Reader Question: Yet More Relaxed Hair Troubles

Reader Question:

Hi. I am 25 year old Ghanaian. My hair is thin with length that is down to my shoulders but it has stopped growing. I am currently am using 7 17 kid kit to retouch but in spite of everything I do, I am just not seeing growth or rather retaining length. Please help!

Our Answer:

I’m sorry to hear about the problems you are having with your hair. I find it amazing that most of the ladies that contact us with problems about hair that will not grow are usually relaxed. The main problem that I have come across is that more often than not, it is simply because the hair is overprocessed. Many relaxers give a 20 minute window in which to apply it and while it may be accurate for an average black woman, we are not all the same and 20 minutes may be way too much for some.

In my case, I found out that a mild texturizer applied for 5 minutes more or less did the same thing as a relaxer. It got my hair straight enough to move on to styling! Now considering that for years I thought that my hair was resistant and I used super strength relaxers left on for about half an hour, I cringe when I think of how damaged my hair was at the time. Strand testing is very important so that you can know your own hair’s limitations.

Many ladies do not relise that styling does not end with relaxing. Hair will still need to undergo some sort of proces (rollersetting or flat ironing) to achieve the sleek straight look. Relaxing bone straight is unhealthy and more often than not pointless because hair will usually be left with a bit of curl anyway! You may want to consider texturizing or texlaxing instead of relaxing this way you preserve much of your natural hair’s strength while being able to wear it straight easily by rollersetting or flat ironing. Read this article for more information on texlaxing.

Another problem is that many people do not realise the importance of using hair products that are as natural and gentle on your hair as possible. You have already compromised your hair’s strength with the relaxer so the last thing you want is to use harsh detergents to cleanse your hair hair. Sulphates are just such detergents that should be avoided like the plague unless very occasionally to clarify. Also avoid anything that could potentially prevent moisture from getting into your hair like mineral oil.

Another major thing to look at is  how often you manipulate you hair. If you are combing and styling your relaxed hair daily, you may be exposing it to more than it can comfortably handle. Consider protective styling options. Take a look at this article for ideas.

Good luck in your hair journey.


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