Gorilla Snot and Earwax (Hair Products) – Complete review of ALL COLORS on natural hair [Video]

Gorilla snot – http://amzn.to/1T6G4c5

Earwax – http://amzn.to/1ONbNHH



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  1. Stacey Lawrence

    They’d sell a lot more of this if they’d change the name. Otherwise it looks like a good product

  2. Joy Tovar

    Gorilla snot gel is actually a good product. I have finally got the nerve to try it this week after all these years. I never heard of ear wax though. Don’t knock it til you try it guys.

  3. Dominique Mayfield

    Gorilla snot will have your hair laid!!! However it gets really hard and can be rather difficult to get out. Its kind of sticky like glue or something.

    1. Dominique Mayfield

      I tried just washing it out and my hair still felt sticky. I had to actually wash and scrub my hair. Maybe i just used too much!

  4. Monica Lewis

    I went to Sally’s & Target… besides online, is there anywhere else I can purchase this product?

  5. Soraya Miller

    Never tried it since the gorilla had snot coming out its nose. They finally took it off the bottle. Gross

  6. Brandon DeLorean Johnson

    I don’t identify w/ primates maybe lizard spit, I am awaiting lama slurp.

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