Bantu knot out @misskendrak

Bantu knot out - not pinterst



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Claudette McDonald


Linda Anthony

Real cute!

Paris Muziclova Caldwell

Love it!!!

Jessina Stokes

Very cute

Dazmyn Latchison

Super cute

Shimea Eristheé

my hair is so rude and disobedient. it just refuses! maybe i should flat iron then try it?

Helen Lopez

Wld like to no what oils/creams/lotions were used

Karla Harvey

I think that she has a tutorial on youtube for this…

Kewanda Potts

my curls dont come out like i doing something wrong

Duquesa Sheeni Sheenz

depends on what hair product ur using to hold it

Kewanda Potts

What should I be using? I use As I Am products daily but not when I did that? I really want to try this out tonight. Help

Natural Hair Q&A

Use loc creme or a strong hold gel. Wait until your hair is completely dry (either air dried or blow dried) before you undo the bantu-knots.

Kewanda Potts

Oh ok thanks.

Be Encouraged Liveoutloud

Really pretty

Linda Aunt Faye Pettis

Very pretty indeed!

DA White

I like this! I really do!!!

Raya Elvis

Very nice! How long will it stay?

Heather T. Primus

Thats gorgeous

Debbie Reynolds

Very nice

Wendy Jean-Louis

Love it when I had a perm I used yo do that as well especially when you trying to stretch your perm up three months like me lol I miss those days

Morna Atkins

what color is her hair I love it

Ifraj Ingram

Too cute battu knot outs look soo much better on my hair than twist outs too

Ifraj Ingram


Staci C. Millner

So pretty. I wish I could do this style.

Bess Crawford Fredette

You make it look so easy…

Nickey Reddix

Luv it!!

Sydni Detwyler

I can’t make my hair curly like that when I did it. I must be doing something wrong

TheDaughter OfGreatness

Mines turned out awesome ..uhma do it again.

Shan McClendon-Askew

if i do that ..i’d end up looking like a tumbleweave…not tumbleweed but tumbleweave…. ever ride thru the hood and see a ball of dry hair rolling aound in the street with leaves..that’ll be me

Beth Renee

Yessssss girl!

Delisha Morris


Teresa Jessie

Very cute!

Joan Newly Single

Cute, mine never look like that

Paula Olderbutstillswaggin Price

Like this

Micole Spicer

I have tried that once and it came out okay. I need to practice this hair style more often.

Denise Wright


Let's Rock

I have 4b or 4c when I do Mt knots they do not come out looking like this at all, kinda sucks, lol

Deborah Warren


Dapheny Pierre

Saw this picture and decided to try it!

Melernea L. Neff


Chandradaughterof Janettegranddaughter Ofjames

I can’t get my hair to do this

Dorothy Dublin

I. Like

Kelly Luckycharm Jojo

This looks so good. I

Genia Williams-Davis

Too cute!

Cynthia Selman

Love this

London Lewis Griffin

Cute!!! Care to experiment?? 🙂

Lia Jackson

Both looks

Carrie H James

Wish mines would come out this nice

Jordanmarie Harris

You liked it ? Lol I want to but not as bright like a shade darker than what I had Akilah Desiree

Akilah Desiree

It still was cute . Jordanmarie Harris but do itttt.

Karen A Hicks

My hair looks like that already, lol

Moma D Hicks

I like that, I can do that myself