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Hi! I am Mykel, and I love life. I love performing, dance, acting, fashion, hair, etc. I have a Bachelor's in Communications Theatre. Theatre is the best and challenging major by far. It has taught me discipline, problem-solving, leadership, creativity, and so on. I like who I'm becoming! xo


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  1. Tabatha says

    I’m still trying to find the right fit to define my curls. I am trying to define and get a touch of shake movement. I’ll do my hair and then my hair shrinks up and if I try to shake it there is no movement what so ever. lol I’ve even done the maximum hydration stuff and it just likes to shrink up and be stiff.

  2. monniej says

    this is it! when i first saw the title i thought it might be the beginning of another “what is natural debate”, but the article is so on point! i actually do 9 of the 12 ways posted and my hair and I are totally in love! great article! thank you so much for this! (y)

  3. Kim jones says

    I don’t do the pineapple method to maintain my twists. I find that leaving the twists out even in the pineapple method drys out my hair. I take sections and make large twists, and throw a silk cap on, in the morning I unravel the large twists. All my small twist outs have been preserved, and are very soft and moisturized, even though I didn’t apply and water, oil or product. They fall right back in place. Watch the YouTube video from GabeBabeTV called maintaining a twist out. It’s awesome.

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