This Is Called Chandelier Celebrating Hair Loss After Cancer Shared By Shay-la Phillips

My aunt has cancer we came up with this cool idea to not mourn her hair loss but celebrate it!! I applied the diamonds to her head and she loves it



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  1. Smith Belinda

    Umm NO! My mom is a cancer survir and there is no way I would let her leave the house like this.

    1. Gina Liv

      I can even see that for carnival (Caribbean carnivals lots of jewels and colors)

    2. Justin Case

      Bitchlinda, your mom let your greasy forehead ass create a Facebook account and let you upload a picture with a tired ass hairstyle and shiny face sooo…

    1. Luci's SecondDaughter

      You said it best…i totally agree. It shows you where folks really are. I was irritated and wanted to say something and i saw your comment.

    2. Pamela Smith

      It really scares me that the ones with the stupid comments are still young enough to still breed. What a beautiful way to celebrate beating cancer. She looks triumphant and a really classy lady. This is really nice.

    3. Luci's SecondDaughter

      And she has a beautiful face. No one knows how much she went through and came out shining. I lost my Mom to cancer and would give anything to have had her survive!!! Half of the ignorant comments come from ignorant people you cannot expect anything else.

  2. Shirley Winters Harris

    I’m not going to click on the other comments;Because it sad when people belittle other people to my them selves feel good. God help you, Shame!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 smh!!

  3. Shirley Winters Harris

    And some of you who are leaving these bad comments, will have the gall to ask someone to please pray for you if you end-up with Cancer. Lord have mercy on Y’all.

  4. Andrea Rose Valentine

    If you wouldn’t have said it was for cancer your ignorant dumb followers would’ve been talking nonsense like they always do smh.

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