4 Super Cheap Grocery Store Oils That Work Great For Your Hair

4 cheap grocery store oils for your hair

So picture this: You have just washed and conditioned your hair and you are set to moisturize and seal. You have just finished applying your favorite leave in to the last section and you are now reaching to seal that goodness in.

But… wait? Wholllleee up, what happen to my last bit of avocado oil? You then learn that [fill in unfortunate person here] has used the last drop and you didn’t know it. You panic, “Where am I gonna find avocado oil at this time of night?” 

The health food store is closed and the only thing that is open is the grocery store down the street. Well we can push pause on this scenario, because we have listed four highly effective oils that can be just as good for your hair and can be found at most grocery stores. Check them out!

Wesson Pure Natural Canola Oil1. Canola oil

Okay so side story: Besides me, was there anyone else that wonders where exactly canola oil comes from? I mean oils like olive and sunflower oils are pretty obvious, but canola oil was a mystery to me until a little while ago. But anyway lets get back to the matter at hand.

What is Canola Oil?

Canola oil is an oil that is derived from the rapeseed plant which is a type of turnip plant. Canola oil can either be created cold-press style (which is great because a lot of the “goodies” remain in the oil) or through crush and heat extraction, which makes the oil more refined.

This oil also has a high amount of vitamin E and omega 3 and 6. Side fact: Now, I know you have to be wondering where does the word “canola” come in? Well the “can” represents Canada and “ola” represents oil. This oil was named by the Rapeseed Association of Canada so the Canada part of it makes sense I guess.

What are the benefits of using Canola oil?

► Its good for coating the hair to seal in moisture.

► Reduces frizz.

► Aids in scalp issues such as dandruff.

► Excellent for hot oil treatments.

► Great alternative to olive oil.

Where can one find Canola oil?

You can find canola oil in any grocery store and stores such as Walmart. If you want cold-pressed canola oil and cannot find it in your regular grocery store, try health food stores like Whole Foods or YES! Organics.

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About Danni

Hi All! I am Danni and I am a staff writer here at BHI. I am a Graphic Design major and a long time resident of Washington DC. I have been on a healthy hair journey for 3 1/2 years. Within those years , I have went through a relaxed hair journey, a natural hair journey in which I big chopped twice(2nd big chop occurred in November 2013) texturized and now I have big chopped a THIRD TIME! I am 100% natural and here to stay. I am super excited to share information that I learn along the way to those who are just as into healthy hair care as I am and wish everyone best wishes on their healthy hair journey!

About Danni

Hi All! I am Danni and I am a staff writer here at BHI. I am a Graphic Design major and a long time resident of Washington DC. I have been on a healthy hair journey for 3 1/2 years. Within those years , I have went through a relaxed hair journey, a natural hair journey in which I big chopped twice(2nd big chop occurred in November 2013) texturized and now I have big chopped a THIRD TIME! I am 100% natural and here to stay. I am super excited to share information that I learn along the way to those who are just as into healthy hair care as I am and wish everyone best wishes on their healthy hair journey!


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TaShuna Lattimore

Where are the directions for use? I could use this to try to help my dandruff issue.

Vicki Steverson

Use tree tea oil. Works for dandruff.

TaShuna Lattimore


Tiffany Re'anna Henry

EVOO but I love coconut oil !

Nikkie M. Autman

Canola oil?????


Oh my yes! It’s used extensively in hair conditioners (even expensive ones). Moroccanoil intensive mask, phytospecific hair milk etc

Bronwyn Kassim

Olive oil, cheap?? :-/

Rico CultureMix Marlow

olive oil is NEVER CHEAP lol

Star Henry

Olive oil is cheap for me. But I live in Germany lol.

Frances Nixon

Canola is from seeds ..I prefer coconut oil.

Jayla Harrison

Castor Oil!

Porchiana Draven

Olive oil is never really super cheap…. but its cheaper than actually buying products that contain it in it. I’ve seen some stores selling xtra virgin olive oil for $1, but there mostly between $2-$5.50… depending on where u go n wat brand you get. It all depends on what u consider cheap & what u feel is best for u. The original olive oil itself or products that contain olive oil in it… I personally like going/using the source… which is the actual olive oil or whatever other oil…. Good luck ladies!

