Rainbow Sherbert Shared By Michael Muhammad


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Zran Inoue

No no no…

Regina Phillips-Thomas


Tasha Martinez


Tasha Henderson


Sonarisa Jones

Pretty! She pulls that off well

Dominique Emanuel

Vibrant use of color 🙂

Sieta Glenn

That wouldn’t fly at my job. Nope!

Kerri Alisha Thomas

That line up is sharp!

Zane Ashton

No sah…hair did gone bad!!!

Ni-Ni Patterson

Very normal to see stuff like this in ATL…

Camella Rose Jones

No just no

Terri Fletcher


Sylvsz Uniique

The colours nice … It’s that awful shape up that demolishes it

Loka NoLabel Jackson

If she likes it, I love it!

Thedra Renee White

These people must not have a job

Chloe O Vasquez

3 layered snow cone

Mary Wilkins

How unique! You wear it well.

Polly Fernandez

It needs to melt in the heat

Feisty-ßRown PeRez


Stella Boamah


Khandi ChocolateBunny Rayne

Eww no

Libby Narcisse Traylor


Dee Hammond

Some black women and their bravery..Lord

Tamequa Kelsey Beasley


Jeanette Whitaker

I think it would be great for a hair show only !!

Sonita Simpson

Eww lol

LaToya Robinson

I just can’t help but to think about the Jetsons lol

Heya There Delilah Grant

Um…well….creative 🙂

Tina Marie Maddox

No lawd no

Jaime Laiaa Cardenas

so traditional

Tahira Buckman

Hell no!

Donna Chesser

It depending on which state your in. If your in a boring country state where they have no taste and other culture they will say nooo. But if your in the northern States including Louisiana, etc they will say yesssssss!

Chyna Entyce

U come up to the North rockin some bs like that u will get clowned!

Donna Chesser

You tell that to Cindy lauper. Lolo. I personal like it. I’m not a follower. I’m open Ti all

Donna Chesser

Ooh you black never mind. I get it now! Lol

Donna Chesser

No I would not rock it. But I’m not immature Ti dog her out if she is artisy. Matter of fact I will love her. Every one is different . if everyone had long hair it would be Boring. The end✂

Dania Thomas


Tk Tatum Richey

I just can’t with the #ineverwanttohave a career hair I just cant

Denise Freeman


Alisha Peele

Damn is that real?

Jessica Flanigan

It looks like a snow cone! Lol. Hey, if she likes it, I’m not mad at her.

Grace Post-Naji

She must be self-employed.

Jaime Laiaa Cardenas

Looks like cotton candy

Connie Taylor

Like it but can’t/couldn’t wear it

Yvonne Brown

All I can say is Why !!!!

Trenessa A

It looks good on her…love the color’s

Rochelle Lee


Joan Mckinnie-sanders

Where does this person work!!! This is a no go.

Muneerah Qadir

Tf kinda shit is this lmao????? Lawd please help

Tatiana Jemmott


TreesyTreasure Lewis

I’d never have the balls for this! But looks cute on her ♡

Denola Gibson

Not feeling it

Jordann Alease

not everybody has a pencil pusher job and if you do just wear a wig but this shape up is wrong it looks like it was drawn on it just looks weird.

Sandra Edwards

This is too much.

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