2 fishtails and a ponytail shared by Tomeka



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Vineice Mitchell

Very very very pretty but some what distracted by her dandruff.

Paula Spellen Hunte

I’m sorry , think its ugly , too much going on

Keosha Hardaway

Its creative but i think only guys with dreads can pull off this similar look

Portia Cooper Campbell

I like And I DNT wth wrong

Beautiiful Raychel

Too much going on and looks like it hasn’t been washed or something… looks nasty

Abbi Alexander

Wats the white shit

NaturalBee Love

Too too too much gel or spritz …some just ain’t right. lOl smh

Michelle Webb

Looks dirty

Rick Smith


Clarissa Hoffmann

Yuck. Dandruff and it looks alien. Not impressed at all.

Monique Htsgirl

Omg, why would she post this picture with her hair looking so dirty? Ewwww!

Takeisha Akakpo


Mary Harrison


Marilyn Inner-thoughts Epps

Too busy.

Shandelle Anderson

3D braids are ugly

Andrea MoonPearl Banks

Too much product in the hair.

Rosalyn Nolast Name'Required

I dont like the style, and thats spritz and gel, thats flaking to hold the style, its probably hard as a brick, so I think thats why the posted, not dandruff but spritz and gel.

Tangiora Beattie

Look at the dandruff on the floor lol

Michelle Robinson

Wow so gorgeous

Vineice Mitchell

I hope she didn’t pay for that!

Tomeka Boss Styles Hargrett

Thanks for sharing my work.

Adrianna Floyd

Not a bad style, creative…maybe a little too much product…creative nonetheless

Carmella Langford

Not for me

Te'Anna Macon

Her hair is freshly done. That’s not dandruff, it’s an overabundance of spritz! Lol. But I don’t care for the style at all.

Anna Ackie

I don’t think its dandruff more of the lotion gel or silver dust like..de hairstyle is cute but..only suggest it for models on their runway show

Lorna Eugene

Not nice

Shanna Sherfield-Rankin


Nari Ley

Her hair should of been press out a lil bit more the finish results would of been alot better but still not my style

Ama Barton

No thanks

Muriel Oduro

No no no…ok.

Britney Nicole


Britney Nicole

Not dandruff a loot of hair spray I bet her hair is hard af lol

Dimitria Lee


Tosha Maultsby

Not pleasing to look at.

Loka NoLabel Jackson

Tomeka Boss Styles Hargrett i went to your page & saw yur work. I think you do a really good job. I like this idea of the ponytail you posted. I just think the 3D braids need to be re worked a lil maybe decreasing the size of the braid? ๐Ÿ™‚ keep up the good work Miss Boss!

Ocasio Brittany

Whole bottle of spritz ? Maybe just get a perm ?

Stefani Johnson

that is not fish tail braids, the hair was overlapped and gelled and spitz in place… those look like they are about to loose out anytime

Ariana Rodriguez

the fish tail..too bulky

Bre Reasby

no honey

Cametria Coffee-Griffin

Okay People I just want to know who Salon’s do you own or operating in???? This is why US as women can not grow…If you have nothing Good to say than My God please keep it to your self yes it’s your choice to comment or like or not but….The Negativity gets old after awhile and you need to learn to speak out of your mouth you’re expecting in your own lives…Greatness,Joy,Love,Happiness, Respect, Compassion, Kindness and I Bet if you all do a Self Evaluation. ..We are all lacking in one area or another. Come on people speak Life upon each other And build one another up not beat each other down!!!! Tomeka Boss Styles Hargrett keep up the great work.

Jas Nikkinac Nicole

That’s really ugly. It’s way to wide and big. To much holding products look like too. That’s a one night only style if someone would wear it.

Kadedra Ladydajour Artis

I like the concept but why are the fish scales white? What is that under the fish scales?

Natalia Miles

It’s very artistic and creative and very timeless, but look at all the gel and product in it, it looks crusty in some places sorry

Jenny JackJack

Ummm she has dandruff and white flakes… Gross

Lovely Singleton

Nice work! Not everyone will like ones work but that’s not what matters! The point is your hands are gifted โœ”, your work is fab โœ” & your work was shared โœ” now that MATTERS!!!

Terri Green

Looks hard! LOL!

Terry Norman

I’m sorry, but that’s not cute at all, I’m not “hating” or anything, just my opinion. Strongly Dislike it.

Yemina Thomas

I’m not a fan of “hard hair”. The style concept is cute though. Wish it looked healthier.

Porter Novelli

Confusing – shaved, braided, straightened. How much did she pay for that mess? She needs a refund ASAP. Stop experimenting on folks heads, hairdresser lady.

Erica Holloway MrsNewsome

I’ve got nothing. So I will keep it moving.

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