How To Turn White Or Grey Hair Into Black Naturally With No Chemicals Natural Hair Dye Step By Step


No Chemicals Just 100% Natural Plants to Turn your White or grey hair into Black hair Naturally with Henna and Indigo step by step Tutorial.

You will need:

Strand Test First

Test the colour on a stand to avoid a surprise. It is good to do a strand test to see what the colour will be before applying it all over your hair.

Preparing the henna paste for shoulder length hair use more for longer hair. Please Use only plastic, porcelain or glass container when mixing NO METAL utensils.


-100g Henna Powder Mix with 300-330ml of lemon juice into the consistency of yoghurt.
-Cover the paste and leave to soak for 8 to 24 hours. if you left it in a warm place the dye release will be quicker.


-100g Indigo Powder Mix with 300-330ml WATER into the consistency of yoghurt. Once mixed the paste should be used immediately.

The true colour takes a few days to show. The colour may seem bright, brassy and coppery at first but this will deepen over the next 3 or 4 days. This is because it takes a few days for the oxidation process to take place.

Is henna permanent?

Yes, henna does not wash out although it will gradually fade over time because the dye works like a varnish over your natural hair colour rather than chemically changing it. Chemically lightened hair may react differently. If your hair has been chemically lightened with peroxide this will affect the colour result.

Allergy Patch Testing

For the brand that I use or any good quality organic henna or indigo, it is unusual for anyone to be allergic to it since it is pure and chemical free, but it is possible, as some people can be allergic to natural ingredients too. Apply a small amount of the paste to the inside of your elbow and cover with a sticking plaster. keep checking to see if there is any skin irritation. Leave for up to 48 hours to ensure everything is ok.



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