, and straighten it.

  18. Shahera Ki
    Shahera Ki

    She doesn’t have custody of her daughter if I was her I would be more concerned about that. If she was straightening their daughter’s hair there would be no issue.

    1. chino rivera on facebook

      i don’t get it.
      wait. halle has custody and he has 1/2 right
      isn’t this why she pay him”when he do have her”money each month.
      She share week-by-week custody right?
      Also i believe he still want her,that is why he acting this way.
      Men usually do.
      please advise,iight adio 1

  19. Sabreena Maroof
    Sabreena Maroof

    Hold on a sec, I think you ppl are missing that point here, this woman has shown herself to be a bit of an ass to take things so far over a stupid issue to take her ex to court over hair straightening, what the f**k!! dramatic idiotic woman or what!?

    1. Johnna Williams Nash
      Johnna Williams Nash

      The article claims that he is doing it to keep her from looking mixed…other articles stated that he’ll correct ppl when they said he’s child is black ..basically he’s training her not to embrace her natural beauty….

    2. Dee Moore
      Dee Moore

      The issue is that he is trying to erase evidence of his daughters ethnicity, he clearly has a problem with the fact that his daughter is mixed, looks mixed and has mixed hair texture, what an idiot.

    3. Jennifer Hinton
      Jennifer Hinton

      So Halle said it and it’s true? If he is like this, it didn’t start after the conception of her child… IJS

  20. Sabreena Maroof
    Sabreena Maroof

    Hold on a sec, I think you ppl are missing that point here, this woman has shown herself to be a bit of an ass to take things so far over a stupid issue to take her ex to court over hair straightening, what the fukk!! dramatic idiotic woman or what!?

    1. Johnna Williams Nash
      Johnna Williams Nash

      The article claims that he is doing it to keep her from looking mixed…other articles stated that he’ll correct ppl when they said he’s child is black ..basically he’s training her not to embrace her natural beauty….

    2. Dee Moore
      Dee Moore

      The issue is that he is trying to erase evidence of his daughters ethnicity, he clearly has a problem with the fact that his daughter is mixed, looks mixed and has mixed hair texture, what an idiot.

    3. Jennifer Hinton
      Jennifer Hinton

      So Halle said it and it’s true? If he is like this, it didn’t start after the conception of her child… IJS

  21. Malynda Lopez
    Malynda Lopez

    Taking him to court is a little extreme, but he doesn’t need to be straightening her hair its damaging. She’s mixed her hair is curly & he needs to embrace that.

  22. Paula Lancaster Harris
    Paula Lancaster Harris

    She is such a beautiful like her mom and dad they both need to teach her that what makes you smart is your brain, and what makes you beautiful is your heart. She is not her hair.

  23. Zita Vigier
    Zita Vigier

    I don’t blame her but she should have known he would have a problem with her African side.

  24. Kristian Howard-Carr
    Kristian Howard-Carr

    I would do the same. Smh at those who thinks this is OK. Good job Halle for protecting your child. You are doing what every good mother or parent for that matter should do!! Glad the judge ruled in her favor.

  25. Gracella K. Pansa
    Gracella K. Pansa

    This man is the dumbest racist I’ve ever seen. He’s been with a (mixed) ‘black woman’, but expects his kid to look fully white! Smh!

  26. Ashley

    Halle is half black, which makes her daughter a quarter black, just FYI.

  27. Smith Baham
    Smith Baham

    Anyone actually read the article? He is straightening her hair to make sure people don’t know Nahla is Black. This is his way of passing his daughter off as white. Halle Berry does not always straighten her hair. Her short do is extremely versatile. Gabriel is trying to force Nahla to completely deny the “other” blood that runs through her veins. He should not be using irons or chemicals on her hair. She is 6 years old! I side with Halle and applaud her actions!

    1. Angel Park
      Angel Park

      You can’t believe everything you read… Lol. Everyone knows that baby has black in her Halle Berry is her mom..maybe he just didn’t know how to do hair

    2. Smith Baham
      Smith Baham

      You can’t help who you love. You also find out that people you love are not who you thought they were. Halle always finds ones hell bent on exploiting her. Now he is harming his own child, and trying to live off of her money.

  28. Roxanne Young
    Roxanne Young

    I have 2 friends who have done Halle’s hair and she does not have a relaxer. She doesn’t need it because she has a soft curl. Daddy better embrace his biracial child curls and all

  29. kerrylee

    Sorry to weigh in on this, I probs got no right to, I can understand Halle concerns because child is young, but seriously?? EVERY FEMALE black white red yellow brown has done something to their hair at some stage to alter its appearance, perm, color, weave, extension, straighten cut,blow dry , style, the list goes on , big picture guys!!! Thus is not a huge deal, nahla will do most if these when she is older anyway, issue that should be addressed is his attitude not hair style, the hair style is a by-product of his tolerance or lack of….

  30. Briyannah

    Hello people. He doesn’t like his daughter being identified as black. I guess yall forgot that article and huge story line when Nahla was only 2. Its a race thing. Which is y Halle left him. He is in deed a racist. Hmmm! Wasnt massa a racist and still had sex and made babies with the black woman. How easy we forget. Smh!

  31. Anna Perry
    Anna Perry

    Um this is he said she said. No where did he clearly say he is trying to rid that baby of her blackness. He probably doesn’t know what to do with her hair and this is what he did.

    1. Lisa Cox
      Lisa Cox

      Genetically she is 75% white. But we know it’s about how you look in the eyes of white people.

    2. Phalon Marie Colon
      Phalon Marie Colon

      I don’t care people’s opinions are about what she is who u are is ur experience, people think I’m everything but black and I gladly correct them everytime

  32. Felicia Hamilton
    Felicia Hamilton

    Look whats with this mixed BS.

