Flat Iron Shared By Desma


Flat Iron Shared By Desma



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  1. Ayoo Netta

    Laid. My hair would be the pictures on the bottom right. Lol the weather hates my hair

  2. Auhmilyon Morre

    Thats me all day. I wear my natural hair in a wrap. I do tell my natural clients be free, dont wear your hair flat because I do.

  3. Kristy Bynum

    How do u keep your hair from curling back up on the sides and at the root after flat ironing? Help!!!!

    1. Desma Williams

      the product i use helps with the humidity. its not a permanent thing so once u wet it up its back to its natural stat

  4. Kristy Bynum

    Another question: after shampooing so u blow dry with a heat protection(what’s good/no films) or sit under dryer? Which is better for natural hair?? Sorry I had two questions ;-)….
    Really keep doing my natural thing but i don’t think I can deal

  5. Desma Williams

    the thermal smooth is a four step system. depending on the texture of the curls n how deep the curls are determines how long i leave them under the dyer with the conditioner on there. after that step three has a heat serum to help me blow you straight without damaging the hair the fourth step is a heat spray so i can use up to 450 without burning or damaging the curls. this last my clients two-three weeks. in the Texas heat.

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