When That Weave Just Won’t Blend – 15 Failed Weaves

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  • Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 04.03.54
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  • Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 04.03.44
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  • Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 04.04.36
  • Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 04.04.54
  • Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 04.19.53
  • ed15be238e2d3d47a28af48fd8b3ea6b


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Daphney Cinéas


Tia Boo

Lmbo the picture of the cat tho

Rikki Jaye

thats why u gotta be willing to pay up. Good no cheap, cheap no good (chinese proverb apparently lol)

Trish Adams

I hate to see this… I’m like how hard is it to to buy tge right color hair or blend it? . I would rather walk around with my real hair instead

Alishia LeLe Williams


Lisa Hill


Yochee C. Owusu


Latisha Monique Griffin

Lol!!! The cat!

Celine Labelle

I’m done

Brittany Love Melton

I have jet black hair and can never wear color unless I’m willing to dye my roots to match which I refuse to do. FML LOL

Vedejah Scroggins

Lmao when the car popped up I couldn’t hold it anymore I lost it

Karie Renee


Suzy Zang


Myrtle Githinji

The cat looked more realistic than the others go cat!

Emma Robertson

Jovada this is why I never leave any out, can’t chance it with this rain

Jovada Nicole Geddes

hahahaha, I couldn’t leave any out either. What a site some of those weaves are. jx

Emma Robertson

I know hilarious , I’d have been right home , or the nearest shop for a hat at least x

Tammy Jones

damn shame!

Lia Daniels

Why is the cat rocking the Donald Trump?

Andi Buttafly

Mary Parker that cat tho… Lol!!!!

Kimberly Brooks

Good Lord…just go natural already!! Lol!!

Velli Velli Velz


Raïssa Kabeya

looll the cat baahahahaha. Caught me off guard

Lydia Ajayi

Sholah Steele oh dear Lord. Pls tell me if I ever look this bad lol

Monica Renée

I’m done

Sandra Victoire

Some girls need to have at least a mirror at home or friends and family to tell them to take off these awful things I can’t believe that they can go out of their house like this. Smh

Tiffany Harris Randle

Just sad…if it doesn’t blend…don’t do it!

Pamela Smith

Ramen noodles?? You all need to stop.

Karen Cauthorne

Bless they hearts…..lol

Michelle Hall


Charlene Mckenzie

Orrrrr looks like the singe she hair

Michelle Hall


Michelle Hall

I know. Its bad. Some of it looked illegal crimes to the head top

Katanya Findlay

No comment coz there is no excuse

Charlene Mckenzie

Hahahaha da white gyal thats just plonk the piece at the nape of the neck

Michelle Hall

stop it. Killin me off. Cant help but look at em

Michelle Hall

stop it. Killin me off. Cant help but look at em

Michelle Hall

No blending no nuttin. then i’m seein matted hair

Charlene Mckenzie

Yep whole heap ov dead rat

Erica Acire

Ughh some of these actually made me cringe!! stop this!!! Btw I love when y’all post things like this

Paul Bayley

I’m sorry but the cat looks amazing 😉

Shannon Guinn Grigsby

They know that they know better. LMAO

Jordann Alease

a pet peeve, if you can’t blend your hair it’s called a closure for real

Zahratou Walet Tamasheq

They ain’t have a mirror or a best girl friend?! That’s horrible

Tina M Williams West

Hot mess . Please just go natural

Kelly Bowen

Lool there was a comment about ramen noodles! Some different textures there Afro puff mixed with remy

Crystal Jenkins

Who cares focus on positive reinforcement wehave cops breaking us down we don’t need a so called black business like you sh*tting on black ppl hair St*upid

Rhonda Rogers

Omg! Any one of these at Albertson’s!

Marvella Allen-Robb

Now they knew better!!! Smh

Sophia Gabot

PSA: If you can’t take the time to blend or already comb your hair to kinda match, throw a hat or head band on, or save your time and money and don’t get the weave. Stick to wigs #RACHETTNESS

Kyrie Paredes

Awful. Why did I click on this? Nightmarish.

Aubrielle Lewis

Felicia this is that life I’m NOT about.