Alnie Andre Robert

Olive oil can be Airedale in small quantities at the grocery store, about 4-5$ at Walmart fire 16oz, and if you’re using it to make hair products it will last a long time, longer than if you’re cooking with it everyday.

Shanella Ella-Laurel Bella James


Tamika Nelson

I wouldn’t trust the cooking oil esp during the summer it gets 100 degrees down here.

Staci Reaves

I have this these for years and my hair was so beautiful when I did.

Kalith Jackson

I mix a bunch of different oils together

Cindy Grace

Any 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil is great also!!!

Yolanda Staggers

Grape seed ,coconut oil and evoo

Kari Dunmars
Kari Dunmars

That’s my combination of choice and I love it.

Keshia M. Shaw

I love grapeseed oil and evoo

SadieMay Miller

Wat do you do with the oil? Grease ya scalp or saturate your hair with it???

Vicki Steverson

Hot oil treatment before shampoo, oil rinse before conditioner.

SadieMay Miller

Oook thank you!

Gilda Adlig

Grapeseed oil isn’t as inexpensive as it use to be. It was my cooking oil of choice long before the word got out/spread about its other health (body & hair) benefits…lol. For my hair I use more grapeseed and sesame oil.

Anitra R. Lee-Cole

I use coconut oil. Works wonders.

Gilda Adlig

SadieMay Miller, I use them for hotoil treatments and in the oils blends for daily/weekly maintenance

Regine Acluche

I always use olive oil in my hair and on my skin.

Caramel Kimmie

why do ppl put anything in their hair, cooking oil is not good for the hair please do your research Tamika Nelson, I see you have #gudsense


I’ve been natural for 10 years ,I grew up in the Caribbean , Indian people who have hair down to their ankles and Italian women use cooking oil in their skin and hair care regimen. That alone says a lot.

Zamani Myende

Action speaks louder than words. We have proved it practically that it works

Caramel Kimmie

please provide infp or website proving your point


I think it’s funny that “proof” should be provided. You have the internet at your disposal. If you don’t want to believe what is being written on BHI, then go do your own research as so many other women have done so. It’s that simple. Cooking oils in various forms work for women and what may work for one person may not work for you, but don’t knock it out of the playing field if you haven’t given it a try.

Shalonda Lee Hood

Grapeseed oil is not cheap…imo especially not that one.

Vicki Steverson

7$ a gallon, is cheap


I bought the Napa Valley bottle from Marshalls 9 months back and it’s 12.7 fl oz and I still have more than half a bottle left. It cost me about $6. Considering that I alternate between oils, this was a complete steal for me.

Shyree Leonard

It says all oils are in the grocery store.. lol

Porchiana Draven

Oil is suppose to be a sealer for your hair, not scalp. After you put in your leave in conditioner, or hair butter or whatever u use to moisturize your hair… u then add the oil to your hair over the moisturizer. It not only seals in the moisturizer, allowing your hair not to loose the moisture u just added to it, but the moisturizer or butter, & the oil after protects your hair esp your ends… it seals your ends to prevent less breakage to your ends. B/c we all know you will not achieve good length or overall healthy hair if your ends are dry, brittle & breaking… after my leave in conditioner, I apply coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil… not a lot, just enough in my hands to get everywhere on & inside my hair esp the ends..for my scalp I use castor oil, but u can castor to your hair too. Don’t use so much oil on your hair that its super greasy, that’s not what your trying to accomplish. Just try to coat your hair w/ the oil..not a lot just enough that u know u got everywhere, it takes me twice adding oil to my hair & my hair is never greasy afterwards, I apply the right amount for my hair.

LaToya Jarvis

Oil & grease make my head itch. I wish I could use them

Sandra Ifeoma Orimilikwe

Yes…extra virgin olive oil:)

Robbie M Braswell

I use extra virgin olive oil

Andrea Dallas

Canola? Never that. But I mostly use olive & grapeseed rarely. I’ve never seen grapeseed with vitamin E nice

Cariñoza' Dulcesita

I’m glad u finally realize that! Tiffany Martin

Sagen Frazier

Virgin oil, coconut, & grape seed oil. Theyre great for hot oil treatments, twistouts, & locking in moisture (LOC method)

Precious Bernard

EVOO & Grapeseed from above, I have a mix of castor, jojoba, Grapeseed, EVOO, sweet almond & avocado Oil.

