Is It Bad To Wear Your Hair In An Afro Every Day?

AfroLast night vlogger/blogger Janelle Stewart tackled that very question and I thought it was sort of interesting because there are many of us who like to wear a fro daily.

The general rule of life is anything that is done too much will eventually suffer a little bit, does this mean you cant wear your fro? Absolutely not! It just simply means you have to take preventative measures to maintain and protect your hair.

We have added Janelle’s video to the bottom of this post where she gives her own tips on how to manage wearing a fro daily and we have a few to add and reiterate as well.

1. A moisturized fro is the only way to go

If your fro looks great but is always dry, your strands will break for sure. To maintain that style weekly you must deep condition weekly using both moisturizing products and protein based products

2. Avoid the sun

If you are in the sun daily then a daily fro is not the best idea. Sun damage is no joke, your hair will dry out and you could possibly get heat damage.

3. Do not pick out your hair every day

We are with Janelle on this one, constantly picking your hair especially if it is already picked out, is not ideal for fragile strands. Lift the roots on the first day but be very careful there after.

4. Detangle

A fro will be very prone to tangles because our strands are naturally attracted to each other and will want to wrap around each other

If you notice that you are losing a ton of hair when you detangle then you might want to reconsider your styling practice.

Our ultimate suggestion would be to mix it up, you can technically wear a fro daily but to preserve your strands it doesn’t hurt to protect your strands every now and again.

Check out Janelle’s video suggestions below:

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Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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  1. Carmella McCoy

    As much as I’d LOVE to it would be counterproductive to my goals. I learned this in the very beginning of my journey 🙁

  2. Randi Gary

    I think so…but then again its about upkeep. I have waaay too much (4c)hair and an everyday afro shrinks&frizzes and detangling everyday is a big no

  3. Zehra Zeezee Hammerton

    Id love for my daughter to be able to wear her fro out! BUT with such high shrinkage level n the detangling drama + adding lots of products. It’s a no no

  4. TMW

    Sometimes I feel we over think this stuff… men wear afro’s everyday and don’t have to do all of thinking over it… I don’t know…

  5. Latasha Cannon

    I do it the day before wash day. It’s too much to detangle on long hair to wear it daily for me.

  6. Aliyah

    Ok this is going TOO FAR ! RIDICULOUS! Black men wear their hair in afro EVERYDAY and their hair is fine . You don’t see them complaining. My two brothers wear a afro everyday and their hair grows. They get their hair cut though but it would be long if they didn’t. My mom also wears her hair in a curly afro 24/7 and her hair is gorgeous and growing . I constantly protective style with big twists.

  7. Jaz McNuggets

    Question: How do you protect your hair at night and still keep the natural afro curls the next day? Does anyone wet their hair daily? I’m trying to keep from wetting my hair consistently just to get my curls back from the night before.

  8. Ria Highsmith

    I don’t think it would hurt the hair to wear it everyday, but just like anyrhing else you, just have to take care of it.

  9. Shelly Brown

    I’m 64 and wearing an Afro before most of y’all were born .. just moisture at nite .. brush well and it just fine

  10. Jp Rideout
    Jp Rideout

    Back in the 70’s I worn a big Afro every day. It took a lot of maintenance, but it never became dry or knitted up. That would only happen if you didn’t maintain it like you do any other style????????‍♀️

  11. Arnita Burley
    Arnita Burley

    I love my Afro I coconut oil it every night ,spray it with water then brush very good ,then put in two bush balls ,wrap it for the night never need to blow dry it .. works great for me ????

  12. Vedejah Scroggins
    Vedejah Scroggins

    For me it is. It’s hard on my crown having to pick it out so I don’t wear an Afro often. But the tips in the article are great.

    1. Norica Oya
      Norica Oya

      Markisha Walmack have you tried keeping it stretched? And overly mosterizing the ends? That worked wonders for my 4C hair.

  13. Maria NaturalblkBeauty
    Maria NaturalblkBeauty

    I’m speaking from my personal experinece and I would say yes. My hair tangle up too bad. i can’t even wear puffs for a long period of time.

