Would You Rock a Fade?- 20 of the Hottest Natural Hair Fades Online [Gallery]

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Jamila Kelly

I don’t think Its so much as “would you” as it is “could you”. Just because you like a trend doesn’t mean it looks good ^^;

Elise Cromwell

In my opinion it can look good on anyone as long as you have great style to match. When I was relaxed I use to get a wrap and it didn’t rly fit my face but I rocked it anyway.

Jamila Kelly

oh yeah I’ve seen some gorgeous women who it works on because of style I completely agree. Personally though, I couldn’t. Def not my style and I’m just to lazy to even try matching my wardrobe to fit a particular hair style

Terri Norman

Doesn’t look good to “you” ^ so it is a “would” you.

Carmella McCoy

Yes. I rocked one last summer

Elise Cromwell

I had a fade when I first went natural and I’m soo fed up wit this whole exercising and weave thing, I’m gonna get a blonde one(platinum) as soon as it gets warmer.

Theresa Marie Bryant

Nope, I’m done with super short hair for now and I’m trying to see how long I can get my natural hair

Blessing Edem

Wic site can I order Mst natural hair products from US to UK

Vivian Israel

I have before.

Charlene Cha LaBranche

I would but I don’t know if I can pull this off!

Nebronna Adams

I’ll rock those eyebrows tho

Ronisha E Wood-Glover

All of those fades are DOPE

Jamie Carter-Bailey

I dont knock women who do its just not for me

Shayla Hicks

Anyone can sport a fade…. it’s the long natural hair that is the true challenge!! Lol

Lee Anna Easter-BerklinGaynor

Nope. Pretty on her though.

Lisa West

Done it twice

Solange Mayers-Samuel

Not for me if you want to do its good, but not fir me.

Shonda Blount

Rocked one in my college years. I miss it sometimes.


Nope It’s BEAUTIFUL ON THEM but I’m growing my natural hair out . When I big chopped last year that’s the last time I cut my and will cut ever again . Now I’m in this awkward in between stage but I rather grow it out then cut again and the Mohawk fade will not look good on me.

Mary Burleigh

Rocked one for many years. Loved it.

Danielle Jeter

My 16 yr old niece does. Looks good on her.

Kendra Bailey

Yep! I love mine!!


So funny you ask….I have rocked faded sides/nape when hair was relaxed. I have been wanting to since natural but thought I had the patience to grow a big air balloon type afro. Not! I was going to get a tapered cut with some fade but I had allowed too much breakage to occur. So this morning I walked in a barbershop and got it cut to the scalp with a little fade in the back. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It feels like it is growing already. That means more fade soon to come.

Linda Cushman


Voodoo Roots Organic

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