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Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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    • J zafira says

      Afro hair is beautiful, let’s celebrate our natural hair! Now celebrity is rocking an Afro wig, I hope we can all celebrate our hair’s uniqueness instead of hiding it

  1. Middle ChildMiddle Child says

    I’m proud of her for making strides I wanted to say something biting and snarkey but the reality is that I’m proud of her for making strides and she looks fabulous either way at I believe 45 years of age!!

  2. Micole SpicerMicole Spicer says

    It looks better. I hope she stop wearing weaves. I saw a photo of her without a weave and you could see the damage to her hairline. Natural would be better for her.

  3. Donna ChesserDonna Chesser says

    That’s not her real hair. Look it up her real hair fell out, her sides are bald from wearing weaves for her career, and trying to have the standards if white beauity. There are pictures of her on the Internet when her sides are accidentally exposed, and her baldness is out. Poor baby. But I still love her I wanted to look just like her. She was the prettiest thing I ever saw, until beyonce got fame. I still admire this beauity

  4. NN'Na Keita says

    It was a wig. I watched the show and you could see a bit of her straight weave poking out at the back. Still it suits her. She looks good for any age.

  5. Kimberly CaseyKimberly Casey says

    So what if its a wig..hell, if shes gonna wear fake hair it SHOULD be an afro. Yall had no problem with her having a 30in Brazilian. All if a sudden, THIS is a problem. Its not big and garish..my afro is bigger than her wig. #NaturalHairDontCare #IveBeenNaturalFor20Years

    • Lois Boyd CampbellLois Boyd Campbell says

      @zee mannas…you are so welcome. I was hesitant to post this because I thought I was gonna get cussed out, lol. But I don’t really care. We have so much healing to do and the last thing we need is to attack each other over trivial, inconsequential stuff!! Her wearing a wig or whatever affects us how?? Bottom line…Naomi Campbell is a breathtakingly beautiful black woman and that’s all we should be focused on.

    • Brenda DeeDee DN Palmer-FranklinBrenda DeeDee DN Palmer-Franklin says

      Lois we live in a day in age where most people are crabs and don’t want to see anyone succeed. Society has cropped us into think we must be super thin with long straight flowing hair, so we poison ourselves for years and now that people are waking up out of this stupor of being fake (something other than their natural selves) the people who have nothing better to do than follow what they see are forced to look in a mirror and find their true selves. So majority of the don’t know how to love their super curly or coarse roots (been to cosmetology school, no such thing as nappy, a Caucasian can have coarse hair, ha go figure) so they are upset to see that she has embraced hers and are simply hating, but remember jealousy is just love and hate at the same time, hmmm

    • Amber RopiskiAmber Ropiski says

      it’s all women in general. we are taught that our looks are everything. i guess some women feel better about how they look after they criticize another women’s style. it’s never about what they do, it’s about how they look, and that needs to change.

    • Mary LouMary Lou says

      You obviously don’t understand our struggles. Nevertheless, the purpose of “going natural” is to wear our natural hair in it’s natural state. We need to ditch the wigs and weaves all together so that is the argument.

    • T says

      ugh thank you, when I saw Naomi’s new wig on another website I deliberately came to this website to see whether they had a feature on it due to all those terrible things people wrote about her when blackhairinformation wrote a whole article about her and her alopecia. And I agree she is stunning

  6. Nicole SylvainNicole Sylvain says

    Edges or no edges… weave or wig… Naomi has already made her mark as a SUPER MODEL. So certain the opinions of those on this stream are basically a non – factor.

  7. Symona FeliceSymona Felice says

    Naomi is fierce, she owns the runway. She has a beautiful face so most hair styles would look good on her. I’m accustomed to seeing her with straight hair, though. Since she is a model, I don’t know what the natural hair would do for her image. Many people might actually like it, maybe. I think she is trying to make a statement with the hair. 🙂

    • Prú SashàPrú Sashà says

      Imajority are am tlking from experience not generalizing and this comments are a perfect example..like common now go thru this comments and majority are negative things.

    • Tinesha GoinsTinesha Goins says

      I agree. It happens all the time on a daily basis. Sad to see so many hateful individuals. We as a whole are so undivided. We need to start having more compassion for one another, start supporting each other and building our communities back up.

  8. Daiquiri A. HollandDaiquiri A. Holland says

    I scrolled up and looked at some of the comments on here. Its really sad when our people are more accepting of a 28in weave/wig that OBVIOUSLY came from some Brazilian, Indian or Chinese person’s head, yet can’t be accepting of a weave that actually looks natural, as though it MIGHT’VE grown from her scalp? Instead “dats a weave dats a weave” is all y’all can say. Damn shame.

    Who cares if her edges are gone? Thats her own fault (her stylist fault too though) and it doesnt change the fact the hair looks good on her. Maybe she’s got a new hairstylist who knows what they are doing and repairing the damage. While letting her wear a more natural looking solution along the way.

    Damned if ya do, damned if ya don’t smh.

  9. Adhana Lahab GugginoAdhana Lahab Guggino says

    It’s interesting. I have never had a weave, but I would wear this afro wig, and my hair is not permed. Been back to normal for about 10 years now. If I wanted to go somewhere to achieve a dramatic or full look in a hurry, this would work. Looks real and fun.

