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Hairstyles By Kaylana Hall

Introduce yourself and which salon if any you work at…

Hello, My name is Kaylana Hall. I work at Dramatic Results Salon and Spa 111 S. Cedar Ridge Dr. Duncanville, Tx. I’m a stylist and make-up artist

Stylist photo - Kaylana Hall

Stylist photo – Kaylana Hall

How long have you worked as a licensed cosmetologist (or equivalent in your country) and where did you study?

I’ve had my license since 2002, and I studied at Marshall College of Beauty and Executive Beauty Academy Inc in Virginia.

What is your specialty, relaxed, natural hair, locs or anything special?

I specialize in healthy hair, which includes natural hair, relaxed, color and cuts. I pride myself on using the best products on my clients. I love straightening natural hair.

What in your opinion is the most rewarding thing about working as a hair stylist?

The most rewarding thing about working as a hair stylist is the sparkle in their eyes when you finish their hair. A great style gives them the confidence to hold their head up high!! I also love the challenge of giving my clients what they ask for. I also love the relationship that I have built with my clients over the years and the new ones that bless me with their presence.

When you meet that customer that has not had a great experience with a previous stylist, how do you make them comfortable while in your chair?

With a lengthy consultation. I listen to their concerns and apprehensions and try to understand what they want from a stylist. I also make sure that were on the same page about what service she would like. I also ask questions about how she maintains her hair between visits, how much time she wants to spend on her hair, does she work out?

If you could change one thing about the cosmetology industry what would that be?

The stigma about black salons and stylist. There are so many that give the good ones a bad name with overbooking, overcharging, and being unprofessional.

Where do you see yourself a few years from now, what are your goals as a stylist?

My goals as a stylist are to continue learning and growing in my craft. I would also like to work with different stylist in photo shoots and magazines.

How do you stay motivated and on top of your game?

I stay on top of my game by always being willing to learn. I’m constantly educating myself on new styles, techniques, and new products. In this industry, change is constant and you have to be willing to keep up with those changes.

Here is a chance to sell you ‘the stylist’ and your business, tell us why we should utilize your services?

I’m passionate about what I do. I’m a great stylist that’s all about the health of my clients hair. I’m very professional and dependable. I also work in a very professional comfortable environment.

In which city/state do you mainly work?

Duncanville, Tx

How can we contact you for an appointment?

Dramatic Results Salon and Spa

111 S. Cedar Ridge Dr.

Suite 101, Duncanville, Tx.


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