    I am lighted skinned… I didn’t get this way by way of 2 Africans. I got this way because somewhere in my bloodline there was a white person… oh and also a Native American. I don’t run around saying im 17% blackfoot indian, 19% Cherokee, 26% Irish, 12% Egyptian, 3% Jamaican, 11% asian, and 12% South African.

    IM BLACK… That’s it That’s all!

    1. Sarette K.
      Sarette K.

      You can choose to identify however you want, but you must acknowledge there is a difference between “somewhere in my bloodline there was a white person”, and actually being raised exclusively by a white parent. She has an intimate relationship with her white ‘ancestor’. She has every right to call herself mixed.

    2. Tina Waters
      Tina Waters

      I’ve never heard Halle call herself half of anything, white or black. She has said she’s black and she is. Doesn’t matter what color her mother is.
      That’s why Nahla is half black. Black mom White dad.

    3. Sarette K.
      Sarette K.

      I don’t know if she identifies as all black or biracial, but if she calls herself mixed, I don’t see why anyone would have a problem with it. Why would anyone have a problem with Nahla being called mixed? Her father is obviously white. The last time I checked, you got 50% of your mother’s genes and 50% of your father’s genes.

    4. Sarette K.
      Sarette K.

      What does ‘black’ mean to you? Physically black, socially black? Politically black? Culturally black? Is it a skin color? A hair texture? A hair color? An eye color? A wide nose? Thick lips? A state of mind? A school of thought? Whether or not white people will accept you?

    5. Felicia Hamilton
      Felicia Hamilton

      Black is a race. It indicates that I have Afican heritage and was born in America by way of slavery. And that I am not a first second or third generation African American. Meaning my Parents, grand parents, or great grandparents were neither 100% African or European.

    6. Felicia Hamilton
      Felicia Hamilton

      Pink is 50% white and 50% red… it’s still pink.

      It can be 75% red 25% white or vice versa it’s still pink..

      No one would ever state thats a mixed color! No it’s pink!

      Once the white is tainted it is no longer white, half white 3/4 white…. it’s now a different color.

    7. Sarette K.
      Sarette K.

      Do YOU subscribe to that school of thought? ‘tainted’? That’s the same school of thought that says blacks were 3/5 of a person, and if your grandfather couldn’t vote, then you couldn’t vote. These standards were put in place to oppress, exclude, deny you and put you in your place. They want you to remain humble and inferior. Why are we ‘honoring’ that racist school of thought? Why is it that we say the white is tainted and no longer white? Why don’t we ever say the black is tainted and no longer black? I guess your answer would be “because white people won’t accept it.” F that! They don’t run my life.

    8. Sarette K.
      Sarette K.

      I’m not naive. I know racism is alive and well in the world. White supremest mindsets still exist. My question is why do we accept and perpetuate it? If you are in compliance with this, then, go ahead and take your seat at the back of the bus, because that would make white people happy.

    1. Aquiel Nibte
      Aquiel Nibte

      How does that make sense… not because she had a baby with a White man she must now accept what hè is doing

    2. Tina Waters
      Tina Waters

      I think she would complain if a black man were bleaching and straightening her child’s hair. Don’t really see what him being white has to do with that.

    3. Christina Geter
      Christina Geter

      Get real a black man wouldn’t do it. Halle said that Gabriel made racist remarks yet she still had a kid with him. She desperately wanted a white man’s baby. If she was so concern about her child being black enough, she would have chosen a black man to procreate with.

  33. Debora Walker
    Debora Walker

    If he’s doing it to make her look less black then yes im on her side. Whats wrong with her not wanting her daughters hair fried dyed and laid to the side? I remember my mom being upset about the same thing when i was about eight years old. Im with Halle on this one i applaud he for not wanting chemicals pumped into her daughters head and body. They don’t even want you dying your hair when you are pregnant.

  34. Justice

    She’s a 1/3 black…Halle is half. But yeah, something is definitely wrong with him. She’s only 6 and her mother has African blood in her, how else did he expect her hair to be? Not all mixed kids come out with straight hair..he should have taken this into consideration before having a child with a woman who is half black. C’mon now. Good for Halle! It’s good to know that she wants her daughter to not feel self-conscious about her hair and who she is. I’ glad she’s fighting for her daughter’s identity.

  35. Sandra Slayton-Phillips
    Sandra Slayton-Phillips

    Halle is half black and half white so that would make Nahla 3/4 white and 1/4 black. Regardless of her heritage, I think her hair shouldn’t be straightened. That’s my opinion, and it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

  36. renee

    She’s too young for that heat on her hair constantly. She took him to court for repeatedly straightening her hair. Some of you are so anal for attacking her for looking out for her daughter!

  37. Olivia

    Seriously, all the weird stuff that has come out about Halle since her and Gabriel started to go downhill has been outright unbelievable. I doubt most of these stuff is even the TRUTH. It seems like drama for the sake of keeping them in the MEDIA. Her husband who is known to not be a good guy is more than likely on the frontline for most of this drama, he is not a good actor and he has to have something always going with her. I doubt that Gabriel has anything to do with it. That is my two cents. It’s too bad she is ruining her legacy this way.

  38. Tabatha

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that he is straightening the hair to erase her black side I just think that he simply doesn’t know how to take care of curly hair. She still has super fragile hair, so to straighten it at that age is a gamble. It’s not unheard of,but it’s a gamble. I don’t think it’s worth going to court though, but maybe the judge will just court order the man going to a class or something to learn how to do curly hair, so he can become comfortable with curly hair.

  39. Mary

    But Halle’s hair is straightened. The example should come from her first.

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