Nice One ! @reniecehairtv


Watch Reniece’s Real Black Hair Showcase Video – Natural, Relaxed, 4a, 4b, 4c, No Weave


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La Toya Taylor

Very nice.What product did she take to make her hair improve like that?

Victoria Robertson

What is she using?

Lili Tom

pls send us th tube movie

Maybell Lena Killion

That would be so very nice…

Alisha Peele

My daughter hair look like that first pic…i dont know what to do with it

Josiee Love

Look the lady up on youtube or instagram

Shanetta Hendrix

Unfortunately, if your daughter hair looks like the first, a trim will be needed to obtain healthy hair. Plus satin cap or pillow case Will keep her from losing moisture at night. Shampoos with no sulfate is good for our hair. Sulfate dries the hair. Moisture is most definitely key and low manipulation.

Cynthia Gammon

I need help with my daughter hair

Alisha Glover

Wat did u use mama

Chelsea GucciDiva Raynor

If you keep those ends trimmed and moisturize the hair it will grow. Satin caps or satin pillowcases are a must. Minimize the heat. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy.

Chanell Peach

Tube movie ….
Royale Crown Jordan


Tiff Marie

Its not always about 1 product, she started taking care of her hair and it grew healthy and long plus hair needs moisture/protein balance

Teena Headding


Leeyah Hernandez


Bianca Bebe Bradshaw

Pretty and healthy!

Charlotte Nichols

What to do about my hair breaking off? Give me a idea.

Lucy Mixon

I like this hair style I think I want this


Very pretty when I had permed hair my hair use to look like the first pic . I’m natural now and my hair now looks like the second pic and I’m on my way to the third pic .