TWAs Are The Hottest Natural Style For NYFW Spring 2015

Fotor0907222825I am no fashionista, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been following the NYFW festivities. You never know when you might need a little inspiration, so a girl can check a show or two out, even if its for kicks. Essence Online made an observation that I kind of noticed myself. TWAs have been making a splash on the runway this year, and I can’t tell you how cool that is. According to Essence Online:

We all knew Teeny Weeny Afros were hot long before Lupita hit the scene, but TWAs are making an even bigger splash on the NYFW Spring ’15 runways. Before you opt for a long-term transition, or think about growing your natural locs longer, take a look at these ladies for some crown and glory inspiration.

We have gone over some of the benefits of doing a big chop. This is just like getting the natural hair journey started immediately without the wait; not dealing with the fuss of transitioning, enjoying your hair at every stage, and countless more.

But added to all of that, the TWA is pretty fashionable; you get to give ‘face’ without the distraction of a lot of hair. Personally, I think it is hella sexy. These days, when more and more women are headed to the barber shop to get faded, there was no way NYFW could not see value in a gorgeous TWA. Additionally, women are really playing up the style with cute cuts, tapered looks, and are keeping their hair short without growing it out for long periods of time.

It’s almost like when the fade bug bites you, it’s hard to let go. When you add color – yup, you said it – it’s amazing! We have seen, blue, purple, pink and reds paired with amazing makeup, and really cute ensembles. Additionally, it’s hard not to notice the variety of dark skinned beauties mixing it up as well. These women are absolutely gorgeous!