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Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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  1. Sharondia PerrySharondia Perry says

    As if working people don’t have a hard enough time without being stolen from. She has allegedly been identified, her name is Jessica “Loving” Dewberry according to a Facebook source.

  2. Angel WoodberryAngel Woodberry says

    See, its people like this that make it hard for others. Now hair stylists will want the money up front. I have paid a stylist up front b4 and she was so busy doing multiple heads that she 4got I paid & didn’t believe me when I told her I had just handed her the cash! If it wasn’t for her customers defending she would’ve demanded more money from me. Didn’t go back to her. She later apologized, but i still didn’t go back.

  3. Candice LeeCandice Lee says

    If there’s a last name, you can always press charges….suing the client in small claims court. Collect your money upfront; demand a 50% deposit when scheduling the appointment/the remaining 50% due before being serviced; have a card reader on hand to avoid leaving your work area; just like the braid shop, have each client fill out a hair service form, make it very detailed, collect payment, etc to have documentation when going to court for people like this…..I’m a hair stylist myself, anything to reach out to help my fellow stylist. Any service over $75 the client needs to pay 1/2 upfront

  4. Sandra BrooksSandra Brooks says

    The struggle is real. If you cannot afford it there are cheaper ways people. People need to stop following these reality stars and stop trying to keep up with the Jones’s. You don’t know how the Jones’s are able to afford that life. People are starting to get locked up.

  5. Anumbus MetroXchange RahAnumbus MetroXchange Rah says

    As stylist of color, we have to regain control of the integrity of our profession. This is a profession and we are supposed to be professionals. Stop letting anything slide because they are paying you. You can’t just go in any other shops and do whatever you want but, we allow our clients and even each other do it. Establish rules of business and uphold them. I guarantee if your clients respect you and your work, they will respect those rules. Those that have intent to break rules like this woman did, will suffer from loss of services.

  6. Toyia Newman-NealToyia Newman-Neal says

    So sad her face and story is posted all over social media. How can she hold her head up around people she knows she must be embarrassed. And she’s facing jail time. Was it worth it I think not.

  7. Jovoan JacksonJovoan Jackson says

    It almost happened to me..I asked her why she didn’t have her last stylist do her hair and she said cause she can’t go back cause she didn’t pay her..I was like ummm well they’re about to cut the machine off we need to get that payment now please..smh…I’ll put a glob of gel in their hair and send em on their way..glad I haven’t had that pronlem..

  8. Tonisha Eileen ColemanTonisha Eileen Coleman says

    I have never sat down at a nail salon or hair salon no intention of paying… You know if you can or can’t afford the services before you get there. She would’ve gotten scalped that day…SO TRIFLING

  9. Persian GiovanniPersian Giovanni says

    So glad I’m not in the hair industry anymore. I’ve had 3 clients over the course of 4 years get away without paying. That lady needs a good ole project beat down for playing with people’s money.

  10. Sylvia CollierSylvia Collier says

    All the salons in a 500 mile radius should be alerted and sent her picture. She’s going to roll up on the wrong one and they will probably go to jail. Oh she’ll be in the hospital but I would hate to see someone go to jail because SHE stole from THEM!

  11. Joyce JacksonJoyce Jackson says

    This is some sad stuff. If I was a hair dresser after seeing that story clients would have to pay me up front. That’s a lot time and money and hard work put into weaves. And for someone to steal from you that’s bad. I hope this chick gets caught.

  12. Tonya BooseTonya Boose says

    I wonder if she thought about just taking the time to do her own hair?!?! When my hair was permed, if I didn’t have the money, the beauty salon would catch me on the next paycheck

  13. Christine LovittChristine Lovitt says

    I ain’t going to lie who ever did her hair hook it up. Now I do blame the styless so what bcause if you never saw this person before I’m going to ATM machine with you. It would be different if she was a regular client. And the customer is just trifling bcause while u walking around with a fresh do u didn’t pay for you are taking food out of someone’s mouth.

  14. Joycelyn CannonJoycelyn Cannon says

    I hope every stylist will put her picture up in their shop. I never sat in a stylist chair without the intention of paying for the service rendered….that’s some trifling a** s**t!!!

  15. andrea1988 says

    Her name is Jessica Jackson she used to date my brothers friend until my brothers wife band her from her house for stealing her Debit card to order a pizza from domino’s the sad pathetic chick even had the nerve to act like she was doing some special kindness by ordering the pizza and offering them some.My poor sister in law went through so much shit when she was over her house, she didn’t even tell her she could live in her home she just took it upon herself to spend the night with my brothers friend damn near every night. Everytime I’d come over this bitch all up underneath the guys in the back yard while all the women were in the house together. ..awkward. I’m just glad my sis in law got her outta there. This bitch lives on wildermere on the west side I heard her adopted dad kicked her out for being fast she like 21

  16. kaybaby2014 says

    Her name is Jessica Jackson she lives on wildermere st on the west side. She stole my sisters debit card to buy pizza from domino’s she don’t live on wildermere anymore her adopted dad kicked her out for being a whorebag.

  17. Creatif1ne says

    Karma is real and will happen to this young lady. Make no mistake…. she has not gotten away with anything. Bless your heart for being so forgiving of her. We need more people like you in the world. Btw: How did this happen twice?

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