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  1. Torkwase Burts

    I don’t get this whole chocolate hair vanilla care thing. Cause she has black hair with a white parent?

    1. Keysha Gully
      Keysha Gully

      Awwwwww look one of the colonizers pets thinks her calling me a “racist” matters lmaooooooo I hold no institutional power so therefore I can’t be “racist” facts are facts however so carry on I know I’m ur entertainment no problem while I’m entertaining you wake the hell up girl black hair,skin, an culture has been made a mockery of that my dear is racism among the torture,murder an annihilation of black people so who is really racist

    2. Keysha Gully
      Keysha Gully

      Lmaooooooo an you date a white man your ancestors are sooooooo proud of you lmaooooooooo

    3. Keysha Gully
      Keysha Gully

      It’s 2018 yes an you believe in white ppl being on your side after all that has transpired for the year? Ok type your heart out you are definitely asleep lmaooooooo ok

    4. Keysha Gully
      Keysha Gully

      How much do enjoy the rancid scent of canine when he sweats or whenever it rains lol

  2. Dabney Ross Jones
    Dabney Ross Jones

    The pic is from chocolate hair vanilla care. Chances are this is her daughter. She has done a great job taking care of her hair.

    1. Keysha Gully
      Keysha Gully

      No disrespect but no due to the statements I made I checked the site is for caucasian women who adopt our little black princesses she isn’t the biological mom none of them are

    2. Valerie Johnson
      Valerie Johnson

      Good job…she is making the effort to learn how to care for the child’s hair…that means a lot…if you haven’t fostered or adopted any children don’t criticize this woman…

  3. Laura Prieto
    Laura Prieto

    how much nonsense you have to read. surely it’s her mother, biological or not, she’s a mother. Mom is the one that breeds not the one that begets. and I can assure you, that white moms can take care perfectly, even much better than black moms the hair of their girls. respecting its texture, porosity and pattern. looking for the best products free of silicone, parabens, sulphates, oils … and above all respecting their roots.
    I am a mestizo girl’s mom and I can assure you that I learned how to care for and manage my daughter’s hair thanks to these moms. more than my black friends. Most of these use oils in their children’s hair, extensions and even iron. which is not the case with other moms, who instill respect and teach their children to love their hair the way it is. beautiful .

  4. Shéyna Moore
    Shéyna Moore

    Wait… What are you all upset about? Is it that a white woman did the “shrinkage test” on a black child? The fact that a white woman is doing a black child hair? Or is it that a white woman adopted a black child? I’m confused?

  5. Dayna Strong
    Dayna Strong

    I’m sorry but why do we do length checks? Is this necessary? We put to much emphasis on hair, need to get those heads in the books!!

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