Beyonce And Blue Ivy – Awwww


Little Blue enjoying some bonding time with Mommy! Her little fro is starting to take shape ๐Ÿ™‚



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Essence Wilcox

How old is blue?? Shes big

Breana Heard

Blu is always turn around in every picture

Gloria Lashun Abercrombie

Why they don’t never show her face

Shana Shambley

they don’t need to take pics of her if they no gone show her face we know she look like her dad

Monique Wilson

Glad she actually has a brown baby doll…. with no clothes as with most kids her age. …. lol…. her hair is so thick and long and curly…. its great to see a mother embrace her child’s natural hair with out all the barrettes and allies and twists with braids that are so tight she can barely close her eyes…..

Torkwase Burts

dang… she looks 4 already

LovingBeauty Blessed


Barbara Jean Braxton

Nice pic

Candy Starkes

They do take pics of her face

Samantha Stewart

Look at that curly hair! So cute!

Stella Boamah

They never show her face. Like a faceless child. Its being done deliberately and its stupid.

Ocasio Brittany

because she a reptilian humanoid baby

Revita Page

Cute pic!

Samantha Stewart

They have shown her face!

Lupe Vasquez-Okwuone

I have seen so many pictures of her beautiful face, I don’t know what pix these people posting here have seen.

Tonya Jolley

Another staged photo boo!!!

Beverly TruelyBlessed Conover

Damn,Show Her Face!!!

Chavon Corvette

Why is it so important for y’all to see her face ?

Felicia Michelle

I think she is 2 years old.

Beverly TruelyBlessed Conover

Chavon Corvette,because she’s a beautiful baby that’s why!!! She shouldn’t hide her daugther face!!!

Shana Walker

she got so big

Shanna Wright

How is it that Beyonce’s hair is on point but her daughter’s looks nappy as hell?? Tsk tsk…

Teres Dearing

Maybe they want to show her young soul that her hair don’t define her natural is the way to go they want to embrace her natural beauty i mean she is black. Who ever said an Afro wasn’t a hair style. ๐Ÿ™‚ my opinion

Shayla Mcwillis

This right here is one of the BIGGEST problems in the black community. Our hair GROWS nappy, kinky, and/or curly. Why is that a problem if we choose to wear it the way it actually grows? We don’t see whites rushing to throw chemicals in there heads, weaves and wigs, etc. as if God made a mistske. We have been conditioned to believe something is wrong with our hair. This has to stop. We pass it down with every generation. Does no one see the craziness involved in feeling like our hair isn’t done when it’s in its natural God given state? I remember being much younger and ignorant to certain things, saying that no one would ever see my natural hair. This is your same mentality. Like our natural hair is a problem. I was so silly and foolish! I have beautiful naturally curly hair and it’s all I wear these days! Sometimes I’m fro’d out like Blue Ivy. I pray our people come to the realization of our true beauty and quit saying ignorant things that continue to divide and tear one another down. Blu’s hair is beautifully nappy!

Omada 'Abahi' Okpe

Shanna what an ignorant comment.

Tiana Marie

her father is african american duh girl ! shes not gonna get everything from her mother are you retarted ?

Alisha Turner

I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen her face in plenty photos.

Alisha Turner

Her hair actually looks curly in this pic

Raquel Carter

How do we know blue ivy really exists if all we see is the back of her head

Latia Maker

Everyone baby doll naked

MzChisaa Renee

Really ppl??? Who gives a f*** if she show her face, back, side….comb her hair or don’t comb her hair???? I got my own damn kids to worry about!

Shari McDaniel

I’ve seen pics of Blue Ivy’s face. They’re all over the web.

DeMara McClain

Comb that baby hair all the money yawll got and her head always look nappy

Denise Wright

Hey don’t seem to be that affectionate with her child. Its lie she posing for a picture and then walking away. Just my opinion.

Tashia Harris

It’s not written in stone that she has to show her daughters face.

Kristi Simmons

Yeah. Totally fake

Koree Monroe

Aww look at her little. Basket of toys.

Twyla Greathouse

Natural, Naturally curly it’s pretty. Embrace all of her beauty.

Shecka Benson

Beautiful pic.

Jessica Locke

It may be naturally curly but it still needs to be combed at some point in her life.

Kahon Jehan

I love that Beyonce is keeping Blue’s hair all natural Kinky Chick’s for life,

Chelsie Jefferson

Her hair still aint done….

Hair world


Anna Ackie

De kid hair is done.. wat they do is twist it in 2 n open it out…look closer ur can actually see dat it was indeed twisted in 2 then open out

Caroline Aromorach

Until I read these comments, I saw a celebrity mother engaging with her child, in a non promontional way. Don’t understand why everything has to be about natrual hair this, comb her hair that. I think its a moving pic. Its always about the hair. Examine the pic

Tanya Foster

What a cute Picture of mother and daughter! ๐Ÿ™‚

Malakah Angellia Gladston

Shanna Wright beyonce hair is on point but her daughter’s hair is nappy?? #1 beyonce is wearing EXTENSIONS so HOW is her “hair” on point? #2 you are referring to a little BLACK baby’s hair. You are just another IGNORANT COON negro with LOTS of self-hate to be calling a little BLACK baby’s hair “nappy”

Malakah Angellia Gladston

Caroline Aromorach ABSOLUTELY! These bitches are confused, hateful, and downright ridiculous.

Faith Talam

shanna wright nappy hair was the idea…look at the doll in the basket:-) if u don’t like it move on

Vickie Thompson

Get a life world, talk about some else let them be HAPPY……………

Astairwaytolearning Wherewehelp Familiesgrow

Her back. #Scrunch face

Omesha Hawthorne

When is she going to comb the child hair she keep her’s done and the baby look like she was forgot about when it comes to her hair !!

Andrea Angie Tater

Comb the (pickney)/ childs hair!!!!

Serresa Rider

This is a beautiful picture

Ashley Carter

Why is it that we bash our own kind…embrace your natural roots and support your people. You don’t have to like her or how she chooses to do her daughters hair. When when black people learn?!

Abimbola Oduwole

they’re clearly just trying to protect her, stop judging.