Dope unique color @msklarie





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Tasha Bess

Aida L. MaldonadoThink I found my next colors but with my red at the root!!!!!! Ooooooo I know u can kill this! Ashleigh Pittmanwhat u think???

Aida L. Maldonado

Lord #levels????????❤️❤️

Tasha Bess

YAs ????????????????????????

Ashleigh Pittman

Yesss do it boo I love it

Chenise Laster


Shawala Holloway

Aundrea Holloway…should we do it?❤️

Aundrea Holloway

Pink is my fave color!!!

Aundrea Holloway

The sew in at the top we can make this color

Shawala Holloway

???????? i know its mine too

LaShawn MakingChanges McNeil

Nazzy Hilliard I could see this on you!!

Nazzy Hilliard

Yeah!!! I think I like or maybe i have had ???????????? LaShawn MakingChanges McNeil

Janet King


Bria Towns

I think this should be my next color bc I done ran out.

Rhonda Shorts

Anna Simmons I this you could pull this one off

Anna Simmons

U think

Rhonda Shorts

Yep ! You got that kind of face for it to me . Try on a pink wig at the hair store or try that web site that you can change your hair style by computerization. If you want to test it out . It’s pretty tho .

RaShonda RaShelle


Celeste Jackman

Love everything about this

Carla Denise

Sonia D. Shead this will be so pretty on you

Sonia D. Shead

❤️ this! Girl I did the big chop again 2 days ago. Lol.

Carla Denise

Sonia D. Shead stop all that chopping you can still rock it

Sonia D. Shead

Carla Denise lol. I need a wig like this.

Carla Denise

Thats a really good idea too

La'Kendria Darshae

U know Ima Try It

Jazmine Monroee

Hell yea

Dutches Reed

Lauren Un Bothered would also look cute on you

Tatianaa Dřł

Naomi Suarez mi adore

Barbara Chappell


Jessica Brená

I love it i wish i could try it

Dolly LaLa Minor

the color tho, love it

Rhonda Marshall

Unusual colour

She'Ree Thomas

Tiara Monique color

Lillie Jackson West

Love it!

Sandra Gibson

Awww pretty….

Karmin Love


Denise Abernathy

Lovin the mix of the colors… I’ve never had the nerve to try to color my hair

Jennifer Goodwin

BrainsnBeauty Smith This has your name all over it!

BrainsnBeauty Smith

I love it!!!????????

Sadara Kelly Singleton

Ms. Klaire is soooo dope!!!

Frankie Marie Mathis

But whooooo can do it

Shantel Paige

Lady coming here from Detroit on August 18th I think she can

Jessica Glenn

Uuuggghhhhh yaaaaassss!!

Jessica Glenn

I’m mad you cut your hair now lol

Tori Leigh Scheday-Now

Jessica Glenn its growing

Jessica Glenn

I know… But I miss you big hair lol

Star Feather Schenck

Soley Lacen this color would look awesome on you!

Soley Lacen

U just gave me a idea I love it

Bethany Paris

Pretty colors

Darline Malcolm

Beverly Swann ❤

Martha Keller

I like the mix, different