Nice short sew in @the_rose_affect




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Christy Love

Yesssssssssss all day

Tenina Hardyway-Williams

Myia T. Murrell Kelley something to try doesnt have to be this syke per say

Jeanetta Phillips

I need this Tot Clark

Melissa Cobb

Carolyn Black-bullard I want this…

Carolyn Black-bullard

Love vit

Carolyn Black-bullard


Zola Walker Williams

I need this in a dirty blonde. ❤

Shersher StAimee

Nice!!!! I always tell people don’t go cutting your long hair just for a short cut when u can simply get a sew in!!!!


Tiffany Levingston you could do this since your worried… I read your post earlier

Darragh Grier

I love this!

Timaya Ruth Bills

I want this but no weave

Janice Mizj Bills

Timaya Ruth Bills weave makes it easier to manage

Timaya Ruth Bills

Weave more expensive ????

Janice D. Cato


Gená Hargrove


Corniki Bankastylez Bornds

Sadeea Leona Wilson I need this

Ebb Charmaine White

Tameaka Meekins I want this but not sew in

Cindy Jaramillo Gatica

Cute haircut

Denise Santee

I want this

Reb Johnson

Please tell me how do you scratch your scalp without tearing it off?
Been sticking to box braids because my scalp often reacts to weave

La'Vette Bias


Phoenix McGee

Next style goals.

Jennifer Price

Sometimes it’s nice to get a short look even though your hair is long – change it up some

Juyanique Oo

Cute hair. But am I the only one creeped out by “NO FACE!”

Fadzayi Chambati

Very scary

Jasmine Geter

Desarie Ingram this!

Desarie Ingram

This is fye!!

Jasmine MsAmbitious

Omg Ty Smith

Barbara Bryant

Bianca Dorsey-Gill I like this

Abigail Blount

For all this , she could of bought a wig

Kywauna Holder

Feva Goldsby like this

Marlynou Lou


Natalie Matthews


Terro Sanders-Pittman

So cute

Mz'Pooh Scott

Nicolette Wright Traeya MovingForward Wright I would try this

Mymy Sucrée

Murielle Racine Dubo au lieu de coupé C top je trouve

Sureika Joseph

I would do something like this by myself because I know after a week or two I would be tired of the short hair again…. Nice job!

Calandrial A. Afriyie

Hot!!! Ramona Coleman

Aquarius Queen

Star Dust this is so u

Brittany MsLadee Williams

Takara Braddock look at website omg

Brittney M. Williams

Love!!!! I definitely love the fact that it doesn’t look like a wig

Dominique Erves McCullum

Melinda Wilson Warner this is so cute

Melinda Wilson Warner

Yes it is but short doesn’t look right on me.

Bianca Dorsey-Gill

i have done this already and yes Barbara Bryant u would look great

Barbara Bryant

I know… I remember….

Stephanie Lynn

Ta-Meeka Neoka Cook Staley Tina Sellers see sew it up!!

Tina Sellers that im willing to do

Ta-Meeka Neoka Cook Staley

Yes that’s nice!

Eustacia Johnson Jones

That’s cute!

Lakeisha Nicole

I want parts

Rose Wesley

I rocked

Misty Buhl


Maria Can


Arianna Angelle

I need to find the person who did this!!

LaKisha James

See I wanna be try something like this Sumayya Williams Sherea Wallace

Sumayya Williams

Thats pretty LaKisha James i wanna try this

Gold D Locs


Sophia Chambers

I love this style!!