Rihanna teased after showing her natural hair on social media

Rihanna went on social media and gave her fans a glimpse of her natural hair while working on the set of her new project. When the The Shade Room reposted the clip, many commenters did not have nice comments. In the video I discuss Rihanna’s hair journey



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  1. Pauline Grant

    Bet the “Teasing/hatin/judging” came mostly from females from a certain ethnic background to!…..she’s a natural beauty and she could wear her hair natural or any way she chooses and she’d still be beautiful…????

  2. Brianna Barksdale

    But why she’s just a black female with a lot of money, the amount of times she’s had pixie cuts over the years those “teasers” need to get their money up and stop trolling ???? Rihanna probably gonna cry on Gucci sheets ????????

    1. Tin Foster

      They were probably mocking because her hair isn’t natural. It looks textured or permed to me ????

    1. Latoya Howard

      Even though I agree. Some people misuse the term natural as being no chemicals or weave. Natural means no heat or flat iron to me also.

    2. Kyeira Stone

      How is flat ironing you hair not natural? All you did was add heat. It’s no different than blow drying it or using those salon hair dryers when styling your hair.

    3. Latoya Howard

      Unless you were born with straight hair….flat ironing is not the natural texture of your hair. Natural is what you’re born with whether it’s kinky or curly. Say the same thing when you have heat damage and your hair break off….thats not natural.

    4. Tamera Wyche

      My hair is naturally straight so I’m not too sure bout ya comment. I think it’s unrealistic to think that all black folks come with curls and kinks

    5. Tamera Wyche

      Valerie Johnson I was born with straight hair. I can’t even get my hair to hold a curl with product

    6. Tamera Wyche

      I’ve done the big chop 3 times to support my grandmother’s hair loss with chemo and it legit is straight

    7. Latoya Howard

      Tamera you must cant comprehend. My first sentence was…unlesd you’re born with straight hair flat ironing isn’t natural.

    8. Kyeira Stone

      That’s like saying ice isn’t still water because it’s solid. You can straighten your hair and not have heat damage or breakage. You can leave your hair alone and have damage and breakage if it’s too dry, losing hair is natural. Literally everyone loses hair. If you’re not changing the chemical composition of your hair, it’s natural.

    9. Danielle DanDan Ross

      Well I guess we better revoke everyone’s natural card now because if flat ironing your hair means you’re not natural then neither is anyone who does twist outs, roller sets, anything that alters their curl pattern, or anyone who wears dreads since that’s not how their hair grows out their head. With that theory unless you’re washing and going with no manipulation, you’re not natural. SMH lol

    10. Pauline Grant

      Some folks think unless a woman walkin round with an afro then you ain’t wearing your hair “Natural”

  3. Karen Bryant

    Please!!! There are countless bald headed chics that have damaged their own hair doing home made weaves or wigs .

    Shhh..I know a lot of chics wish they did have half of what Rihanna grows naturally under her wigs/weaves ????

  4. Janay Stockton

    I love Rihanna and all her looks they can quit plus anyone talking shit is clearly jealous cus she’s beautiful and successful

  5. Ranella Ragin Flowers

    Rihanna teased for what?! Let these women take those fake weaves out of their hair and stop putting perm relaxers chemicals in their hair. look at themselves in the mirror to see what they reflect. Some women have not looked at themselves without makeup or fake hair in years and don’t know what they reflect.

  6. Tamika Hill

    What’s the matter with it?? She has hair…ppl will find anything to place judgment about.

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