Havana twists by @braidsbyguvia

havana twists



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ShaToya Edwards

What’s the difference between Havana and Senegalese twists?


The difference in the two is ONLY the pattern of the hair: senegalese is done with kanekalon, more of a straight hair; havana is done with coil/wavy hair. The waiver/coilier the hair, the tighter and neater the havana twist will be. You can have small, medium or large Senegalese twist. You can also have small, medium or large havana twist. You cannot get havana twist with a straight-patterned hair, visa versa.


These twist are gorgeous! What brand of hair is used ?

Elvira Nchama


Ramah Symone Russell

Havana twist are larger and it uses different hair compared to what Senegalese twist use

Ramah Symone Russell

I wear Marley twist but I would love some Havana twist

Bee Ya Bee Ya

what kind of hair?

Ramah Symone Russell

You can use Havana twist hair but I’m seen someone use the marly twist hair as well

Crissy Shantell

Cute and very neat.

Karina Nicole Smith


Chrissy Hannon

Super pretty! !!

Latasha Caligurl Smith

Wat kind of hair was used?

Torkwase Burts

I love these but I’ll feel odd to wear weave bc I never wear it

JazzShantel Lipscomb

I wish I knew someone that could do my hair that neat!

Olivia Njogu

Havana hair from fingercomber.com can do these.

Bailee Barnett


Whitney George

#Nice..iiwish i knew someone in #Dothan that could do these!!!

Neisha Blessed Highlyfavored

What kind of hair is it , the brand

Ramah Symone Russell

You can go online and a order the hair but it’s higher price kinky hair like what people use on Marley twists

Kelly Jamila

this is really cute! But, does this pull a lot at the roots? I would be worried my hair Line would reced

Nessa Simpson-Singleton

Let’s get it#

Jessica Flanigan

This is cute but her edges look like they may be in danger.

Shar Scu

I can’t do it to the hairline

Karla Gattling

Beautiful ????