Would You Ever Shave Your Head?

Fotor0100203715It is quite disturbing and heartbreaking to go to your fave YouTube hair guru’s channel and find out that after 4, 5, 6, or 7 years they decide to shave their head. WHAT? WHY?

Yes, brave people like this exist. They have done the big chop or shaved numerous times, proving to themselves that life is beautiful no matter how you look. Some claim to do it in order to feel free, or simply to start their journey over again. Hey, some do it just for the style and heck of it.

Let us meet some popular natural hair gurus that have shaved their heads, and let’s have a discussion about the infamous question, would you ever shave your head?


For those who do not know Maya, you had better get to know her. Her name says it all…SHAMELESS. Check out her YouTube for more info on why she has started this shameless journey. Here in this video, Maya lets us in on the exact moment her hair gets chopped and shaved to a bald head. She is one brave cookie for cutting all that glorious hair off.

Here’s a different approach to shaving your head. Raven Elyse shaved the perimeter of head, leaving the top long. Interesting! This is still a huge step to take. You still have to be bold! Click the play button here and hear her out!

Lastly, Queen Au-Naturelle just wow meet the real MVP. Not only did she shave her head, she used a razor to go COMPLETELY bald! Also, she has done the big chop several times. Bravery all over again. Go ahead and press play to see her journey. It’s amazing!

Now that you have watched three separate journeys, the question still remains. Do you have it in you? Would you ever go bald? Comment below – we would love to know!

About Mykel Trent

Hi! I am Mykel, and I love life. I love performing, dance, acting, fashion, hair, etc. I have a Bachelor's in Communications Theatre. Theatre is the best and challenging major by far. It has taught me discipline, problem-solving, leadership, creativity, and so on. I like who I'm becoming! xo

About Mykel Trent

Hi! I am Mykel, and I love life. I love performing, dance, acting, fashion, hair, etc. I have a Bachelor's in Communications Theatre. Theatre is the best and challenging major by far. It has taught me discipline, problem-solving, leadership, creativity, and so on. I like who I'm becoming! xo


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Bonolo Molefe

i have. i think twice already. its refreshing!

Alisha Peele

No…my head too lumpy

NeVonn LovingLife Mack

I have and it feels amazing.. freeing actually… but I promised to stop lol

Gia Danylle

Chopped to 1-2 inches? Yes. Shave? Hell naw. Lol

Lindsay Let

I did last year ! The new hair growth is stronger than my first big chop

Firstlady Ngoma

Why should i do that when am not crazy

Vashti DaQueen Cannonier

I love the way it looks and feels!

Olivia Williams

No…I cried when I did BC!!! Never again.

Taynra Phillips

I had no choice….had cancer

Ni-Ni Patterson

Nope. I have a HUGE head.

Sable Porter Wilkerson

Hell Naw

Kashmere Noel

I couldn’t, just don’t feel comfortable without a lot of hair. My BC was traumatising lol!

Nigelica Browne

I did after my hair got heat damaged, now am u
7 months in

Tasha Harris

My hubby would go into cardiac arrest…


lol.. mine too

Martiña Williams

I shaved my head twice. It’s not for everyone though.

Althea Patterson

Yes yes and yes again! I can completely understand the ladies who will never do this, it’s not for the faint of heart and it’s a preference. Your hair is a large part of your personality- we touch and play and fiddle with it all the time. To go from that to, well, nothing is a hell of an adjustment shall we say! I’ve shaved my head on two separate occasions and if I’m honest I’ve never felt more feminine. I realised I have a great shaped head, beautiful eyes and even beautiful ears (!!) and I respected the growth process and how insane my curls were. Plus, the sensation of clippers on my head for the first time was one I will never forget. Whatever you do, just be comfortably YOU! 🙂

Amberly Nykole

Would I ever shave my head? Not by choice.

Terry Herbert

Yeah why not!x

Liz Marie Maysonet Sostre

That was my big chop! I loved it.

Tiffany Michelle Jones-Puckett

Done it 2x, loved it!!!

Lisa Agate

If I didn’t have a double chin I would try it

Dani Adams

Never been 100% bald, but I had a fierce fade a few times. LOVE IT!!! There’s nothing like the feeling of a cool breeze on your scalp…feels wonderful.

Stacy Lucky

Why did it 3 times.. Once every 10 years

Mikailia Rogers


Tasha C Williams

My husband would kill me.

Earl Joy Roberson


Asha Jamia

No. Only cause my head is shaped very weirdly

Vonciea Williams

Yes I just did a BC two months ago & its like a new awakening. I actually feel more confident now then I did before. More prettier & everyone I pass loves how I’m rocking my TWA.

Banging Bold Boleware

Hell no

Goldie Munnings

Yes I’m made the way The Lord made I’m perfect

Nyca Anthony

Much respect to the women who can do it, personally tho I could never shave my whole head

Velda Epps

Yes been there done that!!!

Denise Mills


Sommer Ragsdale

no i wouldn’t

Kandis McCoy Watson

I have shaved my hair off my head. I wanted a new start. I felt great & plus my hair grew in full & beautiful. Not for everyone but yes for me!

Tamara Muhammad

I did it hasn’t been a year and my hair is growing back faster and healthier but u wouldn’t do it again lol

JoAnn Hughes

Yes I would shave my head. It would be very sexy.

Brenda Cindy Green

Only if necessary

Linda Cushman

YESSSSS! It was great, though sad, a lot going on best ever!

Linda Cushman

@Ngoma why do your insecurities make anyone else crazy except YOU! God for ode you ever get Cancer and need chemo & radiation. All anyone can do is pray for you!

Rayanna Williams

yes I’ve done it, it’s very freeing

LTanya Lewis

Bald is beautiful too

Linda Cushman

Ladies stop living thru your hair you are not your hair! Learn to love YOU, not your hair,make up or clothes, just YOU!

Tammy Noel

If I was getting chemotherapy or to support someone that had cancer.Then I would shave my head.

Chelsea Chavis

Hell naah

Noel Akira

I cut it real real low but not clean.

Tiara Robinson

I did the same thing and 11months later I have a ponytail its just hair

Ava Inara Fraizer

Been there done that. Three times. #shorthairdontcare

Viola Slaughter

No. Only for special reasons.

Carmella McCoy

Probably not.