Dope color @msklarie





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ButterflyRenee Shepherd


MrsYoung Iz Wyn'n

Gina Brown ❤️️❤️️❤️️

Gina Brown

Very pretty

Carla Wyatt

Wow beautiful

Shelly Felix

Georgianna Marshall this color would fit you

Georgianna Marshall

I love it ????

Nivea Sp

Shanisia de Jesus now this nice

Teeya Calbert

Mmmm not a fan of the color but the placement is nice

Tiffani Ladybug Swinton


Chandra Batson

Omayra Velazquez here you go

Omayra Velazquez

I love this!

Lekeeisha Ball

Like the color

Kristin Richardson

If I could find someone to do it I would get it!

MarQuita Collins


Jonquinae Harris


Cynthia Antny

Like. It

Lovely Leigh

Mireya Heard i could see you with this color

Mireya Heard

I love it.. only if I could dye my hair ????

Gee Luvv


Tomikka Gardner

Shannon Smith this is ssoo pretty

Shannon Smith


Tomikka Gardner

I think I want this

Shannon Smith

It’s pawpin girll

Shannon Smith

Save it

LaTricia Burns

Hennessy Burns pretty!!

Hennessy Burns

Yes it is!

Tomikka Gardner

MymeccaArabia Al-Asia I want my hair colored like this

MymeccaArabia Al-Asia


Tyra Williamson-Allen

Love this Samyerra S Williamson

Samyerra S Williamson

Yes that’s beautiful! Love the colors!

Sharon Decastro


Paris Barnett

I like it

Danielle Hemingway

This is so cute

Brandy Tyler

It’s pretty but when I look at it…it looks like a Reese’s Pieces

Lakeisha Higgs

All i think about is every color pair of Timberlands boots thats out

Teki Stillwell

I like this

Connie Whaley

I like that

Cristina Reed

I love the color

Dea Thomas

I knew u would

Mandy Biddle

Laiisha Biddle this is you all day gurl.

Jeanette Whitaker

Keeta’La Gates oh my goodness I love this

Tiffany Peters

Keri you should get this

Whitney Hudson

Ronda Johnson I think color looks good on you

Kristina Isrealite Cook

I love ❤️ this

Adrian Reeves

Now that is cute

Orlondo Cottery

Kind of like it

Malika Belgrave

Sweett Tee nice

Lanell Ballard

I like those colors Charvon Conner

Brigitte Brii

Adwoba smooth AF

Brittani Walker

Do something like this next fall Dannika Griffin

Dannika Griffin

This is cute!

Taekeepitreal Mcgirth

To many colors

Tracy Agee

I know i seen this ????????????????????

Jasmine R. Gasaway

These was the colors I was talking bout

Shamilu Mercera

Me love it ????????????

Devin Mincey

That’s cute!!

Tuurrsh Blow

That’s amazing

Naomi Renea

Im saving all these lol

Trisa Henderson

Dama Huggins, this is you!!! Love this

Shanice Lee Kai

Here go the “I need this hair color” heifers like no you don’t… you barely take care of your hair and with bleach, you need to take extra care of it.

Kimberly Jefferson

Kimberly Conyers Simmons this color is speaking to me for some reason

Kimberly Conyers Simmons

I like that!!

Kimberly Jefferson

Kimberly Conyers Simmons maybe not that yellow up front but I like the concept. Another commenter said something about doing it with red and purple. Can you imagine?! ❤️????❤️????

Nikki Hubbell

No no no

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