Family Hair Care – Transitioning Bantu Knots And Kids Hairstyles

Family Hair Care - Transitioning Bantu Knots And Kids Hairstyles

We had to share this video! Mo Knows Hair is known for her very professional videos on YouTube and in this one she does her clients transitioning hair and she gives us a bonus by showing us how she takes care of her clients two little girls, ages four and six.

I cant tell you how many questions we get about transitioning and about caring for little girls natural hair and examples of kids hairstyles so it is really good to kill two birds with one stone here.

The key to transitioning styles is really about blending the two textures, so if you can do a style blends both your natural hair and your relaxed hair, it makes life a little easier for you when trying to transition long term.

Good examples of transitioning styles are bantu knots as Mo demonstrates, or braid outs and twist outs. Please make sure you are keeping up with our transitioning 101 series where you will find some great information on transitioning over all.

I want to take some time to focus on the little girls, but specifically not just styling but a simple easy to follow weekly regimen right here right now, so take notes or just print it.

Step one – Cleanse! – Children do not need harsh sulfate shampoos, a simple sulfate free shampoo will do the job. Massage her scalp as Mo demonstrates but be careful with your nails, you want to avoid scratching her scalp at all costs.

Step two – Condition! – Saturate your child’s hair with conditioner and detangle with the conditioner in, this will make your life and hers much easier. Choose a healthy conditioner, one that will not cause buildup and that is very moisturizing. From time to time your daughter will need a protein treatment so have a protein based conditioner ready to use on alternate weeks or when needed.

Step 3 – Deep Condition! – This just means that you should not rinse out the conditioner after you are finished with detangling. Your little one does not have to use heat if that is uncomfortable but if you just add a plastic cap and allow her to run around a bit, that will heat things up enough.

Step four – Rinse and leave in conditioner! – Just like you own hair use a leave in, she needs one too, so find a water based leave in conditioner and add it to all sections of your baby girl’s hair – oh by the way it is often easier to work in sections.

Step five – Seal! – Use your favorite oil to seal her hair by adding it on top of her conditioned strands doing this helps her to retain moisture as she goes through her week. Try coconut oil, olive oil or even a butter like shea or mango butter to seal.

Step 6 – Style! – Styling your daughters hair depends on what the occasion is. If she is in school you might want to opt for a long term protective style that lasts all 5 days of school. Now we know how little girls are, they like to switch things up, and that usually means wearing an ‘out style’, in this case you can come up with an agreement, protect for 5 days and out for two. Just to ensure she isn’t getting her hair tangled as she runs around throughout the week protecting for a majority of the week is always best.

I love that she used easy to find hair products which can be purchased at Target or Amazon. Amonst others were Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner, Mixed Chicks Kids Leave-In Conditioner, Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Ultra Shea Shampoo & Conditioner and Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Protein Pack.

There you have it, we would love to see comments from mothers with little girls sharing how they take care of the little ones hair, we all benefit from sharing. Feel free to share your tips and watch the video!

Originally posted 2014-02-23 20:00:12.

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About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Well, I really live thos post because o have a four year old daughter, my onky dauggter amongst 5 boys that has dry, kinky coily hair..I didn’t k ow what to do with her hair..About a year ago, I started researching all about natural hair..I started her journey iff my clipping all of her dead split hair that was damaged by tight braids, heat etc ..Now that I know better.I no lonfer use rubberbands.I do however use goody ouchless ponytail holders..Her regimen is similiar to the one stated above..I make my own protein conditioner with Greek yogurt, honey, coconut oil, olive oil and she a buteer..I can’t express how much her hair has improved..If I had one piece of advice to share, it please don’t let everyone style your dauggters hair.stay away from rubberbands.Deep condition..a protective styles and keep the hair moisturized.Never let her hair get dry..I use diffrent products.Right now I use pura body naturals murumuru hair milk as a leave in and their cupuacu butter to seal and also to style. .Sm has a great anti breakage mask for those that want to do a light protein treatment without mixing your own..I don’t brush often and I use Seamless combs….I would like to show a picture of her hair progress on your site..can you tell me how?

Amkhita Khepesh Sennu

You guys should check out Kita Sennu on YouTube, very inspirational.

LaVaccus Killean Miller

Pony tails and plaits


Wich produts i have to use for doing curls?

Shamelle Cheekscheeks

I so live this style

Arielle Favored Adams

Love this style

Teresa Ann Oliver

we dont do much to it at all….dove shampoo and conditioner we pick it out in bathtub..she shakes herhair like a puppy for about 10 minutes..(her choice)..when it dries it looks like this…daddy has dreads…

Colette Ward-Harmon

I love Mo!!!


I would also like to add, I use Thirsty Roots apricot castor oil

K'Lashelle Stanley

Prepoo with coconut oil, wash, conditione..deep condition.leave in , seal with oil or butter..stretch using the banding technique..She has 4c hair

Donna Neal

This to cute

Cynthia D. Graham

My bantu knots are so small compared to the model.

Brittny Roberts WorknProgress

I need ideas for my two yr old that don’t involve braids! The tension from them causes these nasty bumps to appear all over her scalp

Linda LindaCarter

Like this

AprilLaraye Jones

Beautiful!! 🙂

Jocelyn Fullxmom Wilkinson

Bantu knots are my thang

Carolene Muir

I like it

Angie Adjetey

Thank you! I love her channel!

Rhonda Godfrey

Mine also but when I let them out they look more like the twist out then the knot out picture. Am I doing something wrong?

Lisa Patrick


Ebony Rose Skyy

Luv the bantu knot out!

Tammie Faulkner Taylor

My daughter was very active, so she rarely wore her hair loose until she was older. Usually 1-4 ponytail that were twisted. Never 50-11 ponytails W/ those horrid plastic barrettes. Never any beads. Simple styles.