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  1. Breanda Crump

    i support the different ppl!!! lol you already know EVERYTHANG goes in NYC!! a few tweaks here and there to polish this look up and i can see it on a high fashion runway. Ppl ALWAYS down something until it get popular in the media then they all on it! like when cassie shaved her head half bald..smh..all these chicks walking around half bald too! dont be a lemming! be different!!

  2. Andre'a Anderson

    Would have been fine with the sides tapered and different color but if it works for her and she’s happy

    1. Ally

      IA–very New Yawk City!! Love the creativity but it wouldn’t work in a lot of places.

  3. Pamela Smith

    It really doesn’t matter if we like it or not. It’s her hair, her statement, her truth. We need to learn to embrace different. After all, aren’t we different from one another?

    1. Malakah Angellia Gladston

      You sound stupid. There was a QUESTION asked and people gave there OPINIONS. It shall be a day in HELL when people are no longer allowed to speak freely and give an answer to a QUESTION being asked. Perhaps you need to READ the caption again. It says “DOPE????” …….THAT WAS A QUESTION!

  4. Carmella McCoy

    I like grey extensions, grey dye and everything trendy, different and unusual but I can’t get with this one, sorry.

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