30 Easy But Beautiful Natural Hair Protective Styles [Gallery]

  • Bohemian-Braids
  • Boisterous-Bang
  • Bridal-Bun
  • Bubbled-Up
  • Central-Twist
  • corn rows with twist
  • Crowning-Glory
  • flat twist up do
  • Floral-Follicles
  • Folded-Tucked
  • Funky-French-Roll
  • heart crown
  • Hidden-Halo
  • Marvelous-Mohawk
  • Natural-Newlywed
  • Optimal-Updo
  • Plaited-Pompadour
  • Protective-Pigtails
  • Protective-Pin-Up
  • Rolled-Waves
  • Secure-Side-Braid
  • Tremendous-Topknot
  • Twisted-Toboggan
  • Twisted-Tucked
  • Unicorn
  • Untouchable-Upsweep
  • Up do pompadour
  • bantu knots
  • beautiful corn row style


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Andrea Simpson-Jones

How about “easy AND beautiful.” Can we get away from this misconception that our hair is so difficult to handle!

Annette Hunter

I like this

Latisha Monique Griffin

All these looks are gorgeous

Brashae Caufield

That’s cute !

Tina Taylor

I really love this style

Charmain Notimeforfakepeople Patterson


Meda Rivera

Real nice

Ramona Walker

That is so PRETTY.

Keisha Shantae

I likes that hunnti;) yessss that is cute!!!

Desiree Wallace

Am I the only one thinking why do those two cornrows start in the middle of her forehead?

Chanel LH


Vanessa M Perkins

I feel like no edges is not too far from this hair style

Shernonda Burditt


Linda Ndzi


Jalima T. Smith

Love this

Danielle Gorman-Callaham

How with no edges after u take it out

Béatrice Monteiro


Brenda Ross


Rica Cowboyz Lindsey

Yes that’s really cute! I would get my hair like that!

Shimon McLean

Say goodbye to your edges with this style.

LaJae Coleman

Unh-Unh. That’s TOO tight! :/

Ava Roberson

Like it better than all of them, it’s very elegant and can be sexy if need be

Starlet Jacobs

That’s beautiful but who’s going to take it down?

Exquisite Diamond

I agree

Davida Hann Brotherton

Cute but you can feel the pain on the edges.

Angil Cox

Love it

Luciano Malush

I grow up making this hairstyle..is very bad on edges…N is painful

Vanessa M Perkins

I knew it!

Darlene Bickham

Love the hair-braids and style

Andrea Wallace

That’s cute but OH MY. My hairline & edges will not suffer for the sake of a cute, yet temporary, hairstyle.

VJ RLester

She is not going to have any edges when she takes this down. Nope I would pass on this one.

Ketricia Forrest


Josephine Moss


Juanita Jai Baker

Thanks for sharing, needed this

Catherine Davis


Katrina Palm

not her forehead, side of the head.

April Stayoutmylane Gay

I got this picture already downloaded to my phone, this my next style

Delores Williams


Taneshia Johnson

I wish I had the edges for this!

Jasmine Jackson

My edges!

Antoinette Hodge

Beautiful ! Where they do that at?

Sandra Ifeoma Orimilikwe

Simply beautiful

Sheryl Lowe Johnson

That looks painful

Denae-marie Shepperson


Shanda Williams-Gould

So protective style is a way of saying instead of straightening your hair, put weave and extensions in it to “protect”it??

BeautifullyBlack McNeil

This hair style is exactly how ppl lose their edges. This style is a beautiful one, but it pulles on your edges!!! I know this because I’ve had it before.

Tamika Johnson

love it

Seron Joseph

That’s beautiful I like that

Camille Angelique Johnson

RIP edges

Abena Serwaa Antwi

This is beautiful

Melanie D. Price-Pennington

sheesh…they even braided up the peach fuzz.

Yolanda Michele Harper

That was tooo…funny

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