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  1. Annette Trimble

    This is cute but ive seen these styles an this amoubt of hair pull the hair out of a childs head there hair line is ruined an starts behind there ears more haircare education

  2. Symone Estes

    Shouldn’t no1 on here complain about it being to grown for her its actually and if her mother isn’t complaining why are u?? I’ll wait

    1. Tina Waters

      Probably because it’s social media and there’s a comment section. These hairstyles are posted for input from people who subscribe to the page. When opinions get solicited there will be both positive and critical opinions given. I’m sure the people who run the page realize that millions of people will see this and different opinions is what makes us all unique. Otherwise we would all have the same hairstyle.

  3. Chavon Walton

    I don’t think the style is too grown. I would say it’s kid friendly IF it were her hair. It pains me to see young girls with weave. It’s like they grow up thinking they need weave to be cute. They don’t learn how to care for or style their own hair. Also, I don’t see that the adults really care for the child’s hair while it’s in a protective style which leads to damaged hair and no edges.

  4. Tina Waters

    I love this style too that’s why I just did it on my 20 year old daughter. Even if you think a hairstyle should be for any age, you have to know that a large volume/length of hair on such a small head and frame looks odd.

  5. Nakita Moore

    It’s cute. I think it’s too much added though. Not all young ladies are blessed with a lot of hair so adding a little isn’t a problem. I also know that since it’s not my child, it’s none of my business. If the mother and child likes it, that’s what’s important, not other people’s opinions

  6. Tatiana Cooper

    Who makes these age appropriate rules! What is so grown about it? And then other styles you want to tell people look childish because a grown woman is wearing it. Weave is used for protective styling for children as well.

  7. Sarah Alexandra

    If it’s for a special occasion letting a little girl have extensions allows her to feel special and cute. But for everyday, let their baby hair grow, and help them learn to love their natural hair.

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