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    1. La Keisla

      well go and wash it . It does not mean her scalp is dirty or dry. I hate those stupid ” my hair itch ” comments. There was nothing funny about it.

    2. La Keisla

      You do not know that Phoenix McGee , her comment was incomplete. After ending her comment with a reference of AGGRAVATION. Just because she ends her comment in LOL does NOT mean it was jovial. What you find funny may be at the expense of others and cause and offense to many. Like I said DISRESPECT will no longer be TOLERATED and correction starts at HOME FIRST.( Side note take a look at the same comment on this page and you tell me that they were all jovial. ) Again what you fail to realize Phoenix McGee “there are plenty of other issues you can take up with our community that actually matter”. Disrespecting our hair has been an issue with our community since we’ve stepped on American Soil. If WE DO NOT EXPRESS SELF LOVE then it is EASY for other NATIONALITIES to do the same. Hair may seem like a small issue with you but it is a seed that continues to grow into the issues that we see today. AND IF WE ARE UNWILLING to unite and tackle the small things then HOW can WE UNITE AND TACKLE THE HARVEST OF HATE that comes against us on a daily????

    3. Phoenix McGee

      I never said her comment was incomplete, I said it was jovial.. you seem to be arguing just to argue.

  1. Angel Park

    It’s. Beautiful and intricate. Why all these “yuck” comments? The same ppl saying yuck are the ones who cry cultural Appropriation when another race does it. Atleast other races can appreciate how unique our hair is

    1. Latoya Aaliyah Small

      My hair is natural I never worn weave or wigs my hair is almost to my butt and I wear it flat ironed a lot but love my curls and this is not ugly at all its very creative but I admit my skin crawls when I look too long

    2. Angel Park

      Ok. Im sure there are ppl who look at your natural hair and it makes their skin crawl..doesn’t make it ugly. Just different. I can appreciate the uniqueness of this style. I wouldn’t wear it. But it’s neat and creative:)

    3. Latoya Aaliyah Small

      Exactly I never thought it was ugly and I accept who doesn’t like mine I do that’s all that matters. I don’t think anyone should do anything for fashion or likes but I appreciate art and some ppl don’t understand how to see art maybe that’s why they think it’s ugly but oh well that’s their opinion

    4. Angel Park

      I wouldn’t wear it because There are different cultures and each culture has different customs(ways,traditions,styles that are widely accepted by society.) One culture is not better than the other. Just because straight hair is valued here in america doesn’t mean we cant appreciate the beauty of styles else where. And if you can’t look outside of your own culture and see beauty…im sorry…but you are a closed minded individual

    5. Shantrice Glin

      I can’t believe it! It looks like some of the braids I’ve seen african women wear, styled very unique…. … may not be western, but I thought it was traditionally beautiful. ….

  2. Anna Ogonji Smith

    That took real skills! I guess some of us don’t really want to connect back with our roots like we way lol. You’ll see more than this in The Mother Land.

  3. Yolanda Ammons

    That’s awesome! Of course none of us would wear that style because our taste in styles are different than those from Africa…this style prob is the most popular or most expensive style where she’s from…I can’t with these comments. Smh, I’m sure y’all pony tails, wigs, and bleached hair would be quite interesting to her as well…

  4. Victoria Robertson

    It’s creative. .. But imagine how it looks if you sleep on your back after a couple of nights, even with scarf on?

  5. Kenya Darden

    Creative and artful…but it makes my flesh crawl looking at the pattern…and I would say the same if it was any other hair type.

  6. Victoria Kennedy

    That is a hat piece that goes over your hair.this is not her hair.the pic is old also.but nice head piece

  7. Aaliyah Ingram-Jones

    I can see this being beautiful in Africa or on a runway but everyday everywhere…I rather not be a spectacle. On the other hand (my duality) we as Black women have been made to believe that we need to “fit in” to conventional society for so long that it’s why we rebel with outlandish and couture hair designs. It’s just not for every woman’s taste. To each their own.

  8. Aaliyah Ingram-Jones

    Yes!! Same thing I saw. And Black women…we are QUEENS. and our Men are Kings who have been stolen away from their kingdom. Ugh I could go on and on. We are so distant from the truth of who we really are. #royalty

  9. Aaliyah Ingram-Jones

    Only that which has power to rise above all should need to be oppressed. The power we have within our souls is..unspeakable.

  10. Aaliyah Ingram-Jones

    And since I have a small Audience I wanted to remind my beautiful black sisters that we are truly QUEENS and our black men are KINGS. And though they stole our ancestors from their kingdom remember that your souls are full of greatness and power. Unspeakable POWER. only that which has power to rise above all shall need or warrant oppression. Be kinder to the black men in your lives. They are kings who have been stripped and made to forget that they are the backbone of society. Sorry just had a cultural awareness the last year and I can’t help but share. Us women are QUEENS.

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