  10. Adhana Lahab GugginoAdhana Lahab Guggino says

    The Afro never left, just faded into the background for awhile. If she can influence people to embrace the normal, the natural. then that’s cool too. Even if it’s a wig for now.

  11. Yolanda CosleyYolanda Cosley says

    Just as lovely….hair is an accessory, not a standard for self worth or value. We put so much into thimgs that are dead….thats why people love zombies so much

  12. Linda ThomasLinda Thomas says

    if naomi was to shave her head .. she would still be one of the flyest women on the planet .. period. end of story. com .. she is magnificent per usual ..

  13. Omada Omada 'Abahi' Okpe says

    Why so bitter and negative? For your info everyone has a different rate of hair growth and even on a person’s body, hair growth depends on the body parts, so your example with your pubic hair is absolutely ridiculous!

  14. Omada Omada 'Abahi' Okpe says

    The negativity amongst black women is something else. We spend so much energy talking about black men and white people putting us down, yet we are so negative to each other! So what if its a wig or her edges are gone? SMH

  15. The African Women With Natural Hair - Ghana And NigeriaThe African Women With Natural Hair - Ghana And Nigeria says

    Dear people lets not judge too quickly what hair (wig or weave) people choose to put on their head. They have their own personal reasons sometimes. Some women choose to put it on because they might be suffering from cancer that has made them gone bald and because they might feel abit insecure or shy to come out to say it they hide their baldness (its sad and hard) Another thing I would like to say is that… lets us all accept ourselves just the way God created us. Lets not try to judge what others choose to do with their own hair. What ever decision they took they sure made the choice for themselves but not for you. Thanks.

  16. Lasilia Imnottheonenottoday ThorntonLasilia Imnottheonenottoday Thornton says

    wow, so many negative comments. im glad to see she is trying a natural style, wig or not. even with chewed up edges she still looks better than 99% of the people who had nothing but negative comments in this thread. if we spent more time being uplifting one another, we would have less issues among ourselves as BW.

  17. NubianPrize says

    I think she looks fabulous, and, like someone else said, it makes her look younger. Bravo to her if she’s using it to cover hair thinning & damage. Best way to protect her hair. That’s what I’m doing. I had a very stressful year before I retired last year & it caused some thinning at nape & temples. Winter is a killer on my fine hair & I wore an afro wig last winter & definitely this winter. Since I’m home now, my hair is thriving & getting thicker on my old school regimen of grease ( Blue Magic & Dax), water,deep condish, leave ins & S Curl. I wouldn’t be surprised if Naomi is getting hair & scalp treatments.

  18. Sanetta Bilbrew GreenwoodSanetta Bilbrew Greenwood says

    I love it, my protective style is braids under afro like wigs…trend setters…less du-rags and more pride in your pretty crowning glory…..even if its a wig!!!! We can still be the beautiful women we once were….

  19. Allison ReidAllison Reid says

    With more than half of her hair disappearing like that months before its a good move for her, because seeing that was scary, if she wants extensions or weaves she can just do clips in or throw a wig o.o
    Good luck crazy Naomi who is also gorgeous

  20. Felicia ThomasFelicia Thomas says

    I think it’s cute but what’s up with the chunk that is out on the side??? That makes it look crazy. I love natural black hair though…me and my babies are natural!!!

  21. Dilcia La Negrita JimenezDilcia La Negrita Jimenez says

    I am very glad that she is rockin’ the fro. It looks very nice on her. I prefer her natural look over the unnatural (European) look. Im excited that more of us are starting to accept ourselves. Years ago, when I allowed my hair to return to its natural state it was not at all popular. It has become a trend that I hopewill never end! I applaud Naomi! Imagine.if we put half the energy into building instead of tearing each other. DAMN we’d be a force to be reckoned with!

  22. Alia CollinsAlia Collins says

    I think she looks beautiful. I hope its something that she is staying with for a while….cuz her problems with her edges scared me off weaves for a while.

  23. Tracy HamlinTracy Hamlin says

    To answer the question above. How all of a sudden she has a head full of hair? Well when you return to your natural state trust me if you had a problem with your edges,thinning etc.. your hair grow back because there isn’t any chemicals. I’m natural now, before my hair was very thinning in the center of my head. Now its full and healthy # luvmynatural! She’s beautiful with the afro rock it girly!!

  24. Wendy Jean-LouisWendy Jean-Louis says

    Naomi can do Jo wrong in my eyes. Straight, curly, Afro it looks good. And to all the haters. Who cares if it’s a damn wig she still not thinking about your opinion cuz you not on her patrol irbid ting her for your opinion.

  25. elvira walker says

    I thin at this point, she has no choice. She has been wearing straight weaves most of her modeling career. I was shocked that she would embrace weaves to the point of the damage she has sustained. If she had not been photographed showing the damage done to her hair, she might still be wearing those weaves. Her only focus at this point should be health, health, health to her scalp. There may be more damage than she knows. At least it looked like it to me. I have a small spot on the top of my head that I am trying like hell to correct. It is taking a lot of concentration. I may win the battle or not. But, at least it is not extensive, and can be covered. I will continue to fight though. Anyone have any idea about alopecia, that they have gone through, please share. Thank you.

  26. Jeannine Hooks says

    I think it is a good look for her. Hopefully, she is caring for her hair and scalp underneath and her alopecia will heal to some degree.

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