How To Get Perfect Slick Edges Without A Perm – That Product Name Tho!



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  1. Jesus Kidd

    I haven’t read the article, my question is, why does ur edges have to be slick?

    1. Maybell Lena Killion

      It makes your style look more finished for most. I do not slick my edges, I’m a natural and I like the curls. But to each his/her own!

    2. Jesus Kidd

      I’m recently transitioning to natural hair & while the Lord has blessed me to have full edges, its the very slicked/’polished’ mentality that led me down that road in the first place. I’m now learning to embrace all aspects of my hair, while I know not everyone will or does think the same way, I strongly believe the ‘slick/polished’ mentality has caused a lot of damage. #JustMyTwoCents

    3. Frances Rhodes

      I love having my natural hair pressed without my edges being slick down,but will try this with a half wig thanks

    1. Kimi Sunflower Taylor Why are you being so rude to LaShon Jackson-Giraud she just asked a simple question. Thank you Sharron Hatter Davis for being kind enough to answer. #bekindtooneanother


      Didn’t think I was being rude Kimi Sunflower Taylor. Just wondering why it wasn’t playing for her. My apologies, it appears that tone does not travel well in writing 🙁


      Oh and someone just explained to me that British people (me) use ‘really’ very differently from Americans. Lost in translation I guess.

    4. Tammy Dennis

      Gorilla Snot Gel is really Messy to me has anyone else experienced that? I bought the one in the jar Is the one I. The tube better?

  2. quanina

    Can someonr tell me what kind ir where she stated she brought her closure from again? natural n just got a sew in as ij did another big chop i dont want to straighten my hair at any cost.

  3. Patrice Freeney

    Which jar of Gorilla Snot do you use?

  4. Mezz Rhetta

    Really really really good video too long for my attention span tho lol

  5. Piggee Blanke

    Lillian , Toni, Tywanna, Renee I’ve seen that gorilla stuff in Target but wasn’t moved to get it.

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