The Tragedy of Titi Branch The Co-CEO of Miss Jessie’s hair care line

Titi Branch was the Co-CEO of Miss Jessie’s hair care line. She and her sister Miko Branch, built the business from scratch without any loans or financial assistance. Unfortunately, in 2014 Titi committed suicide(allegedly) on December 4th due to a long battle with depression, but she definitely had a negative influence that many believe drove her to it. FAQ Q:Were her parents still alive? A: Yes, but she was isolated from them due to Anthony having so much control. Q:How long were they dating? A:Less than 2 years. Q:What happened with the life insurance case? A: Per the screen shot in the video, the judge threw it out in the fall of 2015. Q:Where’s Miko now? A: Still at Miss Jessie’s in SoHo Manhattan, but only once a month. She is currently looking to move it to Miami, FL. Q:Did Titi have kids? A:No Have you ever heard of Titi’s story or bought Miss Jessie’s products?



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  1. Tashmahal Storm

    OMGG!!! This is terrible!! ???? Miko and Titi were patients at my dental office and Titi had such a bright and warm personality. I loved talking to her and when I heard that she committed suicide, I was shaken up but now that I know that story, I’m gonna hug Miko the next time I see her because she never spoke about her sisters’s death and she looked soo depressed. ???? ladies we must stay away from this “ Men” that bring us no happiness and just stress into our lives.

    1. Lesley Smith

      For one, our people need to keep our distance from Esau they truly have no real love for our people. They live to use us, and discard us. We have got to have love for our own.

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