Invisible Part Brazilian Crochet Braids – Detailed How To


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Ayanna Richard

Taj Marks you likey?? Or nah?? I would probably use a diff kind of hair, cus I don’t really like the waves like that.. But I like how she did it..

Claudine Newell

Loverly .love it

Joyce Johnson Edwards

Chat’s Hair Page

Vanessa Saunders

I seen this before I don’t really like it

Vanessa Saunders

I like the knots

Taj Marks

Yes maam

Leslie Leach

Livia Devi and Shedwina Haynes check out this video

Brie'Ann Battle

I will never understand why they call this an “Invisible part” when the part is clearly visible!!

Erika Young

Visible as hell!!

Enez Laurendine

Nothing invisible about them parts. It just makes your weave look inside out! Not a fan at all!

Alisha-sophisticated Hawthorne

Hell no!

Janice Roye-Walker

I see loads of version to this on youtube its just a way of hiding the knots to make the parting look more natural so in my opinion it should be called “crotchet braids with hidden knots”

Angela Alexander

Not for me. It looks like her hairline is gone and replaced with fake hair.

Chelsea Lowe

I think at least a litttttle bit of leave out if necessary even w crochet braids to get a natural look!

Rodriguez Sleepyeyes Ana