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Ashaneique Ashley

This is creative! I like the idea, although it does look painful..

La'Toya Crayton

You said what I was thinking. Ouch!

Malekah Maliha

Very creative but I value my edges

Lindsay Michelle

This is cute but I don’t play with my edges like that lol

Kim Edwards

My edges are way too valuable!????

Tre Richardson

Cute but r.i.p to your edges

Diane Auda

Oooo I’m gonna try that

Èka Jantji

No edges

La'Toya Crayton

Bless her heart next thing you know she’ll be using Got2b glue gel to re-attach those precious edges. They kinda looked stressed anyway

Tiaja Nicole

I don’t like it. Makes her appear to have no edges

Asha Bee Hardin

Uhhhhh she has no edges lol

Janee' DeAne Glass

I usually don’t comment about edges, but hers will be snatched all the way off. You can see her scalp bulging between the braids…like a can of busted biscuits.

Kay McLean

Is it wrong that I just did the philsbury woo-hoo? ????????????????? she has no edges. She is bald in the front that’s why there is so much space and bulge.

Maya Woodall

Busted biscuits!!!!!!!!

Cedra Strickland Theobald

Omg! Busted buscuits best line ever!

Stephanie Buxton

I literally just said then edges will be on a carton of 2% milk next year…. missing..have you seen my edges? Lol

Charity S Newkirk

Them edges are screaming murder!

Robyn Simone

This is not cute.

Tatjana Merritt

Brianna Bostick she bout to be edgeless

Brianna Bostick

All for an ugly ass hairstyle

Tatjana Merritt

It’s childish as hell

Brianna Bostick

And ugly!!

Brianna Bostick

Should have just got the two braids and left it at that

Sonita Simpson

One word ,ugly

Monica Rae

Cute… dangerous but cute

Charlene Jones

This look like it hurt, but it does look really good, ,but ouch!

Aliyah Aliya

Looks painful

Hair BySi

Love it.. when u want it?

Dejah Lasha

This Ugly ????

Nehemi Bbe Andris

Damn yo Daphtaly Jean them edges tho

Delinda Stanford-Louie

Lol, i like it

Cybil Drake


Tashmahal Storm

OUCH!!! Can you not?!

Petra A Charles

Uhmmm …no!

Jalisa Myles

Shantea Myles for some reason I love this

Shantea Myles

Its cute but them braids in the front make her look bald

Rebecca Compere Azor

Edges and facial expressions forever gone

Sherese Coleman

Tyquilla Seright you think I can get this.

Amina Ismail

Smh. Them edges gonna be snatched

Tanya La'Nette

That’s cute ! & different ????

Makayla La'kenzie Nock

Her wedges snatched

Alicia Bryant

Ooo Tiffany Davis her edges finna be gone!

Tisha Whoo


Tamara Vinson

Girl if something get caught or a baby grab them,and they b weak,gone…

Shea Lee

R.I.P to those edges.

Raycie Francois

I just saw n said no way… just god enough to come bk with no edges

Ramzy Gross

Right … I keep my hair in braids but I also have my edges ????????

Eileen Royal

What until the HOOD RATS see this!

Janiqua Ross

Look like it hurt

Tiff Marie Smith

Bless those edges

Kesh Baker

Latranette Wren-Floore..something different

Latranette Wren-Floore

Right..I’d be scared to get it cuz it look like it may take my li edges out lol

Kendra Conwell-fuller

What a fortune teller would say: I see no sides in your future…

Analaise Rodriguez


Diana Coote

ouch at edges

Ladawn No Worries Phillips

Her scalp is pulling so badly dats 2 tight for me tho

Charlette Ramirez

Really cute

Vineice Mitchell

Too tight

Andria Newby Buente

Nice but look like it hurt

LoVemedown Oneofakind MarrOw


Nikki Nic

Bruh! That stylist should be ashamed. Murdering them edges like that…smh

Misty Shade Bass


Porscha Bene


Mo'nique Highstatus

Talk about future no edge ( fancy tho)