That Color!



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Starla Savedbyhisgrace Briggs

Love it

Charise Minton

Yes that is very pretty!

Laurette Alisha RodRiguez

That Lips

British Escorcia

Her hair is gorgeous !


Wow ! Love the color. ..
What color is this???

Paula Turner

Very pretty

Precious MyownBest Robinson

she got some pretty big lips

Jennifer Crawford

Beautiful hair!!!

Nataki Baucum

Sexy! Love the color and the lips

Davina Smith

That’s why a try to stay away from red lipstick… lips are too huge lol

Mukisa Aron

Glory be to God,Amen

Salam Gashaw

Wow nice hair

Tammie Faulkner Taylor

Now, THIS is color I can appreciate. Probably because it’s colors found naturally on human beings and not in rainbows and on circus clowns. Lol

Kyra Melville


Tammie Faulkner Taylor

Love those lips too! Gorgeous!

Prisca Mukuka

When you are beautiful you are beautiful!!

Inetha Brown

White people use to laugh at full lips, now they would pay top dollar for your perfect lips!! Stunning Black is Beautiful!!!!!!!

Denise Niecy Thompson

Very beautiful locks

Chloe Appleberry

Her lips

April NoNegativevibes Bell


Jocelyn Moore

Hair is beyond awesome!

MizTrie Glin

I want those lips man!

Elizabeth Coburn

Beautiful !!

Chanelle Browne

Cute ! I want to see a pic of you though lol

Louis Saba

Wow what a lovely little cutie

Krystal Rodriguez

yeah, after i do my kertain treatment tonight ill flat iron it and take pics….i feel like it would do the color a lot more justice straight.

Rolanda Taylor Luvnmygurls

Nice lips girl :-)!

Stephen Kent


Dana Williams Braxton

Hair crushhhhhh!!!!

Blondell Alford

Love it wow

Kay Jai

Love everything abt this hair

Keys Jones

Gorgeous curls. Beautiful big hair and I love it.

Jay Boykin
Angela Wilkerson

The color is so vibrant!!

Debby Sweettooth Akhimie

nice hot lips!!

Camella Rose Jones

Loooove her hair

Stacey Dennis

Her hair……*faints from envy*

Denise Hanley

Loving the colour and her hair

Adenike Matthews


Damon Foster

She badd, that is all..

Daphney Askew-Brown


Grace Abner

Yasss her lips match mines ! Finally

Hair world


Karen Fountain

Love it!

Karelaine Davis

Wow. Just wow.

Nadine Samuels

Rock those lips! I know the men luv you! Lol

Miesha Parker

Her lips are HUGE!!! Nice though

Naomi Cosier

Those lips!

Melissa A.

Those lips tho.

Jacqueline Moody

Her lips are huge but, beautiful… They make a statement all on their own