Tanya E Humphrey

Mayonnaise, olive oil, honey, tea tree oil, sometimes an egg works wonders on natural & processed hair.

Markisha Walmack

I’ve been using olive oil since 2002 especially to straighten my hair!

Krystle Flagg

I use organic extra olive oil and that is never cheap.. canola oil… I think not, what’s next lard?


LOL! Maybe not lard but I’ve seen ladies flat ironing their hair with solid crisco on youtube which I think may be taking things a bit too far.

Chaqueita Lagantta

That’s what they used back in the days is Lard. My granny said your hair be laid lol.

Shercilla Designonadime Jones

I used to mix melted lard with my grease when I was younger. Made that Blue Magic last alot longer!!

MrsRacquel Blackwell

Way back in the day southerners used these things for everything since access to hair grease and other beauty products were limited or weren’t for black hair or skin*

Sharon Williams

Actual Krystle i will say yes to lard…My grand mom say it works wonders on our hair….better yet Crisco shortening is great and real mayonnaise

Krystle Flagg

Chaqueita Lagantta and MrsRacquel Blackwell I know all about lard in the kitchen with a hot comb, I’m from South Carolina and my mama use to pop my neck and ear a couple of timeslol.

Krystle Flagg

Sharon Williams Now see yall gone have me go to the store spreading Lard all over my head smelling like CHICKEN lol

Krystle Flagg

Shercilla Designonadime Jones I’ve never heard of doing that, you learn something new from others but me I just don’t trust it but I will look into finding benefits

Roxanne Holmes

Some of ya’ll tripping over lard and crisco. At least those are pronounceable. Do you really know whats in your fancy hair products???

Krystle Flagg

Roxanne Holmes actually I do know what’s in my Olive Oil and not at all am I tripping over lard and crisco. As you can see I have responded in a manner of not knocking anyone from any of their usage of using Crisco.

Show Stoppah

actually ive used lard on my hair as well as my daughters hair before and to be honest it actually did a great job. her scalp wasnt dry anymore and along w/ a straightening comb or flat iron we both had lots of body bounce shine which also promoted growth

Alnie Andre Robert

I’ve seen beef tallow in hair and skin products, and it’s used extensively in soap, so lard wouldn’t surprise me, though I wouldn’t use it myself

Rosaleen Treadway

My mama used vegetable oil and put my hair in a bag for deep conditioning. It came out really shining and manageable too.

melanie washington
melanie washington

I just love these articles. I have used canola and soybean oil especially in the winter. I like that they dont have a strong smell like other oils

Lacey Goddessofwisdom

You’re not gonna smell like food Valerie Johnson…LMBO.

Darling Dayanna Crisanto Funez

Currently mixing 100% virgin olive oil for every single part of my body, works great in combination with my leave in conditioner treatment, works great for nail (cuticle remover oil) my skin mixed with my body lotion , and also mixed also with brown sugar for a body scrub #oliveOiljunkie oohhh great for pasta pesto hahah

Ilesha Douglas

I have to try those lol

Diam DoingMe Meco

I was told the darker the grape seed oil the better. Has anyone else heard that? I purchase Napa Valley brand.

Caramel Kimmie

@Zamani , any kind of cooking oil that’s processed & inflammable IS NOT HEALTHY FOR THE HAIR , cooking oil has hexane in it, it might be all in the head that its working hun but its certainly not healthy, it should be used for frying or polishing but not for the hair, please do your research, yes action do speaks louder than words, please provide us the info stating inflammable cooking oil is healthy for the hair and hair growth. Geesh!!


I think the author of the post said that you can get cold pressed versions of all the oils which are much healthier.

