Rice Water Fast Hair Growth – How To Make It Smell Fantastic – Yao Women Secret [Video]

Hello loves,

In today’s video, I demonstrate how to make rice water; how to apply rice water to your hair and also how to make your rice water smell good, fantastic, amazing!

Editor’s note: Not all essential oils are created equal when it comes to gorgeous fragrance. Go for fruity or perfumey essential oils to achieve the desired fragrance. But don’t forget, to avoid allergic reactions, only use a few drops per batch. Here are a few great smelling essential oils:



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  1. Symentha Lewis Celestine
    Symentha Lewis Celestine

    I’m going to have to try mixing some oils in it. I just used some Friday but I have some that’s been sitting for 2 weeks. I bet it smells real bad by now

  2. Donna W

    How often should you rinse with rice water?

    1. Shanequa Thomas
      Shanequa Thomas

      Try deep conditioning after you rinse out the rice water. I have high porosity hair but my hair is also protein sensitive. So deep conditioning after I use the rice water has worked for me.

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