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Janet King


Kisha Lewis


Tonia Lpht

I love this

Shauntinae Smith


Krishaun N. Caldwell

Thanks for liking this pic, Kera Surles!!! lol
I think this is going to be my summer hair cut… lol

Kera Surles

I love it!

Krishaun N. Caldwell

Yes, it’s not too short either..

Janai D. Sanders

That too Cierrea Cook

Ashley Sess


Nay Castor

This just showed up its a sign Tacoyia Nelson

Nay Castor

Yes let her know you’ll be in Thursday ?

Tacoyia Nelson

LEAVE ME ALONE ? u just do what you’re supposed to Wednesday ?

Nay Castor

????? tighten up ?

Tacoyia Nelson

?????? can you say BLOCKED ?

Nay Castor


Jess Geneva

Tracee Chatmon this is cute!

Tracee Chatmon

Very cute!!!! I can see u in that;)

Jess Geneva

Thanks! I know you can get me there?

Shanise Jennings

Wakina Jennings my hair done now

ShaVon VoVo Moore

Mary Washington

Mary Washington

Ok ok cute!!!

Porschea Wilson

This is so cute

Wakina Jennings

I can do it

StormyJean Wilson

Leslia Baker I want this Asap!!!!!

Amanda Massey-Townsend

Nice cut!

Shavon Robinson

Sherree L Barnes I like this one better. She has more hair.

Sherree L Barnes

I like both but the other one is better.

Marja Turner

Arthur E. Lee III This is how I want my hair cut

Judi Williams

Omg in love it!!! ???

Richard Natasha

Love It

Bettina StillStanding Brown

Can anyone do this in the Huntsville area! This is beautiful!

Stephanie Ellison

Chantel Anjoli this be cute on u

Chantel Anjoli

Love ittt

Stephanie Ellison

Nd it’s long even to catch for a weave nd braids

Keisha Davis

I like that boo

Brie Wright-Davis

??? me too

Keisha Davis

That’s going to be your summer or fall style

Brie Wright-Davis

Idk. I don’t wanna cut it again.

Tara Carrero

Gorgeous. .. try it Teoka Walker

Amy DeLoach-Anthony

Yvette Ruffin up next!!

Yvette Ruffin

I got u

LaToya Patrice

Ashanti Houseworth now I would do this

Tee StillFine

Mommy this style would look great on you Patricia Turner

Geraldine Clay


Sherry Duke

Nice! I like this too.

Kathryn Reed

Love it.

Priscilla Renee Glover

Robin Berry, you should do this.

Tennille Brown

Brilliant ☺

Barbara Bolton


Meagan Dent

Omg I want this