Gorgeous blue ombre by @dommiecole






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63 Comments on "Gorgeous blue ombre by @dommiecole"

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Shariah Bowling

Courtney Payne this is gorgeous

Trynitee Sa'mone

That’s so prettyyyyy😍

Chenelle Lewis


Shanay Butler

Yessss!! The perfect blue!!

Charity S Newkirk


Kelley C Harris


Aja Johnson

You’d kill this!

Kecia Broussard

Taadhimika Morgan look at this color!

Miyah Nobles

Legendd Grahamyou should try this

Legendd Graham

It’s pretty 😻

Danielle Lovn Miine Mitchell

Shay Jenkins i think I want this color for my bday

Shay Jenkins


Danielle Lovn Miine Mitchell

Yesss I’m ready for you to slay my frontal and bundles 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

Endia Crawford

I love it

Shayla Harris

Love u😍

Bubblelous Young

im soooooo in love with this …. love

Keyana Wai-KiKi Stubbs

Too cute!!!

Kim Lott

Not for me but the color and soft waves are beautiful!

LaShonda Maden-Watson

Joi Tiffany omg this is gawgeous I’ll rock this color

Joi Tiffany

It is!!!

Kira Dukes

This is gorgeous Ashleigh Adams

Ashleigh Adams


Mary Gazia


Roxanne Leid

This is beautiful

Nicki Bee

Omg thats so beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍

Alicia Jenkins

Omg! How sway? I neeeeeeddddd this! 💣

Corinthia Jones

😍😍😍 i love this color i wish i could get that

William McGhee

That’s nice But I don’t think you can run your fingers through her hair when making love. She would have to take it off & put it on the chair or some place, then if you see it sitting in the chair you might think it’s cousin it from the Adams family. I would rather have a women with regular hair! !

Tara Eisenstein

Me too. I’d dye my hair that color

Monika Ppop Davis

Alise Richardo THIS…

Ykeshia Parker

Angela Jay is it possible to get some hair dyed like this

Ykeshia Parker

Yesss I need this

Evee Jeann

Nice… Love curls

Rhonda Feagin

Crystal Schroederi love this!

Crystal Schroeder

Yessssssss Rhonda Feagin

Crystal Schroeder

Danielle Childsawwww loook

Danielle Childs


Lysandra Payton Stephens

Jacelyn Lewis this color would look great on you!

Aquita Russell

Beautiful color

Ashley Dunmore

Gabrielle Davis this!!!!!

Ashley Dunmore

It’s hella nice! And I trust myself with bleach now 🙂

Marcia Williams

That is cute. 💙💙

Shakieria Berry

Kendria Keekee Berry this is next !

Kendria Keekee Berry

Yassssssssss, I gotta have it!!!!

Delaney Williams


Kandy Anderson

Love, love, love blue!

Helene Envy Wheatley

Pretty! I likey!

Angela Desselle

Love this blue!

Alicia Jenkins

This is it! I need this

Carolyn Womack

Her hair very pretty it like dark ocean at night I like that.

Candy Melendez

I try it on my hair and love it

Barbara Mcrae

Love it love it

Chanel Melody

Gucci Time Randolph now this is pretty

Kyara Tomoney

I seen this and was like ” omg ” the color is my life

Kyona Rivera

Yea I’m not into colors but that’s nice

Theresa Lovingmeflawsandall Doss

..this HAIR!!!!

Asia Hubb

Love this Trisha Turner

Tina Vitenu-Sackey

Candi Ferdinand u would rock this

Tiffany Meador

I love it!!