When That Weave Just Won’t Blend – 15 Failed Weaves

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  1. Rikki Jaye

    thats why u gotta be willing to pay up. Good no cheap, cheap no good (chinese proverb apparently lol)

  2. Trish Adams

    I hate to see this… I’m like how hard is it to to buy tge right color hair or blend it? . I would rather walk around with my real hair instead

  3. Brittany Love Melton

    I have jet black hair and can never wear color unless I’m willing to dye my roots to match which I refuse to do. FML LOL

  4. Sandra Victoire

    Some girls need to have at least a mirror at home or friends and family to tell them to take off these awful things I can’t believe that they can go out of their house like this. Smh

  5. Erica Acire

    Ughh some of these actually made me cringe!! stop this!!! Btw I love when y’all post things like this

  6. Kelly Bowen

    Lool there was a comment about ramen noodles! Some different textures there Afro puff mixed with remy

  7. Crystal Jenkins

    Who cares focus on positive reinforcement wehave cops breaking us down we don’t need a so called black business like you sh*tting on black ppl hair St*upid

  8. Sophia Gabot

    PSA: If you can’t take the time to blend or already comb your hair to kinda match, throw a hat or head band on, or save your time and money and don’t get the weave. Stick to wigs #RACHETTNESS

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