Porchiana Draven

Caramel Kimmie…I understand where your going & I’m pretty sure we all agree w/ u & wouldn’t go str8 to putting cooking oil in our hair w/ all the other good products out now…. but imma have to disagree w/ u slightly. Cooking oil although we may not go to it, it does indeed help esp when u have nothing else… i have personal experience w/ this. My family growing up, we often didn’t have a lot of money or products & etc. My mom had to make due with what she had… so many times we didn’t have the right hair products…. & w/ doing our hair, she many many times used cooking oil 4 our hair, & it did nothing bad to our hair at all, our hair actually flourished w/ it & water. Of course she had a hair regimen, made sure to thoroughly clean our hair & scalp when the times came. Our hair grew great & we stayed fly… I’m not saying these good results will work for everyone, all I’m saying is anything could possibly be good if u know how to use/work with it. Whether it be cooking oil, petroleum,mineral oil, whateva u girls try to stay away from… b/c just c/ it didn’t work out for u when u used it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work out for the rest… I know many black women those ingredients work for & their hair is healthier then mines & I don’t incorporate those ingredients I just mentioned in my hair care… so don’t be quick to talk negatively about something just b/c u had a bad experience with it…. again, Good Luck ladies!

Alnie Andre Robert

If you would cook with it, why is it in healthier on your hair?

Rosie Hunt

My mom used to use that white cooking grease

Caramel Kimmie

Porchiana, Alnie and Rosie, Ladies I never said I had a bad experience with it all I said with the ingredients in today’s cooking Oil (this was researched) its not healthy for your hair but if it works for you guys hey dats fine, if your’re at a cookout and its 100 degrees outside hope your hair don’t go up in flames, lol but I never used it, Organix Coconut hair oil works fine for me so if that what your family grew up on using then continue on ladies , ijs nt on this head and my hair is long and healthy

Raychell Jackson

I use all just not Wesson Oil, not even for cooking. It is so unhealthy.


I will use it for my hair but I certainly wouldn’t cook with it. Coconut oil & EVOO only for cooking 🙂

Shilanda Eaddy

which would be better for the hair the grapeseed or the sunflower?????

Alnie Andre Robert

Grapeseed works wonders for me. Moisturizes very well, but very light but not greasy

Tyann Blessbyu Segero

I have been using olive oil for years in my hair. I actually mix it with cocunut oil and use it on my skin add a some baby lotion and u have some nice lotion everyday. U can also make a nice body scrub too!! Epson salt, essential oils (If u like), brown sugar, olive oil and u have a nice body scrub. U can purchase olive oil at the dollar store. Make ur dollar, holla!! Hope this helps.

SieSie Harrison

Olive oil is not cheap!

Georgiana Gray

On sale it is.

Deante Flood

Black women will put ANYTHING in their hair… I have some 5W-30 motor oil, protects against split ends. Inbox me for details.

Raseanda Shonda Tucker

Deante Flood black men always have something to say abt what black woman do now adays. you not even a female so why you in this page? You going natural too? All those females who laughed are just as ignorant. Yall 90s kids need black history lessons because yall are so lost! No pride in our culture these days smh

Kenya Kelly

Argan oil is nice


I’m going to try the virgin olive oil because my hair and scalp stay very dry .thanks alot for this great information 😀

Angela Wishes

olive oil…DOllar Tree…1 dola!

louella r jones

I like all your hair do’s

louella r jones

I wish I could get mine fixed like that.


The whole point of the article was things you can use when you’re caught short and Sally’s etc are shut. Not saying I don’t use these every day anyway but for those who wouldn’t dream of using a ‘cooking’ oil, these will tide you over until you can get your normal product and it’s better than going without sealing your ends. Chill. As for the motor oil comment – pathetic. (showing you the same respect you’ve shown all black women)

Ivani Ahlberg
Ivani Ahlberg

I dont understand…how I use det moisturizing?? Before I wash my hair I set the oil and let it be? And dry whit the towel? it`s new to me. I never moisturizing my hair before.




How can I or what would be the best way to utilize safflower oil in my haircare routine?
Would it be an O or a C in the LOC method?


Correction I meant sunflower oil…
Unless I have stumbled upon something new

Ms Moneyca

I don’t use any of these brands but I have used EVOO in my hair before.

Michelle Smith

I use theses oils, all but canola oil