Would You? Blue Natural Hair



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Evelyn Johnson

Yes and going to do it

Autumn BloodyXdeath Ousley

Yes , but I don’t know how she got that blue of hair without bleaching (because I doubt she bleached it, im hoping she didnt)

Emerald Skye Nelson

As a hair stylist I can promise you she bleached it:/ light pigment like that will not show up on darker hair

Raynel Beall

Is that a natural hair dye? I highly doubt it but thought I’d ask.

Kimberly Johnson


Shawntel Singletary

I love it

Candace Reed

I wouldn’t but shes rocking it. Thats a pretty blue.

Gabrielle Roberts

yeah i would. it would just have to be a darker color

Endenezjia Graham

Cute but not for a professional work environment.

Stella Willneverloseher Groove-Thang

Perhaps. But those eyebrows and lip stick…Ummmm, No.

Courtnei Lynn

Beautifuuuul. But no, I think I’m a little over fantasy colors. ( I rocked purple for almost 5 years)

Kayla Jas

I’m 14 and it was my first time doing a non natural color. It was temporary hair spray. Right after I did it, I washed it right out it’s a very pretty color though.

Rick Smith

Is this u in the picture?

Heya There Delilah Grant

Different but no.

Iam Bryanna D


Kimberly Jones

Heck no. She look like a Oompa Loompa

Maybell Lena Killion

Damn! Lmao!

Joycelyn Lanae

Thats pretty harsh

Keisha Loving MyLife


Cammi Gwater

dang, lol

HairBy RiSay

Yep!..I sure would!…I have had every color in/outside of the rainbow!!!!

Kezie Dickson

Hell yea!!! Any shade of blue!!!

Denise Freeman


Rhonda Shorts


Dawn Amanda Elizabeth Blenman


F.a. Ellis

If I was younger,I would. It looks nice on her though.

Maybell Lena Killion

For a weekend, maybe!

Saige McIntyre

Love it!

Eboni Taylor

Mine was green.

Teresa Splond

Looks good I get laugh at the reddish brown I have but I don’t care LET them laugh haters

Baronne La

I like

Deirdre Davies

Absolutely not.

Allison Thompson

This is dope, I just can’t do it.

Keosha Mediana Lawson

No maam

Shalonda Lee Hood

No and that’s not cute either.

Lisa Harris

Ain’t nothing natural about blue hair.

Doris De

Nope could not pull it off, cute though

Samantha Stewart

Reminds me of Sonics Ocean Water.

Cb Sampson

Too old but it looks good on her do your thing your young

Davida Braxton

Uhhh..hell no. Smh…

Shannon M Brown


Kelly Jamila

yesss she’s adorable and her hair is awesome

Kai McIver

Maybe the color at the roots which is darker. I think I lighter color on the ends would look crazy on me

Atiya Moore

I wouldn’t but she rocking it though!

Tawees Bovel

I would do the red tone or blonde tone if I do blue it wud have to b a spray colour that I can wash out after event

Pamela Jones

Hell naw

Antinea Nicole Ellis Johnson

Cotton Candy hair? No thank you?

Where do people with these ridiculous hairstyles work?

Ronda Williams

Looks like a blue Smurf style.

Tanyakay R Fuller Thompson

Yes it look gud

Racquel Sinare

No but my hair is red now

Keaira Melvin

First of all ya stupid because dy is a chemical and once you put it in your hair you are no longer natural! And nahh nahh i ainn bout that life. F**k around and get gunned down wit blue hair over here! Got me f****d up

Jacqueline McGirt

Nope… not for me but kudos to those who can rock it!

Pamela Smith

Awe hell nah….I love her hair style but the Poppa Smurf thing has gotta go!!

Lakeisha Mose

Not sure how I could make blue hair look professional for the office environment.

Notoshia Dix

Hmmm nooooo…..negative

Vedejah Scroggins

Id do purple deep purple a rinse nothing permanent

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