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  1. Shawntel Singletary

    Could be a whole lot of lil black girls if our mothers would stop destroying our hair. Mine included, it is a cycle.
    Black girls can have healthy long hair.
    I bet this child has never had a perm, I bet her guardian properly moisturizes and clips her ends, and I bet she does not manipulate the hair too much.
    Im not flattered by length, im flattered by healthy. But with healthy hair comes the length.

    1. Tabitha Gaston

      This type of length is genetic. My 9 year old never had perm or flat iron and I take exceptional care..she doesn’t have this length or even shoulder length and neither did I.

    2. Shawntel Singletary

      What styles are you putting in. Too much pulling and tension is not good, will stunt growth.
      I have never seen undamaged hair not be able to be healthy there by growing. It may not grow this long but it will be healthy thus growing, because that is what hair does it grows.

    3. Shawntel Singletary

      So what does the hair do break?
      Because it has to be growing hair grows.
      I dont put braids on my edges because of tension which thins them and even breaks them. When i leave them and just put aloe vera or something on them they grow.Except where therw is a tiny bald spot from permanent damage from tension and pulling.

    4. Carmen Martinez

      No,there is no such thing of genetic hair growth, maybe it is the environment and climate!? It is also your diet as well… My hair has grown all the way to the middle of my back……

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