  14. Latasha Hubbard Gibbs
    Latasha Hubbard Gibbs

    First of all the lady pictured hair is life, I would say if it’s properly maintained do you. (Meaning moisturized etc) not doing so will cause breaking from it being dry.

  15. Loma
    Loma'Laney Williams

    No I wore a natural for seven years, back I T he 70s & 80s, I’d plat it up I four plats every night & use an afro pick, not comb,everyone said I looked like Angela Davis w/the big pretty Fro, ALWAYS IN ORDER…
    been wearing dreads for ten years now

    1. Lo F
      Lo F'Baby

      Loma’Laney Williams exactly u prepared your hair at night moistures and all yes ma’am that’s the key
      Therefore no damage

  16. Lo F
    Lo F'Baby

    Wearing your hair loose in the bed is the problem ????????????‍♀️ not the Afro

  17. Chandra Houston
    Chandra Houston

    My hair and how i wear it isn’t your concern because at the end of the day you don’t pay to maintain it.

  18. Starks-Edwards Laconda
    Starks-Edwards Laconda

    Yes bad for my hair…it will completely dry out..4cz…maybe 2 or 3 days ..not everyday no way..dryout, severe matting, break off all in that order..

    1. Norica Oya
      Norica Oya

      Starks-Edwards Laconda this is more what I was thinking….i could possibly be bald trying to wear my fro out everyday.

    2. Starks-Edwards Laconda
      Starks-Edwards Laconda

      Norica Oya i had plugs in the crown of was matted up so bad. I would have to cut small patches of hair out the crown. Ruin my big puff..and the dryness omg..

  19. Tifannie Sarg
    Tifannie Sarg

    The amount of people who misread this post???????? ..the post said if it’s bad to wear an afro everyday.. meaning; if that particular style is damaging to the hair if worn all the time.

    1. Tifannie Sarg
      Tifannie Sarg

      Ashley I’m telling you, reading and understanding what you read is so important.. I mean did they just read the title and not the whole article? Although the title is self explanatory. Some people are just so up in arms they are ready to defend things that don’t even need defending

    2. Ashley Alexandra
      Ashley Alexandra

      I think most just read the title. I can see why they may think that but you’d think they would read to see what they meant before ASSUMING because ..common sense but hey. I don’t have time to get pissed at everything I see on the internet ????

  20. Janice Liles
    Janice Liles

    Why would it be wrong to wear an afro everyday ? It’s no different then wearing any hair style everyday. All hair styles have to be taken care of.

  21. Maggie Maggie
    Maggie Maggie

    It’s the natural state of most of our hair???????? how is that bad! Who writes these?!?

  22. Claude Mk
    Claude Mk

    From my experience, yes… there are so many single strand knots in my hair when I do that.

    1. Arnice Vanderberg
      Arnice Vanderberg

      Suzan Smith ,who writes this stuff? Why would it be a problem now, all of a sudden, and like u said: We were sporting them back in the 70’s, NO PROBLEM!????????????✌????❤????????

  23. Jp Rideout
    Jp Rideout

    I wore a big Afro in the 60”s every day. Never was it kinky, knotted up or nappy. I kept it moisturized, braided and rolled it every night so when I picked it out the next morning it was neat with no raggedy stray hairs. A lot of work, but so nice!

  24. Chantal J. Athanase
    Chantal J. Athanase

    Wearing my hair in its natural state every day with a bun, always get me stares from my own community, so… Wear it as you please!

  25. Pauline Grant
    Pauline Grant

    Starks-Edwards Laconda ….it’s about taking measures to protect your natural hair whether this be wearing afro or any other style…but the point I’m making is there’s way to much emphasis on black women wearing they’re hair a certain way (presently it’s all bout “Natural) and almost shaming those that chose not to wear they’re hair “Natural” for whatever reason and I personally think that’s unfair & jus plain wrong…Nobody’s business except the lady’s and she shouldn’t be made to feel a way bout her own personal choice….????☺

  26. Theresa Marie Bryant
    Theresa Marie Bryant

    In my opinion, if its your favorite way to wear your hair and doesnt effect the health of your hair (breakage from too much manipulation), i say go for it!

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