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Hi All! I am Danni and I am a staff writer here at BHI. I am a Graphic Design major and a long time resident of Washington DC. I have been on a healthy hair journey for 3 1/2 years. Within those years , I have went through a relaxed hair journey, a natural hair journey in which I big chopped twice(2nd big chop occurred in November 2013) texturized and now I have big chopped a THIRD TIME! I am 100% natural and here to stay. I am super excited to share information that I learn along the way to those who are just as into healthy hair care as I am and wish everyone best wishes on their healthy hair journey!


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  1. Tasha JosephTasha Joseph says

    “If we mix shampoo and conditioner together it will not only defeat the purpose of cleaning your hair but it will actually cause buildup in those precious hair strands over time.”
    Just out of curiosity, how do 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner work? Or does it defy the complete functions of the two products?

  2. Melissa SibandaMelissa Sibanda says

    I use a tresemme 2 in 1 cleanse and condition shampoo and conditioner (it comes in a black bottle its 900ml) and its not drying at all I got a separate conditioner just incase it would leave my hair dry like other 2in1 shampoo and conditioners but its really good. I’ve only been using it since last month, used it about 3 times and I already love it because it doesn’t leave my hair feeling fragile and as if its been stripped of anything. Plus I got it quite cheap aswell maybe £3.63 from superdrug

  3. melanie washington says

    Every time I think Ive gotten down a most of the terminology I learn something new, thank for the article.

  4. Akilah SmithAkilah Smith says

    I use 2 in 1 Herbal Essance and my hair is so soft and very clean, not stripped at all. It actually added moisture. I am VERY serious about hair care and if it works then it works. Didn’t preference for different folks

  5. Ro Williams says

    I am wondering why you think that the sulfates in the shampoo (surfactants) will not remove the conditioner when you rinse it out. That is the purpose of using SLS in the shampoo in the first place. SLS is used in other products because it foams up, helps lift dirt, etc, off the surface, allowing you to wash it away with the water (which is also a surfactant). I don’t think that all conditioners automatically ‘build up’ on the hair, especially if you are washing your hair with a ‘normal’ SLS shampoo. This says ‘speak your mind’, so I wonder if that is just what you think happens with conditioner or if you have some sort of scientific reason to think that. If you always use conditioner with non-water-soluble silicones that might happen, but there are plenty of conditioners with water-soluble silicones or that are silicone free. There would be little possibility with build up with those.

    • Shaniqua says

      Actually, this thesis of this article is based in scientific fact. Like stated in the beginning, shampoos carry a negative charge while conditioners are positive. This is because hair on its own carries a slightly negative charge, while the dirt, buildup, and debris that accumulates between washed slightly raise the natural charge to a more positive one. That is how the negatively charged shampoo is able to bind to and lift away the buildup. If conditioner and shampoo are mixed on the hair shaft prior to a proper shampoo cleansing, the molecules of each product will simply bind to one another before they are rinsed away. This will keep the shampoo from binding with the existing debris on the hair shaft and create a thin film from the two substances mixing, which is what has the potential to build up over time if this process is done on a regular basis. Mixing shampoo and conditioner once or twice may not cause severe buildup, but scientifically speaking, there’s no way doing so would leave the hair actually clean.

      Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, author of The Science of Black Hair, actually has a section talking about and discouraging this practice in her book with scientific explanations for why it should not be a regular part of a healthy hair routine. The bottom line is, shampoos and conditioners are formulated as separate products for a reason. If someone wants to get the benefits of both, they can use 2-in1’s, though I personally don’t find those to be conditioning, moisturizing, or slippery enough for natural hair.

  6. Malakah Angellia GladstonMalakah Angellia Gladston says

    This is so silly, just wash and condition your hair the REGULAR way. Is what you’re doing working for you? If it is then why change it? Just another way to confuse the new naturals who are already having a hard time figuring out the basic.

  7. Jameka JonesJameka Jones says

    Nay, I don’t understand why so many people don’t want shampoo to do what it was created to do. Shampoo is suppose to clean your hair, why do you still want it to feel oily after you use shampoo? I don’t get it…

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