Shrinkage Shared By Ameka Coleman

ShrinkageShrinkage Shared By Ameka Coleman


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Anntoinette Summer

gorgeous natural hair!

MsPlatinum Pus

Cant wait 4 mines to get tht length

Aaliyah Ingram-Jones

Wow!! I’ll never underestimate my progress again

Gina Liv

WOW, beautiful but shrinkage can be a great alternative long hair is WORK

Love Blackmamba

That hair shrinkage is a mutha… lol

Reanne Joseph

Shrinkage is the devil Kim Joseph

Missy Greene

That’s some serious shrinkage.

Roselande Napoleon

That’s my hair type …. And yes the shrinkage is real

Trish Adams

What type is it?

Roselande Napoleon


Lawana Mason

What do she use in her hair??? I need some of dat

Cb Sampson

Black hair is so changeable i love it

Kishra Williams

The shrinkage is real, this is me all day!

Kimberly Davis

I don’t believe it

Shante'via Thomas

Oh my!! Shrinkage is real

Lula A Wynn

This is just like my youngest daughter’s shrinkage reveal…♡♡ it!!

Taylor Soo'Blessed Johnson

For real for real

Tabitha Melville

I just did the same thing.

Memory Cardenas

Jamie Younger this reminds me of ur hair so healthy n pretty

Chontay Farrar


Kourtney White
Tiffany Wilkerson-Mangum


Taiyanna Yates

Just showing u her hair. I thought about Aaliyah

Tiffany Wilkerson-Mangum


Donnet Dixon

This is not true ,you can have serious shrinkage but the after length is not true. Sorry lady’s i don’t believe this one

Ameka Truly Blessed Coleman

It is all my hair indeed! Thanks:)

Donnet Dixon

Yes i do believe that is Your hair, but the amount of strinkage you have in the pic is not going to give you that length. I feel like your hair might of grown that long but the pic does not add up. My professional opinion.

Monica Cameron


Ameka Truly Blessed Coleman

Thank you all for your lovely and positive comments! The picture above accurately reflects my shrinkage in its natural state. No weave or hair pieces were added to the above pics. If you are interested in seeing more of my hair journey then feel free to check out my Instagram page @amekacoleman Thank you for the feature! I really appreciate it:)

Rebecca Jarrett

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and the color is awesome!

Dee Dee Martin

Wow i am impressed. I am a hater lol.

Ameka Truly Blessed Coleman

Thanks lol:)

Lonique Renee Brooklyn Ryan

Really beautiful, I was just abou to comment and mention weave. .unbelievable

Ntombi Mabuya Mtimande

Beautiful hair x

Arjannette Brown

Not real

Angela Graves

Natorya Spates, there is no way all that hair is hidden in that top pick! Shrinkage is too real….lol!!!

Natorya Spates

IKR!! Can we say “weave”?? Lmbo

Ameka Truly Blessed Coleman

Lol yep yep it’s alllll mine:)

Angela Graves

You have a lot of hair…OMGoodness! A lot of hair!!!

Anyango Emy

Smile before stretching your hair it still looks beautiful in that state

Tanasha Bethel

People saying this is weave have no idea how real the shrinkage is…..I’ve seen 50% shrinkage….natural hair can be quite deceiving at times….lol

Raquel Parrish

Don’t believe all off the after is hers shrinkage is real but not that much it’s probably a little past her shoulder

Ameka Truly Blessed Coleman

Yep, it’s all mine love! 🙂

Raquel Parrish

Is the the picture at the top older than the one one the bottom. My hair is curly an I relax it two times a year so when I flatiron it my hair is much longer same length as yours.I relax because it’s easier for me because it’s cheaper without relaxing it just sucks up alot of product an still looks dry an less breakage from tangled hair I leave it in for 4 minutes at the most because any longer it’s bone straight.Ill take your word for it sorry about that.

Missme Witdatshyt Rocker

Show it off girl the shrinkage is real I have shrinkage and so does my niece at least our natural hair is strong durable and healthy it will grow longer and its always longer that what it appears to be

Dee Dee Martin

Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn how does that shrinkage stretch that long.

Quisha Quisha

Me and my daughter’s hair all day. People don’t believe it.

LaShaye-Shante Lynniece

Please ignore the folks saying your hair isn’t real. They probably do not even have natural hair to understand why a black woman’s hair is shrunken in its natural state, and so long and glorious when straightened smh. Beautiful hair I love it. Very healthy

Briana Lynn

When I was wearing my shoulder length hair natural, it would be about a 4 inch fro after washing, so I believe it!

Tanisha Banks

Her hair is sooooooooo healthy and beautiful!

Daphney E. Laroche

Lahtisha Ricks her shrinkage game toooooo strong lol

Bradley Blair


Dee Jones

Love your hair both ways especially the natural

Jokoya McLean

What’s her trick ! 🙂