Ever Wonder Why It Can Be So Difficult To Find A Hairdresser For Your Natural Hair?

African American woman with curly hair looking confusedOne day I was walking down a popular shopping avenue, and found myself in a strange position. I had just taken down a protective style, and was proudly rocking my fluffy fro, while I ran a few errands.

As I walked past a beauty salon, I was approached by a hair stylist.

“You want a PERM?!” she asked, loudly. I turned to looked at her, but did not respond. I kept walking, my ‘fro waving in the breeze….

For a split second, I found myself asking, ‘Why is it so difficult to find a hairdresser who understands natural hair?’

I noticed her salon chair was empty, perhaps she was low on referrals? I will never know for sure. From her initial statement, I knew she did not share my curly vision, and because of that, she could not be my hairdresser.

In cosmetology, it would seem that the best lessons about natural hair are learned outside the classroom. I find that each time I have had an epic fail at a hair salon, one of these issues played a role.

I sum it up to three main reasons why finding a natural hairdressers can be so difficult; the hairdresser is not experienced with kinky textured hair, the hairdresser wasn’t a referral, or there was a breakdown in communication.

1. Inexperienced Hairdressers – The average cosmetology school does not train hairdressers to deal with naturally curly and kinky hair. With over 1000 hours spent learning about hair in school, very little of that time is spent on curly hair.

There is some instruction on blowing out hair, and relaxing curly, textured hair but by and large cosmetology school teaches just the general theory behind hair, and how to care for it.

After cosmetology, it is up to the individual to apply those lessons to their client. It is only through experience that hairdressers can really learn about what works for different hair types and textures. Only go to experienced hairdressers who have worked with and who understand the needs of naturally curly and kinky hair.

Originally posted 2013-11-01 15:00:19.

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About Tyra

I dive into what Cosmetology school really teaches about ethnic/curly hair, & share what I have learned with you.

About Tyra

I dive into what Cosmetology school really teaches about ethnic/curly hair, & share what I have learned with you.


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  1. Shannon Holmes

    I’d LOVE to go to a salon and be pampered BUT the last time WAS my last time! cost me big time – extreme heat damage. It do my own hair now. Anyone know an awesome natural hair dresser in Detroit because now I wanna go to the salon!!??

    1. Pia Shantee

      must be a new thing, cuz when I was there – the native black people all seemed to have jacked up hair. frfr. i was like- nah, i’ll pass. natural hair wasn’t right. and the weave wasn’t tight. but if they’ve upgraded since then – good on ya. I love it, too, though. Can’t wait to go back and see my friends.

  2. Janice Isaac

    No salon whatsoever… Would be nice tho. I have to do mine & my 2 girls. Love 2 do theirs but mine can be a challenge.

  3. Latiysha Ali

    I went the the hair salon once, its very expensive, so I do my on hair now, salon only for special occasions.

  4. Dominique Sharai Banks

    I do my own hair because the hairdresser act like they don’t know how to do my natural hair. So I’m saving my money and they losing money.

  5. Daphne Boston

    I was JUST thinking about this..every time (and I do mean EVERY time) I let someone do my hair, they do what they want to do, not what I ask them to do and/or they just mess up my hair completely.

  6. Nikkie Sutton

    I go for flat ironing maybe once or twice a year, and braids and sew-ins occasionally. I usually care for my curls (moisturizing and deep conditioning) at home. However I would love to go more for natural protective styling.

  7. ToBNatural

    I usually do my own hair but I started going to a friend in NJ who owns her own salon for trims and a little TLC 🙂 Meko New York Natural Hair Care Spa & Boutique.

  8. Cira Ndiaye

    Hi! I like what u write all.Before i make my hair to the hairdresser, it’s so cheap in my country (senegal) but i cut it because i didnt have time to do. And making short hair is so difficult and expensive, i have to go 4 times in the month to make it at the hair salon.

  9. Cira Ndiaye

    And now i need to get it longer what can i do. It’s hot here i can’t make braid all times. Thank to give me solutions

  10. Tammy McGhee

    Do my own hair and organic hair products. Live 70 miles outside Atlanta in rural area. Unheard of to do natural locks here. Would love advice though from someone on how to keep moisture in hair overnight. And would like organic hair color product. Any suggestions anyone?

    1. BlackHairInformation.com

      Can’t promise organic but shea moisture have a hair color line now so you could look into those. Try the baggy method to keep moisture in overnight.

  11. Chala M. Brooks

    I go to my same beautician that did my hair when I had a relaxer. I got lucky when I picked her and that particular shop because they do it all.

  12. Roxanne Holmes

    I do my own hair. I refuse to pay somebody to do my own natural hair. I do alot of reading on effects of certain products. Other than that i use youtube and other sites to learn how to do certain styles.

  13. Loren Tennyson

    Natural hair is FREEDOM for me ,from “stylist” who would smile in my face , while I paid them to damage my hair and use bad products. I am so happy that I can finally save time and money, like other races and take care of my own beautiful hair. No more being a slave to the salon!!! Priceless. 🙂

  14. Pia Shantee

    do it myself. hairdresser’s cost too much. it’s not practical for the length or thickness of my hair. and you have to give them a tip after, too – hell naw. i’d go to one for a very special occasion, but barring that – noooope.

  15. Michelle Simons

    I have trust issues a hair dresser took all my hair out. that was my first attempt at being natural. I did not enjoy that. Now I am having a fantastic time armed with knowledge

  16. Enahsed Sims

    I dnt go to the salon anymore b/c when I went my hair stylist wud just cut my hair without my permission. Nd last time I went she cut my hair to my ears nd I have been trying to get it back to my bra. So I do it all at home. They use the same products we do they just gt a better angle of my head.

  17. Rielle Cristina

    I do it at home myself now. I’ve been to a hair dresser once and she didn’t even reach for a wide tooth comb. My mom ended up doing my hair at the salon because the hair dresser couldn’t manage. -_-

  18. Loren Tennyson

    Now, that I am natural. I just wash and go! I never have to pay someone again!!! So happy . 🙂

  19. Sakina Pecchillo

    I do both. Straight styles I go to a salon. So thats maybe three or four times a month the most. I love my curls but when I get lazy or my hair becomes too much I let someone else handle it 🙂

  20. Iris Brock

    It’s been five years since a hair dresser touched my hair and it was for braids. I don’t let anyone do my hair. It’s been a blessing because my hair has thrived.

  21. Kathy Mere

    I do mine at home, i know these hair dressers will not have the patience with my coily thick hair

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