30 Easy But Beautiful Natural Hair Protective Styles [Gallery]

  • Bohemian-Braids
  • Boisterous-Bang
  • Bridal-Bun
  • Bubbled-Up
  • Central-Twist
  • corn rows with twist
  • Crowning-Glory
  • flat twist up do
  • Floral-Follicles
  • Folded-Tucked
  • Funky-French-Roll
  • heart crown
  • Hidden-Halo
  • Marvelous-Mohawk
  • Natural-Newlywed
  • Optimal-Updo
  • Plaited-Pompadour
  • Protective-Pigtails
  • Protective-Pin-Up
  • Rolled-Waves
  • Secure-Side-Braid
  • Tremendous-Topknot
  • Twisted-Toboggan
  • Twisted-Tucked
  • Unicorn
  • Untouchable-Upsweep
  • Up do pompadour
  • bantu knots
  • beautiful corn row style


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Peni Harris

Wow thats beautiful

Chantell Patience

Ouch tried that once when I took out braids in front my hair came out with it

Stephenie Beck Womack

I love this look, what are edges?

Yvonne Lyke

O pretty and very neat too, wow what talent

Rose Ricks

Like! I love

Teresa Grant-Phillips

^^^^ Black Castor oil. You can buy it on Amazon..comes in a glass bottle 😉

Uapingena Mbaha

That’s Art

Tasha Langston

That’s a hell of a hairline

Divva Starz

That’s sweet the way the braids are laying in the front. Cool!

Jackie Henry

This is so beautiful.

Eucharia Omoruyi

Beautiful .love it

Taleisha Gibson

Thats really pretty!

Ricketta Savage

Looks painful, them edges will suffer

Melisha Johnson

Cute but looks heavy

Brenda Marlynsey

Nice and her edges will be fine if she treat and maintain them daily, I’m sure this is not the first time she has had her hair done like this.

Shirley Butler

That is pretty i like

Parul Amin

Wow very nice

Marisa Plaisir


Brenda Baltazar