Hide The Grids On Frontals.. No More Bleaching Knots? [Video]

WHAT IT DO! Another suggested video from my IG. I am behind the scenes trying to come up with more ways for you to hide the grids and the knots on your lace frontals and closures. I think this is kind of a throw back, but it definitely hides the grids on the lace, especially when it’s done neatly and it isn’t sticking to the roots of the hair on the lace. It also covers the knots so there is no real need to bleach the knots if you use this method. With the growth protect it dries shiny so you will have to add powder over it to take the shine away and it also helps to hide the grids and knots, whether you use a frontal or a closure. I did get some of the solution on the roots of the hair, but Im sure with practice, I’d get better…so be light handed!!! Hope you guys enjoyed, dont forget to comment like and subscribe!



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